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  1. Piles, Stacks, Folders

    at . ...

    Peg Boyle Single - Jul 27 2009

  2. Expert Advice

    with 199 tips? Good question — and one I asked during the interview: Peg Boyle Single: Welcome ...

    Peg Boyle Single - Dec 16 2009

  3. Procrastination -- II

    Demystifying the Dissertation Procrastination -- II I read my previous column online and I immediately saw a few changes that I would have made. I realized, and I’ll admit, that it was one of the hardest columns for me ...

    Peg Boyle Single - May 26 2010

  4. Procrastination - I

    Demystifying the Dissertation Procrastination - I While I can’t say that I perfected perfectionism, I can state that I truly perfected procrastination. I was a master at finding other things to do rather than working on my ...

    Peg Boyle Single - Apr 30 2010

  5. Perfectionism -- II

    words. I use blank as a placeholder every single time. Why? Because the last thing I do before sending ...

    Peg Boyle Single - Apr 16 2010

  6. Perfectionism - I

    Demystifying the Dissertation Perfectionism - I Thanks to everyone for your comments and kind words on my last column, where I wrote about Felix, my four-legged writing partner who passed away recently. I was moved by ...

    Peg Boyle Single - Mar 17 2010

  7. A Writing Partner

    I wish you much joy and happiness in the new year. Take care, Peg. ...

    Peg Boyle Single - Feb 26 2010

  8. Group Work

    Demystifying the Dissertation Group Work At first, sharing our writing graphs was a solemn affair. We would hold up our graphs and explain when we had been able to write that week and what we accomplished. My graph was alw ...

    Peg Boyle Single - Dec 4 2009

  9. A Writing Routine

    Demystifying the Dissertation A Writing Routine Recently I was talking with a group of master’s and doctoral students about writing. A colleague asked me to talk with his students and I gladly agreed. We were sitting in a ...

    Peg Boyle Single - Nov 16 2009

  10. What the Research Says

    Demystifying the Dissertation What the Research Says In my last column, we discussed the issue of developing a regular writing routine and I debunked two far too popular writing myths: (1) that writing can only happen ...

    Peg Boyle Single - Nov 2 2009

  11. A Regular Writing Routine

    Demystifying the Dissertation A Regular Writing Routine The concept of a regular writing routine is not unique to me — I just happen to love alliteration and so I repackaged the concept into a new term. Robert Boice (autho ...

    Peg Boyle Single - Oct 16 2009

  12. Too Much to Say? (II)

    Demystifying the Dissertation Too Much to Say? (II) Hi everyone. In this column, I continue on the theme from my last column. I addressed a question posted by Dr. Lee Elaine Skallerup. In a posting, she wrote: “I would ...

    Peg Boyle Single - Sep 11 2009

  13. Too Much to Say?

    Demystifying the Dissertation Too Much to Say? Who knew that writing about note taking could stir up so much interest? Well, I have heard from quite a few of you, and through these exchanges, I have had the opportunity to ...

    Peg Boyle Single - Aug 17 2009

  14. Don't Stare at Blank Screen

    Demystifying the Dissertation Don't Stare at Blank Screen I’m writing this column because: (1) I used to stare at a blank screen, and (2) I’d like to save you a modicum of misery while you are writing your dissertatio ...

    Peg Boyle Single - Jul 1 2009

  15. Seven Reasons to Write from the Start

    a single participant and am probably a couple years away from defending my thesis. That being said, it felt ...

    Kaitlin Gallagher - Feb 10 2013



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