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  1. NSF report notes decline in state support for research universities

    Wyoming and Alaska also had increases of more than 10 percent. Both those states fund a portion ...

    Kevin Kiley - Jan 18 2012

  2. Book reflects on Black Campus Movement on campuses small and large

    institutions in states like Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Wisconsin, South Dakota, Mississippi and Wyoming. As students ...

    Mitch Smith - May 1 2012

  3. Public President's Religious Appeal

    were also sent a letter from the president of the Cody Wyoming Stake, which runs a group of Mormon ...

    Jack Stripling - Feb 23 2010

  4. Quick Takes: Title IX Fears in Science, Top Ph.D. Feeder Universities Are Chinese, Southwestern CC Settles With Adjunct, California Strike, Possible Punishment at VCU, Unaccredited Colleges, Capella President Quits, South Africa's Unmet Needs

    that govern for-profit colleges. The Wyoming court's ruling, issued last month, came in a case ...

    Scott Jaschik - Jul 15 2008

  5. NSF Report Recounts Scientific Misconduct Findings

    proposal that contained others' work; and two primary investigators at a Wyoming university ...

    Doug Lederman - Dec 2 2009

  6. Holding the Line on Pell

    with degrees in hand and out into the work force as fast as possible. Wyoming Rep. Cynthia Lummis, ...

    Sam Petulla - Mar 16 2011

  7. Energy Boost

    this point, the message has not been conveyed.” Staying Focused in Wyoming University of Wyoming ...

    Jack Stripling - Jun 26 2008

  8. State funds for higher education fell by 7.6% in 2011-12

    1,153,559 -20.9% Wyoming 276,930 384,795 ...

    Doug Lederman - Jan 23 2012

  9. Reviewing (or Trashing?) Student Teaching

    reflect what happens at the University of Wyoming College of Education.” Among the sample institutions, ...

    Allie Grasgreen - Jul 21 2011

  10. The Sinking States

    0 0 $1,420,721,709 Wyoming $343,389,743 $32,200,000 ...

    Scott Jaschik - Jan 24 2011

  11. Budgets Half Empty, Glass Half Full

    by 12 percent, and Wyoming, which is seeing revenues come in at 5.2 percent greater than expected, doled ...

    Kevin Kiley - Jul 1 2011

  12. Another Round

    members. The Republican senators, led by Sen. Mike Enzi of Wyoming, the senior Republican on the panel, ...

    Libby A. Nelson - Jun 8 2011

  13. Shift in the Statehouses

    Tennessee, Wisconsin and Wyoming, among others. Democrats, meanwhile, were expected to hold ...

    Doug Lederman - Nov 3 2010

  14. The States of Online Regulation

    and Wyoming are among the least permissive states as far as requiring online institutions to acquire unique ...

    Steve Kolowich - Jan 21 2011

  15. Reports find student aid shift from states to federal government

    at pre-recession levels. At the high end are Wyoming and New Mexico, which in 2010-11 spent $14.38 and $12.73 -- ...

    Kevin Kiley - Oct 26 2011



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