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  1. State-Level Completion Data

    The National Student Clearinghouse Research Center this week released  state-level student completion data. The nonprofit center tracked 2.7 million students who first enrolled in college in the fall of 2008, following them for 6 years. The report builds on the center's previous research ...

    Paul Fain - Feb 24 2015

  2. Essay on why the plan to offer free community college deserves support

    foray into higher education -- and they continued on. A National Student Clearinghouse Research Center ...

    Gary S. May - Feb 19 2015

  3. 2015 National Policy Summit

    to Sunday, January 25, 2015 National Student Clearinghouse and Institute of Higher Education ...

    Anonymous - Jan 22 2015

  4. Study finds mix of part-time and full-time enrollment can boost graduation rates

    groups. The data are based on 12 million student records from the National Student Clearinghouse ...

    Paul Fain - Jan 21 2015

  5. Santa's Transcript

    The National Student Clearinghouse is celebrating the holiday season by releasing Santa's transcript. He double majored in business administration and adolescent behavior at North Pole University, taking courses such as celestial navigation and reindeer breeding. The clearinghouse, always ...

    Scott Jaschik - Dec 23 2014

  6. Notes from NEASC, Part One

    presentation by Douglas Shaprio, of the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center. The Clearinghouse has ...

    Matt Reed - Dec 11 2014

  7. Clearinghouse Says Enrollment Is Down Again

    College enrollment has declined by more than 1 percent for three consecutive years, according to newly released data from the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center. The drop of 1.3 percent is slower than that of the previous two years, according to the report, but still ...

    Paul Fain - Dec 11 2014

  8. 'This Week' Podcast: Completion During Recession / Foreign Students

    On the latest "This Week," Inside Higher Ed' s free weekly news podcast, Douglas Shapiro of the National Student Clearinghouse's Douglas Shapiro discusses data showing that college completions appeared to decline in the wake of the recession. And in our second ...

    Scott Jaschik - Nov 24 2014

  9. Program 27: Recession-Era Enrollments and Completion / The Global Flow of Students (Nov. 21, 2014)

    Our Nov. 21 program explored student enrollments domestically and internationally. In our first segment, the National Student Clearinghouse's Douglas Shapiro joined Inside Higher Ed' s Scott Jaschik and the moderator Casey Green to discuss the clearinghouse data showing ...

    Doug Lederman - Nov 21 2014

  10. Essay on the importance of transfer students to increasing the college completion rate

    such as the National Student Clearinghouse, is used. It seems that we still need to heed Adelman’s 1999 advice: “When ...

    Alexandra W. Logue - Nov 20 2014

  11. Essay argues that colleges can measure the career success of graduates

    elsewhere to continue their education, we can discover that through the National Student Clearinghouse ...

    Stephanie Bond Huie - Nov 18 2014

  12. Enrollment numbers grew during recession but graduation rates slipped

    on "This Week" Doug Shapiro, executive research director of the National Student Clearinghouse ...

    Paul Fain - Nov 18 2014

  13. Reverse Transfer Project from Clearinghouse

    The National Student Clearinghouse this week announced it would use a grant from the Lumina Foundation to create a national, automated system for exchanging "reverse transfer" student data. Reverse transfer in this case refers to when a transfer student's four-year institution sends credits ...

    Paul Fain - Oct 22 2014

  14. New Data on Transition from High School to College

    The National Student Clearinghouse on Tuesday released a broad data set on students' transition from high school to college. The nonprofit group's report, which is the second annual installment, tracked 3.5 million students from public and private high schools over four years. ...

    Paul Fain - Oct 14 2014

  15. High School Benchmarks: National College Progression Rates

    See map: Google Maps Tuesday, October 14, 2014 National Student Clearinghouse ...

    Anonymous - Oct 9 2014



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