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  1. State appropriations for higher education up in 31 states, report says

    Florida and California, are still struggling and facing annual declines. States such as Wyoming ...

    Kevin Kiley - Jan 21 2013

  2. State aid dollars increasingly awarded for merit as well as financial need

    Dakota, Wyoming and New Hampshire awarded aid solely on a non-need basis. The few major changes seen ...

    Kevin Kiley - Jul 15 2013

  3. Regaining Confidence

    pool than in the past. Ben Blalock, president of the University of Wyoming Foundation, ...

    Kevin Kiley - Aug 31 2011

  4. Merit aid makes college more expensive for low income students, report finds

    Carolina, Wyoming, Hawaii, Florida and California. Some of these states have also supported state need-based ...

    Kevin Kiley - May 8 2013

  5. Budgets Half Empty, Glass Half Full

    by 12 percent, and Wyoming, which is seeing revenues come in at 5.2 percent greater than expected, doled ...

    Kevin Kiley - Jul 1 2011

  6. Texas, Florida, and Wisconsin governors see large overlap in higher education platforms

    higher education reform. States such as North Dakota and Wyoming – long controlled by Republicans – were ...

    Kevin Kiley - Nov 30 2012

  7. NSF report notes decline in state support for research universities

    Wyoming and Alaska also had increases of more than 10 percent. Both those states fund a portion ...

    Kevin Kiley - Jan 18 2012

  8. Reports find student aid shift from states to federal government

    at pre-recession levels. At the high end are Wyoming and New Mexico, which in 2010-11 spent $14.38 and $12.73 -- ...

    Kevin Kiley - Oct 26 2011


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