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  1. Essay on how new Ph.D.s should prepare resumes for nonacademic job searches

    Carpe Careers Verbal Origami “What do you want someone to take away from reading your résumé?” ...

    Joseph Barber - Jul 27 2015

  2. Alt-Ac from the Start

    alt-ac plans from the start and who did everything he could to open doors and create opportunities ...

    Maura Elizabeth Cunningham - May 7 2015

  3. 5 Misunderstandings About Alt-Ac Salaries

    going to stick to alternative-academic (alt-ac) jobs. Mostly because the faculty labor market ...

    Joshua Kim - May 3 2015

  4. Essay on how new Ph.D.s can work with mentors to develop their career story

    Carpe Careers Developing Your Story Does the following story sound familiar? It goes something like this: a trainee comes into the career center and looks around suspiciously, as though she were doing something illicit or ...

    Stephanie K. Eberle - Apr 20 2015

  5. Trying to Understand Alt-Acs

    the institution) in course assessment and improvement.     Alt-ac professionals may also be media ...

    Joshua Kim - Feb 26 2015

  6. Alt-Acs and Terminal Degrees

    buy you something.     Do you need to have a PhD to call yourself an alt-ac ? I don’t ...

    Joshua Kim - Feb 25 2015

  7. Are Alt-Acs Underutilized?

    Joshua Kim's blog Technology and Learning Are alt-acs (alternative-academics) an underutilized campus resource?    What academic work would alt-acs happily engage in that faculty would (or should) not?     The thing to remember about us alt-acs is that we ...

    Joshua Kim - Feb 24 2015

  8. Bittersweet

    the rest of us just have to make due and accept our “lesser” status. Many conversations around alt-ac career paths focus on the fact that, for many, alt-ac isn’t a “Plan B” but a conscious and purposeful ...

    Lee Skallerup Bessette - Mar 30 2015

  9. Essay on alt-ac work during holiday season

    an alt-ac with many faculty friends, social media feeds begin to feature discussions of winter break research plans, travel, leading study abroad programs, etc. But as an alt-ac, you have a 12-month ...

    Brenda Bethman - Dec 19 2014

  10. Essay calling for a new teaching-oriented model of tenure

    opposition to “alt-ac” career paths. “Graduate students need the MLA to make sure that people holding Ph.D. ...

    Michael Bérubé - Mar 10 2015

  11. Traditional Ph.D. Programs and Alt-Ac Careers

    education to work than the intersection of learning and technology.  Coming to this digital learning alt-ac ...

    Joshua Kim - Nov 20 2014

  12. Upcoming Appearances: Co-Learning, Digital Humanities, and Alt-Ac

    and Alt-Ac ...

    Lee Skallerup Bessette - Nov 10 2014

  13. Essay on the challenges of moving from faculty to an alt-ac job

    in a full-time faculty position — I’m happy on the alt-ac side. That said, being alt-ac definitely has its ...

    Brenda Bethman - Aug 29 2014

  14. Career Resources for the Academic and Non-Academic Job Search

    isolation, many administrators, students, and bloggers (look up #post-ac and #alt-ac ) work to assist PhD ...

    Jason McSheene - Feb 11 2015

  15. Essay on finding your alt-ac career without losing your mind

    and scholarly rogues riding from shadowed enclaves, brandishing the sharpened steel of alt-ac rigor. It takes ...

    Brandy Schillace - Jun 6 2014



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