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  1. Essay with tips on how faculty can find time for writing and publishing

    How to Get Writing Done For tenure-track faculty at many institutions, the pressure to publish is high, as a successful record of publications is often crucial to getting tenure. But untenured faculty juggle so many other responsibilitie ...

    Melissa Dennihy - Sep 21 2015

  2. Alt-Ac Challenges, Continued

    on Administrators vs. Alt-Acs with an inviting series of questions, and I’m responding to a few of them here:   First, the column does a good job of recognizing alt-ac professionals in teaching, learning, and research-related roles, and I think it is also worth pointing out that we have alt-ac colleagues in other types ...

    Joshua Kim - Aug 30 2015

  3. Administrators vs. Alt-Acs

    essays highlighted, for me, the gap between the emerging alt-ac (alternative academic) career path and that of a “traditional” administrator. The titles (or labels) of administrator and alt-ac are sometimes used interchangeably. They shouldn’t be. There are at least 3 differences between the campus alt-ac ...

    Joshua Kim - Aug 26 2015

  4. Advice for new Ph.D.s on using third-party recruiters to find jobs

    Carpe Careers Third-Party Recruiters <br>and Ph.D. Candidates Ph.D.s and postdocs who are job seeking outside of academe need all the help they can get, and it is nice to imagine a recruiter (or headhunter) work ...

    Natalie Lundsteen - Sep 14 2015

  5. Receiving Your Doctorate to Work… at a Community College?

    their degrees and genius to benefit society.  Alt-ac careers have become viable options, as well as K-12 ...

    DeWitt Scott - Sep 20 2015

  6. 2 Things That I Wish I Learned In Sociology School

    an educational technologist, or any alt-ac profession, not so much. This is why I’m curious about how many alt-ac sociologists are roaming the earth. Are we an aberration or a trend? Are we a group worth ...

    Joshua Kim - Aug 24 2015

  7. Essay on advice for academics starting their careers

    not to pursue a traditional academic career. Seeking an alt-ac job is not failure. Leaving academia altogether ...

    Philip Nel - Aug 19 2015

  8. Essay on unusual career shift by an English professor

    Medical Treatment and English I used to spend my days reviewing essays, referring students to the writing center, offering advice to students about their academic paths, writing lesson plans and assessing the effectiveness of these lesso ...

    Sean P. Murphy - Jul 31 2015

  9. Essay on how new Ph.D.s may want to consider careers in the federal government

    share a handful of strategies that are essential for graduate students preparing for alt-ac careers? ...

    James M. Van Wyck - Aug 10 2015

  10. Essay on how new Ph.D.s should prepare resumes for nonacademic job searches

    Carpe Careers Verbal Origami “What do you want someone to take away from reading your résumé?” ...

    Joseph Barber - Jul 27 2015

  11. Alt-Ac from the Start

    alt-ac plans from the start and who did everything he could to open doors and create opportunities ...

    Maura Elizabeth Cunningham - May 7 2015

  12. 5 Misunderstandings About Alt-Ac Salaries

    going to stick to alternative-academic (alt-ac) jobs. Mostly because the faculty labor market ...

    Joshua Kim - May 3 2015

  13. Trying to Understand Alt-Acs

    the institution) in course assessment and improvement.     Alt-ac professionals may also be media ...

    Joshua Kim - Feb 26 2015

  14. Alt-Acs and Terminal Degrees

    buy you something.     Do you need to have a PhD to call yourself an alt-ac ? I don’t ...

    Joshua Kim - Feb 25 2015

  15. Are Alt-Acs Underutilized?

    Joshua Kim's blog Technology and Learning Are alt-acs (alternative-academics) an underutilized campus resource?    What academic work would alt-acs happily engage in that faculty would (or should) not?     The thing to remember about us alt-acs is that we ...

    Joshua Kim - Feb 24 2015



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