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  1. Wyoming Poetry Professor Believed to Have Died in Japan

    Craig Arnold, an award-winning poet and professor at the University of Wyoming, is believed to have died on a Japanese island. Arnold, who was fascinated by and wrote about volcanoes, set off on a hike on April 27 and never returned, prompting extensive search efforts. Poets and English professors ...

    Doug Lederman - May 11 2009

  2. Wyoming Professor Disappears in Japan

    Authorities in Japan are searching for Craig Arnold,  an award-winning poet and assistant professor of English at the University of Wyoming. Arnold has been missing since Sunday, when he disappeared while visiting a volcano site on the island of Kuchinoerabu-jima. Arnold has been working ...

    Doug Lederman - May 1 2009

  3. Quick Takes: Hiring Dispute at MIT, Cuts in N.J., Credit Card Debt, Wyoming Murders, U.Va. Dean Lied to Feds, Death at Roanoke, GAO Studies File Sharing, Police Chief's Past, Nepotism in Alabama, Probation for Ky. Wesleyan, Research on Prisoners

    University of Wyoming students were found dead Sunday in an off-campus home. The Associated Press reported ...

    Scott Jaschik - Jul 17 2006

  4. Quick Takes: Voters Approve Bonds for Arizona State, Illinois Editor Ousted, Study Criticizes Merit Program, Articles Retracted From Chem Journal, Wyoming Calls Off Smoke-Free Forum, Report on Dual Enrollment, Another HEA Extension, Dean Bites Man?

    of the American Chemical Society. The University of Wyoming has called off a forum on creating a smoke-free ...

    Scott Jaschik - Mar 16 2006

  5. Higher education on the ballot

    service at public colleges. A constitutional amendment in Wyoming would let the governor appoint people living outside of the state to serve as trustees of the University of Wyoming. Supports say ...

    Kaitlin Mulhere - Oct 10 2014

  6. Two-thirds of non-first-time students do not graduate

    behind with completion rates between 37 and 40 percent, while Wyoming, another state with a small ...

    Jake New - Oct 7 2014

  7. Wyoming Excellence Spicer Distinguished Chair in Environment and Natural Resources

    Steve Smutko University of Wyoming Thursday, December 17, 2009 Extension specialist in the department of agricultural and resource economics ...

    juano2310 - Dec 18 2009

  8. Wyoming Excellence in Higher Education Endowed Chair in Mathematics Education Professor

    Larry Hatfield University of Wyoming Tuesday, September 22, 2009 Josiah T. Meigs Distinguished Teaching Professor of Mathematics Education ...

    juano2310 - Sep 22 2009

  9. At Educause conference, Kuali leaders attempt to assure college leaders about shifts

    at Casper College, in Wyoming, said he was hopeful about Kuali’s new direction, but added that the company’s ...

    Carl Straumsheim - Oct 2 2014

  10. As state student aid spending plateaus, need-based grants get a boost

    2.993 7.036 130.863 Wyoming 15.470 ...

    Michael Stratford - Sep 15 2014

  11. Head of the department of mechanical engineering

    Paul Dellenback University of Wyoming Monday, November 2, 2009 Associate professor of mechanical engineering ...

    juano2310 - Nov 2 2009

  12. New Programs: Experimental Arts, Energy Technology, Biology

    University of Wyoming is starting an M.A. program in molecular biology. ...

    Scott Jaschik - Nov 22 2010

  13. Homework, conferences and research assignments await Gates grant recipients

    recipients -- Antioch University, Austin Community College, Central Wyoming College, Empire State College ...

    Carl Straumsheim - Jul 24 2014

  14. A few states are spending more on higher ed than before the recession hit

    they were five years ago -- Wyoming, North Dakota and Illinois – are not great poster children for a rebound in some ways. Wyoming and North Dakota are both small states, and Illinois’s increase is the result ...

    Ry Rivard - Apr 21 2014

  15. How is a new president supposed to clean house?

    president act?  Sternberg came to Wyoming after three years as provost at Oklahoma State University. One ...

    Ry Rivard - Nov 18 2013



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