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  1. Public Perception of Iran Nuclear Deal

    The recent nuclear deal reached by the US, its allies and Iran has incredible, worldwide implications. In today's Academic Minute, the University of Maryland's Nancy Gallagher analyzes the public perception of this deal. Gallagher is associate director for research ...

    Doug Lederman - Apr 13 2015

  2. Academic Minute: Public Perception of Iran Nuclear Deal

    In today's Academic Minute , Nancy Gallagher of the University of Maryland at College Park offers an analysis of the public perception of this deal. Learn more about the Academic Minute here .     faculty ...

    Scott Jaschik - Apr 13 2015

  3. Ithaca College deans share story of living and working with Parkinson's

    Sharing Life With <br>a Chronic Illness Bryan Roberts’s symptoms started small -- with a twitch in his right thumb. ...

    Kaitlin Mulhere - Apr 24 2015

  4. House committee draws criticism again for proposed cuts to social sciences

    Out of Favor With House GOP Republicans won the first scrimmage Wednesday over how much money should be devoted to federal research in coming years -- and how that money ought to be divvied up.  ...

    Kaitlin Mulhere - Apr 23 2015

  5. Study measures causes of gender gap in computer science

    Shifts in Computer Science Interest Efforts to shrink the gender gap in computer science would benefit from a better understanding of who pursues computer science and why. ...

    Kaitlin Mulhere - Apr 21 2015

  6. Drought action plans leading to changes on California campuses

    Turn Off the Spigot Some of California’s most recognizable college campuses are sunny, lush places all year round, brimming with palm trees, green grass and dozens of fountains. ...

    Kaitlin Mulhere - Apr 16 2015

  7. Survey finds marketing officials pleased with outcomes of branding projects

    Booming Brand Campaigns Colleges are eager to highlight their strengths and distinctive characteristics for prospective students, parents and donors. Despite that high level of interest, though, college marketing departments have little ...

    Kaitlin Mulhere - Apr 14 2015

  8. Handbook teaches grammar principles with language from a random day of news

    The Anti-Handbook <br>Writing Handbook Frank L. Cioffi taught his first college composition course in 1977. Since then, he’s read student writing at elite private colleges and urban public universities. He’s taught Comp 1 and advan ...

    Kaitlin Mulhere - Apr 14 2015

  9. Some gain, others fall in Florida's performance-based funding system

    When a Formula <br>Doesn't Add Up The best-laid plans often go awry. And in the case of Florida’s performance-based funding model, even the most formula-based system can turn, at times, into something less than an objective pr ...

    Kaitlin Mulhere - Apr 10 2015

  10. Promise programs thrive despite unanswered questions about long-term effects and sustainability

    Plausible Promises? Nearly a decade after the Kalamazoo Promise launched to nationwide buzz, the fanfare around promise programs has remained strong. Several cities, large and small, are considering launching their own versions of the pr ...

    Kaitlin Mulhere - Apr 7 2015

  11. New projects, laws help prison college programs gain steam

    College for Convicts Twenty-five miles from Montgomery, Ala., in the middle of the tough-on-crime, fiscally conservative Deep South, sits an unusual place of learning. ...

    Kaitlin Mulhere - Mar 18 2015

  12. Comic book dissertation demonstrates capacity of picture writing

    Seeing in New Dimensions Ask Nick Sousanis to explain how he wrote his new book, and you’ll get less a rigid recipe than a fuzzy description.  ...

    Kaitlin Mulhere - Mar 17 2015

  13. Brown U. sexual assault investigation draws criticism from accused and accusers

    Questions on Money, <br>Influence and Competence Students at Brown University are raising questions about an investigation and hearings involving a reported drugging and sexual assault on campus last fall. ...

    Kaitlin Mulhere - Mar 16 2015

  14. Pi day of the century has math lovers prepping for celebration

    Pi Day of the Century Math’s annual day in the headlines is approaching, and this year, the spotlight is extra exact. That’s because Saturday is the most accurate Pi Day of the entire 21st century.  ...

    Kaitlin Mulhere - Mar 13 2015

  15. Proposal to rename Technical College System of Georgia draws opposition

    What's in a Name? Politicians in Georgia are pushing forward with a proposal to rebrand the state’s technical college system, despite opposition from retired college leaders and the system's regional accreditor. ...

    Kaitlin Mulhere - Mar 12 2015



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