Quick Takes: Rich Students and Poor Students, Endnote Creator Sues Over Zotero, Shortage of Marine Scientists Projected, Another Strike in Canada

September 30, 2008
  • A new report compares the socioeconomic status and success levels of students at a number of elite colleges and universities and documents how the University of California enrolls a "strikingly higher number" of low-income students than do many peer institutions, but that the students do not necessarily fit all the assumptions educators have about such students. For example, many Pell Grant recipients have parents with college degrees -- challenging the view that students without money tend to be first generation students. The report was released by the Center for Studies in Higher Education at Berkeley.
  • Thomson Reuters, whose Endnote software allows users to search and organize bibliographic files online, is suing George Mason University over competing open-source software that its researchers created. In its lawsuit, which was filed in Virginia court and first reported by Courthouse News, Thomson Reuters alleges that a new version of Zotero, which was created by the Center for History and New Media at George Mason, will allow its users to convert EndNote files into "free, open source, easily distributable Zotero files," in "direct violation" of Endnote's licenses. The company is seeking $10 million from George Mason. University officials declined to comment on the pending litigation.
  • The Departments of Commerce and Education have issued a joint report projecting major shortages of marine scientists, and calling for university programs to expand to meet the need.
  • A second Canadian university is unable to offer classes due to a faculty strike. On Monday, professors went on strike at Brandon University, while professors remained on strike at the University of Windsor, Canwest News Service reported.
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