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  1. 'Bad Apples' or Something More?

    comprehensive look.” This spring, the staffer added, Sens. Mike Enzi, of Wyoming, and Lamar Alexander, ...

    Jennifer Epstein - Jun 24 2010

  2. "Old" Habits Meet a "New" Normal

    require a spike in the number of college graduates in the Sunflower State. Wyoming Gov. Matthew Mead ...

    Kristin Conklin - Jan 16 2011

  3. (Not Really) Measuring Up

    Minnesota, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington, Wisconsin, Wyoming ...

    Doug Lederman - Dec 3 2008

  4. 2 Casper College Faculty Members Killed

    Chris Krumm, the son of a faculty member at Casper College, shot and killed his father with a bow and arrow on Friday while his father was teaching at the Wyoming institution, The Casper Star-Tribune. While the father -- Jim Krumm -- died from the wounds from that single shot, he struggled ...

    Scott Jaschik - Dec 3 2012

  5. 2017 budget a would-be bonanza for higher ed -- but nonstarter in Congress

    economic growth,” Senator Michael B. Enzi of Wyoming, chairman of the Senate Budget Committee, said ...

    Doug Lederman - Feb 10 2016

  6. 7 Seriously Bad Ideas That Rule Higher Education

    funding by 33%, Wyoming by 28%, and Indiana by 20%.  Connecticut spends over $12,000 per full-time equivalent student, Wyoming spends $16,000, and Hawaii spends about $14,000. In comparison, in 2012 Arizona ...

    Joshua Kim - Jun 14 2015

  7. A Bigger Role for Uncle Sam?

    of Biogen, and Walter Nolte, president of Casper College, a two-year institution in Wyoming, urged ...

    Doug Lederman - May 20 2005

  8. A few states are spending more on higher ed than before the recession hit

    ago -- Wyoming, North Dakota and Illinois – are not great poster children for a rebound in some ways. Wyoming and North Dakota are both small states, and Illinois’s increase is the result of a cash infusion ...

    Ry Rivard - Apr 21 2014

  9. A Good Year in the States

    1,131,515,000   +2.5% Wyoming          221,012,000   +3.4% Total ...

    Scott Jaschik - Jan 9 2006

  10. A Small Step Toward Transparency

    of Wyoming Urbana University Ursinus College Ursuline College Valdosta State University ...

    Doug Lederman - Nov 7 2007

  11. Academic Minute: Great White Shark Diet

    In today’s Academic Minute, Sora Kim of the University of Wyoming reveals how scientists are using advanced technology to understand the diet of the elusive white shark. Learn more about the Academic Minute here.   ...

    Scott Jaschik - Nov 20 2012

  12. After 4 Month Tenure, U. of Wyoming President Resigns

    in the administrative ranks is common when new presidents take over, the pace of change at Wyoming has been speedy ...

    Scott Jaschik - Nov 15 2013

  13. And the Winner Is ... Accuracy?

    with homosexuality face, especially (but not only) those in rural parts of the country like Wyoming. Finally, I know ...

    Rob Capriccioso and David Epstein - Mar 3 2006

  14. Anonymous astronomers object to efforts to name and shame harassers in the field

    and now an endowed chair in secondary science education at the University of Wyoming. Speier said she’d ...

    Colleen Flaherty - Jan 20 2016

  15. Another Round

    members. The Republican senators, led by Sen. Mike Enzi of Wyoming, the senior Republican on the panel, ...

    Libby A. Nelson - Jun 8 2011



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