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  1. Struggling with low attendance at games, colleges turn to beer sales

    are the University of Wyoming and Indiana University. Washington State University wants to sell beer at football ...

    Jake New - Sep 19 2016

  2. Do college athletes have a First Amendment right to strike? (essay)

    with regard to the University of Wyoming football players is instructive. If it was not a First Amendment ...

    Eric D. Bentley - Feb 4 2016

  3. Coach's shove of player renews debate about conduct of athletic officials

    this video of Dave Christensen, the University of Wyoming football coach, who was suspended for one game ...

    Scott Jaschik - Nov 26 2012

  4. Diversifying Through Football

    You'd be hard pressed to find a college or university now that has not made the ethnic and socioeconomic diversification of its student body a high priority. Institutions have stepped up their recruitment efforts, reaching out more aggressivel ...

    Doug Lederman - Jan 11 2008


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