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   April 2018
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A quick update for Inside Higher Ed recruiters -- news, notes and a friendly welcome to new friends. And as always, if you need assistance with anything, give us a call at 202-659-9208 or drop us a line at


An item of interest from our July 22 Quick Takes for those who recruit faculty:

"Ruling: Online Ads Sufficient in Hiring Non-U.S. Residents as Academics

An appeals board of the U.S. Department of Labor this week issued a ruling backing the right of the University of Texas at Brownsville to use online advertising to show that it had attempted to recruit an American for a position for which it wanted authority to hire a non-citizen. An FAQ from the agency's Office of Foreign Labor Certification has long said that an employer must use a print advertisement for such purposes.

But the Labor Department's Board of Alien Labor Certification Appeals ruled that the regulations on this subject do not require a print ad, so the FAQ cannot be relied on. Further, the board found that the official who rejected Brownsville's request to be certified based on an online ad offered "no rationale or explanation as to why an electronic national professional journal is somehow inadequate." Full disclosure: The ad that Brownsville fought to get certified ran in Inside Higher Ed, which as an online publication stands to benefit from the ruling because some institutions may now decide to advertise online some positions that they had been advertising in print."

Now don't you feel smart :)


Recovery in Political Science -- While the debt ceiling talks have many Americans bemoaning the state of politics, there are signs that the state of political science is getting healthy once again. (see story)

Health Care Costs Up Again -- With health care and its associated costs so frequently in the news, it should come as no surprise that health care costs for colleges and universities and their employees have continued to rise. (see story)

Calling Out ‘Coasters’ or Name-Calling? -- A former adviser to the University of Texas Board of Regents who is aligned with controversial reforms that have been touted by conservative groups and Governor Rick Perry issued a report Tuesday identifying what he called a “faculty productivity gap” at the two chief research institutions in the state. (see story)

Generational Knowledge -- A panel at the Institute for Computer Policy and Law (ICPL) tries to bridge the generational gap between students and college officials in the age of social media. (see story)

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