Quick Takes: Hopkins as Potential Target for Animal Rights Underground, Going North for College

December 30, 2008
  • Underground animal rights groups are claiming that they sent letter bombs or "special packages" to researchers at Johns Hopkins University who work with animals. Similar claims -- of late primarily about University of California researchers -- have sometimes, but only sometimes been accurate. A spokeswoman for Hopkins said the university and the faculty members named in the statement "are fully aware of the threats" and that "security staff have taken every precaution to protect the scientists and their work, and Johns Hopkins has notified federal and local law enforcement agencies." The university also released a statement about research involving animals. "Scientists worldwide recognize that animal research is vital to progress against human disease and to our understanding of human growth and development," said the Hopkins statement. "Almost every medical advance -- from polio vaccines, insulin therapy of diabetes and cancer therapy to organ transplants and open heart surgery -- either would not be available today or would not be as far along in development without the help of animal research."
  • The number of Americans enrolling at Canadian universities is up 50 percent since 2001, and many Canadian universities are reporting significant increases in inquiries from high school seniors this year, The Boston Globe reported. The relative strength of the American dollar compared to the Canadian dollar is making a Canadian higher education more affordable for many Americans, the Globe said.
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