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Hello. Articles on our site this week explored a move by two religious institutions to permit employment of instructors in same-sex marriages, a boom in investments in campus technology and what it means, and a university's unusual requirement in job ads for professors at a foreign campus. That and more below. Enjoy.

Aug 01 2015

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At a regional university far from Madison politics, administrators and faculty struggle to make huge cuts quickly while preserving what they say has made their campus mean so much to students.
An Ohio prosecutor calls for U of Cincinnati police force to be disbanded after an officer is indicted for murder. But would the city's police force be able to handle law enforcement on campus?
New Jersey lawmaker wants to require colleges to disclose each year how many students attempt take their own lives, and how many succeed. Mental health experts fear consequences of the idea.
New framework for AP U.S. history has more American exceptionalism and more on the Founding Fathers, responding to critics who said first version was too leftist.
Federal work-study generally boosts students' odds of graduating and getting a job, study finds. But money too often goes to wealthier students, and findings show an alarming increase in participants' debt loads.
Obama administration confirms its pilot program to offer Pell Grants to some prisoners is coming this Friday, and some Republican opposition is already forming.
New legislation, backed by Greek lobbyists, aims to change the rules on campus Title IX investigations. Advocates for victims say it would be a step backward.
Florida SouthWestern's salary decisions raise questions about equity between part-time and full-time faculty.
One might assume a full-time faculty member at an elite institution would have his or her medical needs, and those of family members, covered. A Twitter campaign suggests that's not always the case.
In major policy speech, Arne Duncan says student debt is only part of higher education's problem, and calls for renewed policy push on student success and return on investment. 

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Michael Rothberg considers the lines from Gaza to social media to Illinois -- and their implications for university governance.
When departments hire outside their areas of expertise, criticism can be no surprise, writes Cary Nelson.
After more than 25 years of technology-enabled education, college leaders are shifting their focus to how digital technology can improve learning of all kinds, Peter Stokes argues.
Coming soon to an ecosystem near you: cloned mammoths, dodoes, and other long-dead beasts. Or semi-cloned, anyway. Scott McLemee learns the difference.
A faculty member recounts feeling that she couldn't complain about an event that humiliated her and other female professors, but was viewed as "good fun" by many others.
Stephen L. Chew writes that current approaches -- for awards or tenure and promotion -- are based too much on passion or student enjoyment and not enough on actual learning.

Career Advice (View all)

Sean P. Murphy, an English professor turned psychiatric mental health nurse-practitioner, considers the communication and other skills needed for both jobs.
Kerry Ann Rockquemore suggests ways to minimize stress and think ahead -- regardless of what your department decides.
Joseph Barber explores how to think about your résumé -- and how to reshape the language you use -- if you are a new Ph.D. looking for employment outside academe.

Blog U (View all)

Baumol’s cost disease, Trump, the move back to Jersey.  
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We need to talk about big data.
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The end of July.
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In this guest post, Deb Maue examines how to build a highly effective marketing team.
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Is higher education having a Wile E. Coyote moment?
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Why the story about U of Wisconsin at Eau Claire matters so much.
2 days 13 hours

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