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  1. From Flipped Classroom to Dual Enrollment

    See how the ENMU successfully met an ambitious timeline for deploying educational technology and got faculty onboard with some of the most ground-breaking initiatives in higher education in this free webinar from Sonic Foundry. Click to view full sc ...

    juano2310 - Mar 1 2013

  2. Three Flavors of Dual Enrollment

    and college credit. The prototypical dual enrollment student was the “Honors” kid who had maxed out the high ...

    Dean Dad - May 1 2011

  3. Flap Over Dual-Enrollment Valedictorian

    but the school's rules say that grade-point averages of dual-enrollment courses should be counted. Beheruz N. ...

    Doug Lederman - Feb 7 2011

  4. The Benefits of Dual Enrollment

    Enrollment: An Analysis of Student Outcomes in Two States” argue that the recent expansion of dual ...

    Elizabeth Redden - Oct 17 2007

  5. NYU Downgrades Dual Enrollment

    that there is significant political pressure on many four year colleges to accept dual enrollment courses, many of which ...

    James Heggen - May 22 2008

  6. The Spread of Dual Enrollment

    states have policies that allow such dual enrollment, there has been little data on the impact ...

    Scott Jaschik - Apr 7 2005

  7. Quick Takes: Call to Restore 'Public Good' in Medical Education, Harvard Seeks Low-Income Students From Britain, Access to Environmental Research, Gains for 'Dual Enrollment' Students, Gender Gap in Canada, Is Sex Trade Financing Tuition in France?

    nations. High school students who participate in "dual enrollment" programs in which they take ...

    Scott Jaschik - Oct 31 2006

  8. Credit, But Not Toward a Degree, for Dual-Enrollment Classes

    Some universities in Texas do not give students appropriate credit for college courses they take from professors while in high school, the Dallas Morning News reported. The number of students taking such courses has more than doubled in the ...

    Doug Lederman - Nov 4 2010

  9. Quick Takes: New Presidents at Texas and Baylor, $5.65 Billion for NSF, Report Explores Benefits of Dual Enrollment, North Dakota Again Appeals Mascot Ruling, Blogger Denied Tenure Lands New Job

    but $34 million less than those programs are receiving this year. Dual-enrollment and other programs ...

    Doug Lederman - Nov 7 2005

  10. Quick Takes: Voters Approve Bonds for Arizona State, Illinois Editor Ousted, Study Criticizes Merit Program, Articles Retracted From Chem Journal, Wyoming Calls Off Smoke-Free Forum, Report on Dual Enrollment, Another HEA Extension, Dean Bites Man?

    Merit Program, Articles Retracted From Chem Journal, Wyoming Calls Off Smoke-Free Forum, Report on Dual Enrollment, Another HEA Extension, Dean Bites Man? Voters in Phoenix on Tuesday approved a plan ...

    Scott Jaschik - Mar 16 2006

  11. Early College Can Help Disadvantaged Students

    at its impact on student success and retention among lower-income students in California. Dual enrollment ...

    Paul Fain - Jul 20 2012

  12. Friday Fragments

    Those students still exist, and dual enrollment still serves them well. But increasingly, I’m seeing ...

    Matt Reed - Mar 13 2014

  13. Employees at Pennsylvania colleges subject to new background check

    on college campuses are included in this law because of on-campus youth programs, dual enrollment ...

    Kaitlin Mulhere - Dec 18 2014

  14. Report Documents College Completion Rates

    on dual-enrollment students -- those who were enrolled in college-level courses while still in high school. ...

    Doug Lederman - Dec 16 2013

  15. Demography and Destiny

    higher, as in working adults and returning veterans, but it can also mean lower, as in dual enrollment ...

    Matt Reed - Sep 14 2014



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