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   March 2018
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A quick update for Inside Higher Ed recruiters -- news, notes and a friendly welcome to new friends. And as always, if you need assistance with anything, give us a call at 202-659-9208 or drop us a line at


With the fall conference season about to kick into gear, Inside Higher Ed's Dean Dad, the man behind our Confessions of a Community College Dean blog, recently suggested a list of program sessions he'd like to see (but bets he won't). Among the pithier suggestions:

“The Least Harmful Ways to Cut Budgets.”

“Lessons from a Train Wreck: How Not to Implement a New CMS”

“You Say Sinecure, I Say Tomahto: Shared Governance and Conflicts of Interest.”

"If This is Such a Cushy Job, Why Can't We Fill It?: When Administrative Searches Fail.”

Readers added their own ideas - check out the fantasy sessions and add your own here.


Who Sets E-Mail Rules? -- U. of Illinois says it is trying to protect privacy and intellectual property, but two national groups see unreasonable limits on free speech. (see story)

Going to Bat for Tenure -- Faculty at Western Nevada vow to boycott search committees until dismissed tenured colleagues are told their job security is restored. (see story)

Dealing With Fine Print -- Two universities come under fire for appearing to grant auxiliary services contracts in exchange for the contractor's paying for facilities improvements. (see story)

'The Devil's Professor' -- A university professor apparently led an outlaw motorcycle gang and its methamphetamine business without anyone suspecting a thing. (see story)

Welcome to the new and renewing annual contract recruiters that signed on with Inside Higher Ed in February. Openings at these schools are now making our Dual Career Search even more useful to job seekers - and to other institutions in their communities.
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