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  1. Beyond the NLRB Ruling in Favor of Adjunct Faculty

    adjunct and tenure-track faculty a victory that is likely to make their path to unionization easier ...

    Yves Salomon-Fernandez - Apr 1 2015

  2. Newspaper column on 'Death of an Adjunct' prompts debate

    course, what the caseworker didn't understand was that Margaret Mary was an adjunct professor, meaning that, unlike a well-paid tenured professor, Margaret Mary worked on a contract basis from semester ...

    Colleen Flaherty - Sep 19 2013

  3. Adjunct Continues Hunger Strike After Hospital Visit

    at Nassau this year, said she was protesting unfair working conditions for adjunct faculty there, including ...

    Colleen Flaherty - May 15 2014

  4. Two adjuncts discuss their career realities

    Jessica Lawless is adjunct faculty at Santa Fe Community College, where she teaches gender and culture ...

    Joseph Fruscione - Mar 7 2014

  5. Essay on class warfare in academe

    Much attention has been focused lately on the tragic death of Margaret Mary Vojtko, ...

    Peter D.G. Brown - Dec 19 2013

  6. Adjuncts talk successes, challenges to organizing at national conference

    and the Professions this weekend. In addition to a series of formal panels on adjunct organizing, the topic ...

    Colleen Flaherty - Apr 8 2014

  7. Union conference marks growth of adjunct organizing strategy

    to pit us against each other," said Jane Harty, longtime adjunct professor of music at Pacific ...

    Colleen Flaherty - Nov 18 2013

  8. Disposable Lives

    diagnosis. As an adjunct, she was uninsured, and her attempt to pay for treatment rendered her unable to pay ...

    Susan O'Doherty - Sep 22 2013

  9. What Do You Do?

    the precariousness of the freelance and adjunct teaching worlds, you will also know that life is very, very, ...

    Gwendolyn Beetham - Oct 27 2013

  10. On Using Digital Words, Creating Communities

    would admit it. I unfortunately didn’t know about The Invisible Adjunct blog, and if any of my peers ...

    Lee Skallerup Bessette - Jan 1 2014

  11. No A-hole Rule

    of the ignored or dismissed or disregarded adjuncts who toil away in silence. There is some good news, ...

    Lee Skallerup Bessette - Oct 6 2013

  12. Friday Fragments

    yesterday in her reflections on the heartbreaking death of Margaret Mary Vojtko, who had worked as an adjunct at Duquesne University for twenty-five years and died penniless.  Although I don’t especially care ...

    Matt Reed - Sep 19 2013

  13. Quick Takes: Husband-and-Wife Presidents, Bishop vs. Holy Cross, Changing a Name Back, Part-Timers Unionize at Rhode Island, Ex-President Sues E. Mich., Access for Latinos, Facebook Fracas at Regent, Oxford Invite for Holocaust Denier, Nude on Rug Stolen

    artist who is an adjunct at the college. She told the paper that she feld "violated" ...

    Doug Lederman - Oct 12 2007


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