Newly Tenured ... at Longwood, Southeast Missouri, U. of Northern Colorado

The following individuals have recently been awarded tenure by their colleges and universities:

July 7, 2011

The following individuals have recently been awarded tenure by their colleges and universities:

Longwood University
--Thomas Akre, biology
--Javier Fernandez, Spanish
--Chene Heady, English
--Brett Hursey, English
--Mark Lukas, philosophy
--Jennifer Miskec, English
--Michele Norman, communication sciences and disorders
--Larissa Tracy, English
Southeast Missouri State University
--Indi Braden, agriculture
--William Bratberg, middle and secondary education
--Dhira Crunkilton, social work
--Thomas Eaton, English
--Beverly Evans, health, human performance and recreation
--Anthony Faber, human environmental studies
--Sharon Gunn, elementary, early and special education
--Debra Holzhauer, political science, philosophy and religion
--Douglas Koch, industrial and engineering technology
--Charles McAllister, accounting and management information systems
--Cheryl McAllister, mathematics
--Philip Nacy, theater and dance
--Katherine Smith, art
--James Stapleton, management and marketing
--Michael Taylor, biology
--Irina Ustinova, English
--Victor Wilburn, human environmental studies

University of Northern Colorado

--Erik Applegate, performing and visual arts
--Kenneth Chan, humanities and social sciences
--Anton Dzhamay, natural and health sciences
--Dale Edwards, humanities and social sciences
--Mark Eiswerth, humanities and social sciences
--Joe Elkins, natural and health sciences
--Paul Elwood, performing and visual arts
--Jim Erekson, education and behavioral studies
--Donald Finan, natural and health sciences
--Scott Franklin, natural and health sciences
--Jennifer Harding-Dekam, education and behavioral studies
--Sieger Hartgers, performing and visual arts
--Jeffrey Houser, humanities and social sciences
--Milan Larson, business
--Jody Lawrence, education and behavioral studies
--Mike Lemke, performing and visual arts
--Robin Macaluso, natural and health sciences
--Mark Montemayor, performing and visual arts
--Christiane Olivo, humanities and social sciences
--Kristina Phillips, education and behavioral studies
--Deborah Romero, humanities and social sciences
--Mark Thomas, natural and health sciences
--Anne Toewe, performing and visual arts
--Mia Williams, education and behavioral studies
--William Wilson, performing and visual arts
--Ken Womble, performing and visual arts


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