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  1. Dual enrollment on the rise for Texas community colleges

    and Dallas County districts do not charge their dual-enrolled students tuition. Dallas offers scholarships, ...

    Ashley A. Smith - Nov 29 2016

  2. Study on Colleges and Dual Enrollment

    of college offer some dual enrollment credit. Public institutions are more likely than private institutions to do so. More than 75 percent of colleges view dual enrollment as a recruiting tool. ...

    Scott Jaschik - Nov 7 2016

  3. Idaho universities see enrollment rise after killing admissions application

    factors, including dual enrollment, which could muddle the data, and a strong economy in which Idaho ...

    Kasia Kovacs - Nov 23 2016

  4. Dual Enrollment and Trigger Warnings

    the like) in the context of dual enrollment?   Dual Enrollment <br>and ...

    Matt Reed - Jun 2 2016

  5. 44 Colleges Join U.S. Experiment on Dual Enrollment

    The U.S. Education Department on Monday announced that it had chosen 44 colleges for an experiment in which they will be able to give Pell Grants to high school students participating in dual enrollment programs. The announcement carries out the department's plan (another in a string ...

    Doug Lederman - May 17 2016

  6. Senior director of dual enrollment

    Craig Elkins Mount Wachusett Community College Tuesday, March 15, 2016 Director of dual enrollment ...

    frontdesk - Mar 17 2016

  7. After Dual Enrollment

    on a single high-stakes test. For parents who are concerned about cost, dual enrollment is usually less ...

    Matt Reed - Feb 16 2016

  8. ACT Launches Dual-Enrollment Initiative

    with dual-enrollment credits are more likely to complete a four-year degree in less time than those without the early credits. It's part of the reason why ACT is launching a dual-enrollment initiative to increase the number of high school students in those courses. Dual enrollment, or concurrent enrollment, allows ...

    Ashley A. Smith - Dec 15 2015

  9. Feds encourage dual-enrollment through experimental access to Pell Grants

    for dual-enrollment courses. As a result, the alliance said lower-income students are less likely to take the courses ...

    Paul Fain - Nov 2 2015

  10. Federal Experiment on Dual Enrollment

    The U.S. Department of Education today announced the creation of an experiment that will seek to encourage the expansion of dual-enrollment programs for students from low-income backgrounds. Dual enrollment is when students take college courses for credit while enrolled in high school. ...

    Paul Fain - Oct 30 2015

  11. Does the time remaining to reach graduation influence degree completion? (essay)

    on graduation of college credits earned from Advanced Placement and high school dual enrollment courses ...

    Alexandra W. Logue - Jul 26 2016

  12. Free college won't really help students who are unprepared for it (essay)

    that offer dual enrollment for students who are traditionally underrepresented in college; 33 P-TECH ...

    Nancy Zimpher - Jul 5 2016

  13. Three Flavors of Dual Enrollment

    and college credit. The prototypical dual enrollment student was the “Honors” kid who had maxed out the high ...

    Dean Dad - May 1 2011

  14. Flap Over Dual-Enrollment Valedictorian

    but the school's rules say that grade-point averages of dual-enrollment courses should be counted. Beheruz N. ...

    Doug Lederman - Feb 7 2011

  15. The Benefits of Dual Enrollment

    of “The Postsecondary Achievement of Participants in Dual Enrollment: An Analysis of Student Outcomes in Two States” argue that the recent expansion of dual enrollment programs, heretofore not well ...

    Elizabeth Redden - Oct 17 2007



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