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  1. Ithaca College Adjuncts Form Union

    bargaining units as part of the union’s national Adjunct Action campaign. Thomas Rochon, Ithaca’s president, ...

    Colleen Flaherty - May 29 2015

  2. Webster U Adjuncts Reject Unionization

    that adjuncts have “experienced a setback in their quest to have their union on campus officially recognized ...

    Scott Jaschik - May 12 2015

  3. Essay on frustrations of associate professors

    burdens on faculty, such as: more tenure-line faculty hiring, recognizing that relying on adjuncts damages the university broadly, as well as adjunct faculty; course releases for intensive service positions to ensure ...

    Joya Misra and Jennifer Lundquist - May 29 2015

  4. Labor conference panel centers on contract provisions for adjuncts for course cancellation payments and more

    of competition among unions, but that, in the case of adjuncts, it seemed to be making for some fruitful results. ...

    Colleen Flaherty - Apr 21 2015

  5. Adjunct Sues Broward Over Alleged Retaliation

    Evan Rowe, an adjunct at Broward College, has sued the college in federal court, charging that his free speech and other rights were denied when he was not given courses after he published articles criticizing the college's treatment of adjuncts, Broward New Times reported. The articles, ...

    Scott Jaschik - May 26 2015

  6. Essay on how to navigate rules when you are on the tenure track

    experienced counterparts. And I have certainly heard from term faculty (lecturers and adjuncts for whom ...

    Nate Kreuter - May 27 2015

  7. Teacher education accreditor dumps its founding leader

    of minority groups out of the teaching profession. Teachers’ colleges and faculty unions rarely complained ...

    Doug Lederman - May 29 2015

  8. Essay on the British election campaign and campaign promises about higher education

    in a Britain free of the European Union. Bernie Sanders’s belief that higher education should be a right, ...

    Christopher R. Marsicano - May 26 2015

  9. Essay on what's next for European higher education

    in the Eurozone as well as Europe at large. The unemployment rate for people 29 and younger in the European Union ...

    Manja Klemenčič and Paul Ashwin - May 26 2015

  10. The Unwanted Summer Break

    similar, if there are any.) Two other adjunct mothers are also the breadwinners , which is nearly ...

    Joseph Fruscione - May 25 2015

  11. College sports leaders worry about NLRB ruling and Jenkins lawsuit

    the Chicago regional office of the labor board about forming a union. The director of the office, Peter Sung ...

    Jake New - May 20 2015

  12. Adjuncts participate in National Day of Action for a Living Wage

    Bellamy, an adjunct instructor of composition at Saint Leo University who participated in a rally ...

    Colleen Flaherty - Apr 16 2015

  13. Shifting Tides

    Tracy Mitrano's blog Law, Policy -- and IT? “The Senate is in gridlock, but the tides are shifting,” said Michael W. Macleod-Ball, acting director of the American Civil Liberties Union’s Washington legislative office. “For the first time, a majority of senators took ...

    Tracy Mitrano - May 25 2015

  14. "Low Hanging Fruit" for Respecting Adjuncts

    Satisfaction,” revealed that while the vast majority of adjunct faculty suffer from underemployment, one of the things they most want is “respect.” No one who has been an adjunct or involved with issues of adjunct labor was surprised by the findings. A career as full-time “contingent” as opposed to part-time ...

    John Warner - May 19 2015

  15. Panel discussion centers on work-life balance provisions in faculty collective bargaining agreements

    location, she said. So the union and UMass negotiated various policy changes.   First, said Jennifer ...

    Colleen Flaherty - Apr 22 2015



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