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  1. DeVos Praises Community Colleges in Remarks

    early-college high school programs are playing in helping more students earn their degrees faster by allowing ...

    Andrew Kreighbaum - Feb 17 2017

  2. 'I Don’t Want to Lose the Scores'

    in the high school or at the college.  Recently we’ve gained traction with Early College High School programs, ...

    Matt Reed - Feb 16 2017

  3. Strategies for Saving the Liberal Arts

    Steven Mintz's blog Higher Ed Gamma The challenges facing the liberal arts are well-known.  Humanities departments, in particular, struggle to attract students.  A loss of enrollments at the freshman level, as a result of Advanced Placement and dual degree-early college credits, ...

    Steven Mintz - Feb 8 2017

  4. Buy Two, Get Two Free

    or two, then returns? What about AP credits, or Early College High School? Does it really make sense ...

    Matt Reed - Jan 16 2017

  5. Dual enrollment on the rise for Texas community colleges

    that are awaiting the early-college high school designation. “We’re out of space in some locations ...

    Ashley A. Smith - Nov 29 2016

  6. Virginia Foxx weighs in on the GOP's higher education priorities

    In my own district, there are lots of these early-college programs where the high schools ...

    Andrew Kreighbaum - Nov 17 2016

  7. Free college won't really help students who are unprepared for it (essay)

    before they graduate from high school. In New York, we now have 20 early college high schools ...

    Nancy Zimpher - Jul 5 2016

  8. Early Colleges positively impact students study says

    by the financial support of the foundation. The assumption behind early college is that along with the incentive ...

    Lauren Ingeno - Jun 26 2013

  9. Dual Enrollment and Trigger Warnings

    start to venture into academic freedom territory. Dual enrollment, concurrent enrollment, and early college high school programs are growing quickly. They come in different flavors, but the common element ...

    Matt Reed - Jun 2 2016

  10. Early College Can Help Disadvantaged Students

    Students from underserved populations can benefit from dual enrollment, in which high school students take college courses for credit, according to new research from the Community College Research Center. While early college programs are common among more privileged students, the study looked ...

    Paul Fain - Jul 20 2012

  11. Reclaiming the 'Early College'

    of Early College Programs, which informally met for the first time in New York in the fall, ...

    Allie Grasgreen - Mar 17 2011

  12. ABC’s and PhD’s: Early College

    “Middle College” and “Early College” popping up more and more commonly (and now right in my backyard, so ...

    Dana Campbell - Jan 18 2012

  13. Why Higher Education Needs to Be More Future-Focused

    of another: Higher education starts earlier than ever as students earn more early college/dual degree ...

    Steven Mintz - Apr 20 2016

  14. Promoting Early College

    Among the innovations lauded by Wise is the Early College High School Initiative , coordinated ...

    David Moltz - Mar 26 2009

  15. Early (Encouraging) Data on Early Colleges

    Foundation. Research presented in Washington Thursday suggests that the early college approach may be achieving substantial gains for students who participate. Of the 130 early college high schools around, only ...

    Scott Jaschik - Oct 5 2007



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