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  1. Interview with controversial anthropologist Napoleon Chagnon, author of 'Noble Savages'

    Chagnon and several of his colleagues of the most appalling and egregious sorts of misconduct and abuse.  The most extreme of the many allegations in  Darkness in El Dorado  was that Chagnon and his sometime ...

    Serena Golden - Feb 18 2013

  2. Prominent anthropologist resigns in protest from National Academy of Sciences

    Amazonian peoples and professional scholars of the region, Chagnon has done serious harm to the indigenous ...

    Serena Golden - Feb 25 2013

  3. Old Wounds in Anthropology

    the international furor unleashed in the wake of Tierney’s expose. Chagnon and Neel, who was a professor ...

    Steve Kolowich - Dec 3 2009

  4. Paper says physical scientists smarter and less religious than social scientists

    resigned his post at the National Academy of Sciences after Chagnon was elected as a member ...

    Colleen Flaherty - Feb 12 2014

  5. Return to El Dorado

    against Chagnon and Neel. It says, rather, that the investigation was unfair. The referendum ...

    Scott Jaschik - May 23 2005

  6. Never Mind

    by the association's membership does not actually take a stand on the merits of the charges against Chagnon and Neel. ...

    Scott Jaschik - Jun 29 2005

  7. Scholars and Scandal

    and from Chagnon's defenders.” Disciplinary Society As Moral Authority If the El Dorado ...

    Dan Berrett - Apr 6 2011


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