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  1. Michael Crow, Alt-Acs, and Speaking our Minds

    to earth, respectful, and inviting of challenges to his ideas. What do you see as the ability of alt-ac ...

    Joshua Kim - Feb 2 2016

  2. Grad students should think like entrepreneurs about their careers (essay)

    career-service counselors, administrators, career coaches, corporate types and graduates who’ve gone on to alt-ac ...

    James M. Van Wyck - Jan 25 2016

  3. Career development changes for grad students in social sciences (essay)

    use terms like “alt-ac” or “#altac” or “non-ac” when discussing new career fields for graduate ...

    Alfreda James - Jan 18 2016

  4. The introduction of a new career column, 'Conditionally Accepted' (essay)

    one’s own and local communities; alternative and devalued career paths (e.g., liberal arts, #altac ...

    Eric Anthony Grollman - Jan 8 2016

  5. Leonard Cassuto responds to Marc Bousquet on alt-ac careers (essay)

    to contemplate alt-ac careers would compromise the struggle against injustice in the academic workplace. I don’t ...

    Leonard Cassuto - Nov 30 2015

  6. Helping Ph.D.s to prepare for diverse careers (essay)

    Preparing Ph.D.s <br>for Diverse Careers ​Becoming a professor wasn't why I set out to get a Ph.D. I enjoyed research and teaching and thought that the skills I obtained in graduate school -- from writing to critical thinking ...

    Sian L. Beilock - Dec 18 2015

  7. A Ph.D. should result in a tenure-track job, not an alt-ac one (essay)

    With the support of influential graduate faculty and staff members at academic associations, the alt-ac brand ...

    Marc Bousquet - Oct 20 2015

  8. The importance of questioning our beliefs about career success (essay)

    Carpe Careers Vulnerability: The Most Precious Career Choice Eric looked nervous when he walked into my office. His introduction form told me he was a Ph.D. student in his fourth year of graduate school and, as with many t ...

    Stephanie K. Eberle - Nov 30 2015

  9. Administrators vs. Alt-Acs

    essays highlighted, for me, the gap between the emerging alt-ac (alternative academic) career path and that of a “traditional” administrator. The titles (or labels) of administrator and alt-ac are sometimes used interchangeably. They shouldn’t be. There are at least 3 differences between the campus alt-ac ...

    Joshua Kim - Aug 26 2015

  10. Alt-Ac Challenges, Continued

    on Administrators vs. Alt-Acs with an inviting series of questions, and I’m responding to a few of them here:   First, the column does a good job of recognizing alt-ac professionals in teaching, learning, and research-related roles, and I think it is also worth pointing out that we have alt-ac colleagues in other types ...

    Joshua Kim - Aug 30 2015

  11. Advice for Ph.D.s in finding a nonprofessor position

    Carpe Careers How to Land a Nonprofessor Position After Grad School Life after the Ph.D. can be scary. ...

    Jake Livengood - Oct 12 2015

  12. NEH seeks to spur humanities Ph.D. training beyond traditional career paths

    academe are the least unemployed workers in the economy. “For many students, alt-ac positions ...

    Colleen Flaherty - Oct 21 2015

  13. Essay with tips on how faculty can find time for writing and publishing

    How to Get Writing Done For tenure-track faculty at many institutions, the pressure to publish is high, as a successful record of publications is often crucial to getting tenure. But untenured faculty juggle so many other responsibilitie ...

    Melissa Dennihy - Sep 21 2015

  14. Advice for new Ph.D.s on using third-party recruiters to find jobs

    Carpe Careers Third-Party Recruiters <br>and Ph.D. Candidates Ph.D.s and postdocs who are job seeking outside of academe need all the help they can get, and it is nice to imagine a recruiter (or headhunter) work ...

    Natalie Lundsteen - Sep 14 2015

  15. 2 Things That I Wish I Learned In Sociology School

    an educational technologist, or any alt-ac profession, not so much. This is why I’m curious about how many alt-ac sociologists are roaming the earth. Are we an aberration or a trend? Are we a group worth ...

    Joshua Kim - Aug 24 2015



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