Oct 08, 2019
New graduate school enrollments continue to fall among international students, but underrepresented U.S. minority enrollments are way up.


Sept. 23, 2019 -- Inside Higher Ed's 2019 Survey of College and University Admissions Officers was conducted in conjunction with researchers from Gallup. 

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    January 13, 2006
    U. of Richmond leader announces plans to resign amid continued criticism of his comments and agenda.
    January 13, 2006
    Senate scrutiny of Alito's ties to reactionary alumni group provokes reflection on Princeton's past and present.
    January 5, 2006

    Over the past decade and a half, the number and proportion of college students opting not to reveal their race when asked have shot up, to 5.9 percent of all students in 2001 from 3.2 percent a decade earlier. The increases have raised two major questions: Who are these students, and why are they declining to identify themselves? The answers have implications for college officials and policy makers on a wide range of issues, including affirmative action and student life.

    December 28, 2005
    As alleged 'diploma mill' closes, association plans review of nontraditional schools and other issues at secondary level.
    December 15, 2005
    A report focuses on the college prospects of an underexamined group: those who’ve aged out of foster care.
    December 13, 2005
    Enrollment and stock growth of for-profit companies slow, but analysts say industry is still attractive to investors.
    December 12, 2005

    It's far from clear, at this relatively early stage, whether the Secretary of Education's Commission on the Future of Higher Education will go the legislative route to pursue whatever changes its members desire. But if the panel chooses to do so, it will almost certainly need the help of U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.), the former U.S. education secretary and University of Tennessee president who heads the Senate's education subcommittee. 

    December 8, 2005
    Low income, high performing students are plentiful enough that selective colleges should be able to admit more of them, study finds.
    December 5, 2005
    Despite comments that enraged many alumni, Richmond president keeps his job.
    December 5, 2005
    City U. of New York starts ambitious effort to deal with one of higher ed's most vexing demographic challenges.


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