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  1. More Law School Courses for Adjuncts?

    executive director and co-founder of Law School Transparency, a nonprofit group, was cautiously supportive ...

    Paul Fain - Mar 29 2017

  2. Law School Gender Gaps

    University, and Kyle McEntee, executive director of the group Law School Transparency, which has pushed law ...

    Scott Jaschik - Nov 30 2016

  3. Initial audit finds flaws in some law school employment reporting practices

    are a significant concern, said Kyle McEntee, the executive director of Law School Transparency, a Georgia nonprofit ...

    Rick Seltzer - Nov 1 2016

  4. Access Group Releases Loan Calculator for Law School

    and prepopulate that data for the user.” Kyle McEntee, executive director of Law School Transparency ...

    Maxine Joselow - Jul 25 2016

  5. ABA is taken to task by feds and critics on law school student outcomes

    McEntee, the executive director of Law School Transparency, a group that has often been critical ...

    Andrew Kreighbaum - Aug 31 2016

  6. Study: Law Schools Admit Those Unlikely to Pass Bar

    The number of law schools admitting students at serious risk of never passing bar exams is up significantly, according to a new report from Law School Transparency, a group that has been pushing law schools to reveal more about their students' debt and job placement outcomes. The study ...

    Scott Jaschik - Oct 27 2015

  7. Alternative to Law School Rankings

    Law School Transparency, a group that has pushed law schools to release more information and more accurate information about graduates' job placement and debt records, on Wednesday unveiled what it is calling an alternative to the U.S. News & World Report law school rankings. ...

    Scott Jaschik - Nov 1 2012

  8. Group Seeks Resignation of Rutgers-Camden Law Official

    a Law School Transparency analysis suggested that only one to five recent grads were earning ...

    Mitch Smith - May 22 2012

  9. 16% Drop in LSAT Test-Taking

    perception that if you go to law school, it will be worth the money," Kyle McEntee of Law School Transparency, an organization pushing for more openness about job placement, told the Times. "The idea ...

    Scott Jaschik - Mar 20 2012

  10. Allegation of Intentional Misreporting of Law School's Job Data

    A former employee at Thomas Jefferson School of Law alleges she falsified data on graduate employment at the request of the school’s administration, according to court documents published by Law School Transparency. In a sworn statement filed as part of a lawsuit against the school ...

    Alexandra Tilsley - Oct 24 2012

  11. Significant financial pressures weigh on Thomas Jefferson School of Law

    the statement reads. Kyle McEntee, executive director of the watchdog group Law School Transparency, said he ...

    Kaitlin Mulhere - Sep 19 2014

  12. Law Schools Faulted on Jobs Data

    A report released Tuesday by Law School Transparency, a nonprofit advocacy group, found that the majority of law schools do not provide data on whether their graduates are employed as lawyers or whether they find part-time work, among other categories. The report, which comes amid increasing questions about ...

    Libby A. Nelson - Jan 18 2012

  13. Law School Offers 'Assured Outcomes'

    statistics are available here. ) Not everyone is pleased with the development; the non-profit Law School Transparency declined to comment, but linked to a post on the law blog “Above the Law” ...

    Zack Budryk - Mar 19 2013

  14. Law school makes applicants a 24-hour offer

    there is a declining trust in American legal education, Law School Transparency’s McEntee said. And as that trust ...

    Lauren Ingeno - Jul 8 2013

  15. A California law school ends discount pricing

    of Law School Transparency , a nonprofit consumer advocacy group for law school students, said how much ...

    Ry Rivard - Mar 31 2014



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