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  1. Trying to Understand Alt-Acs

    the institution) in course assessment and improvement.     Alt-ac professionals may also be media ...

    Joshua Kim - Feb 26 2015

  2. Alt-Acs and Terminal Degrees

    buy you something.     Do you need to have a PhD to call yourself an alt-ac ? I don’t ...

    Joshua Kim - Feb 25 2015

  3. Are Alt-Acs Underutilized?

    Joshua Kim's blog Technology and Learning Are alt-acs (alternative-academics) an underutilized campus resource?    What academic work would alt-acs happily engage in that faculty would (or should) not?     The thing to remember about us alt-acs is that we ...

    Joshua Kim - Feb 24 2015

  4. Essay on alt-ac work during holiday season

    programs, etc. But as an alt-ac, you have a 12-month contract and are thus looking at spending your time in the office except for the week between Christmas and New Year’s. If, like most alt-acs, you ...

    Brenda Bethman - Dec 19 2014

  5. Bittersweet

    the rest of us just have to make due and accept our “lesser” status. Many conversations around alt-ac career paths focus on the fact that, for many, alt-ac isn’t a “Plan B” but a conscious and purposeful ...

    Lee Skallerup Bessette - Mar 30 2015

  6. Traditional Ph.D. Programs and Alt-Ac Careers

    education to work than the intersection of learning and technology.  Coming to this digital learning alt-ac ...

    Joshua Kim - Nov 20 2014

  7. Upcoming Appearances: Co-Learning, Digital Humanities, and Alt-Ac

    and Alt-Ac ...

    Lee Skallerup Bessette - Nov 10 2014

  8. Essay calling for a new teaching-oriented model of tenure

    opposition to “alt-ac” career paths. “Graduate students need the MLA to make sure that people holding Ph.D. ...

    Michael Bérubé - Mar 10 2015

  9. Essay on finding your alt-ac career without losing your mind

    riding from shadowed enclaves, brandishing the sharpened steel of alt-ac rigor. It takes a thick skin ...

    Brandy Schillace - Jun 6 2014

  10. Career Resources for the Academic and Non-Academic Job Search

    isolation, many administrators, students, and bloggers (look up #post-ac and #alt-ac ) work to assist PhD ...

    Jason McSheene - Feb 11 2015

  11. Essay asks whether alt-ac careers are really a solution to academic jobs shortage

    Alt-acs need not be digital humanists, but digital humanists have found the term to be particularly ...

    Miriam Posner - Dec 4 2013

  12. Essay on conducting an alt-ac job search

    The Alt-Ac track When the Modern Language Association’s September Job Information List was published, there was grumbling on Twitter that the list contained no alt-ac job postings. That made us realize that while we have, in previous columns, written about what types of alt-ac positions ...

    Brenda Bethman and C. Shaun Longstreet - Oct 30 2013

  13. Essay on preparing for an non-academic job search

    Carpe Careers As part of my job, I mentor graduate students and early career faculty through the transition to non-academic jobs. These career-changers have usually thought long and hard about their decision to seek a non-academic ca ...

    Maggie Gover - Nov 24 2014

  14. Interview about forging your own career path with a Ph.D.

    Carpe Careers Are you interested in forging a career path that may be off the so-called beaten path? Do you wonder what success looks like on this path and what principles have guided these career trailblazers? Read on. ...

    Arica Lubin - Nov 10 2014

  15. Essay on how to describe career success for 'alt-ac' job searches

    for an alt-ac job application.  A vital skill for anyone cultivating a possible alt-ac career is having ...

    Brenda Bethman and C. Shaun Longstreet - Jul 17 2013



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