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  1. Students criticize administration's response to what they term hate speech by a professor

    Bigotry <br>or Metaphor? A six-month-old Facebook post about the conflict in Gaza, receiving attention only recently, has spurred a debate over hate speech at Connecticut College that has some students calling on the administration ...

    Kaitlin Mulhere - Mar 25 2015

  2. New projects, laws help prison college programs gain steam

    College for Convicts Twenty-five miles from Montgomery, Ala., in the middle of the tough-on-crime, fiscally conservative Deep South, sits an unusual place of learning. ...

    Kaitlin Mulhere - Mar 24 2015

  3. Reed college student draws attention when he says he was banned from class due to comments on rape

    Crossing a Line? A freshman at Reed College ignited a fast-spreading free speech debate with a story about his removal from a class discussion because his comments -- especially those about rape -- made other students uncomfortable. Yet ...

    Kaitlin Mulhere - Mar 20 2015

  4. Comic book dissertation demonstrates capacity of picture writing

    Seeing in New Dimensions Ask Nick Sousanis to explain how he wrote his new book, and you’ll get less a rigid recipe than a fuzzy description.  ...

    Kaitlin Mulhere - Mar 17 2015

  5. Brown U. sexual assault investigation draws criticism from accused and accusers

    Questions on Money, <br>Influence and Competence Students at Brown University are raising questions about an investigation and hearings involving a reported drugging and sexual assault on campus last fall. ...

    Kaitlin Mulhere - Mar 16 2015

  6. Pi day of the century has math lovers prepping for celebration

    Pi Day of the Century Math’s annual day in the headlines is approaching, and this year, the spotlight is extra exact. That’s because Saturday is the most accurate Pi Day of the entire 21st century.  ...

    Kaitlin Mulhere - Mar 13 2015

  7. Proposal to rename Technical College System of Georgia draws opposition

    What's in a Name? Politicians in Georgia are pushing forward with a proposal to rebrand the state’s technical college system, despite opposition from retired college leaders and the system's regional accreditor. ...

    Kaitlin Mulhere - Mar 12 2015

  8. Administrators face pushback in attempt to update Richmond's annual Ring Dance

    Dance With the Past Traditions die hard. That’s what administrators at the University of Richmond discovered this year in trying to update the annual Ring Dance. ...

    Kaitlin Mulhere - Mar 10 2015

  9. Ohio nonprofit offers students jobs, scholarship money

    Call Center Lessons As a student ambassador for Education at Work, Jazmine Reed’s job was to spread the word about the nonprofit organization that offered jobs to college students. ...

    Kaitlin Mulhere - Mar 3 2015

  10. At international education conference, panelists focus on the impacts of overseas partnerships

    Gallagher explained that Queensland’s Partner Engagement Framework, which launched in 2012 and is now ...

    Elizabeth Redden - Feb 19 2015

  11. Better Education Options Urged for California Prisoners

    A new report is pushing for access to more effective college opportunities for prisoners and formerly incarcerated people in California. In the late 1970s, all of California’s state prisons had in-person college programs, and 15 community colleges ...

    Kaitlin Mulhere - Mar 5 2015

  12. Report marks growing educational disadvantage for children of single-parent families

    Family Influence on Education Spending your teenage years in a single-parent family puts you at a larger educational disadvantage today than it did 40 years ago, claims a new study. ...

    Kaitlin Mulhere - Feb 25 2015

  13. Bias reported in survey of Jewish college students

    Campus Anti-Semitism More than half of Jewish students at American colleges reported personally experiencing or witnessing anti-Semitism within the past six months, according to survey findings released Monday. ...

    Kaitlin Mulhere - Feb 24 2015

  14. Paper explores earnings of students who fail to complete community college

    Dropout-Adjusted Outcomes Most research on the payoff of attending community college actually doesn’t measure the effect of attending, but rather what happens for those who graduate. ...

    Kaitlin Mulhere - Feb 16 2015

  15. Please Take Care of Yourselves

    Kaitlin Gallagher's blog GradHacker Kaitlin Gallagher is a PhD Candidate specializing in Biomechanics in the Department of Kinesiology at the University of Waterloo in Canada, and a permanent author for GradHacker. You can follow her on twitter at  @KtlnG ...

    Kaitlin Gallagher - May 26 2014



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