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  1. Partners, Kids, and the Alt-Ac Life

    area of alt-ac expertise.  Being someone who does digital learning and online education, I think ...

    Joshua Kim - Apr 23 2017

  2. 5 Ways My PhD Left Me Unprepared For An Alt-Ac Career

    to unlearn a set of beliefs and assumptions about leadership throughout my alt-ac career.  This is a work ...

    Joshua Kim - Apr 18 2017

  3. Alt-Ac Careers: Academic Librarianship

    .   Out of all the alt-ac careers available, academic librarianship is one that is most often ...

    Regina Sierra Carter - Apr 17 2017

  4. Alt-Academics and Committee Work

    occupying an alt-ac role is that we don’t see ourselves as administrators.  We see ourselves as educators, ...

    Joshua Kim - Apr 13 2017

  5. Alt-ac Ph.D.s should take advantage of the myriad campus career development opportunities (essay)

    VersatilePhD , So What Are You Going to Do With That? , #altac Twitter and “ quit lit ,” ...

    Melissa Dalgleish - Feb 27 2017

  6. Q&A With A CTL Assistant Director for Assessment and Evaluation

    in the support of student learning. Question #5:  Why get a PhD and then decide to pursue an alt-ac ...

    Joshua Kim - Feb 27 2017

  7. Three things to consider when you are thinking about leaving the tenure track (essay)

    Conditionally Accepted Stepping Off the Tenure Track -- Part II In last week’s blog post , I shared a bit about my journey considering a life and career beyond academic teaching and research. As a first-generation colle ...

    Fatimah Williams Castro - Jan 27 2017

  8. An academic recognizes she no longer wants to pursue a tenure-track position (essay)

    Conditionally Accepted Stepping Off the Tenure Track -- Part I I remember when I made the decision to apply to graduate school. I was excited about the prospect of being able to dig into topics that interested me and to ma ...

    Fatimah Williams Castro - Jan 20 2017

  9. Advice for those struggling in their search for an academic job (essay)

    exit strategies. The best ideas for nonacademic or alt-ac employment show up when you really let your ...

    Heather Steffen - Jan 5 2017

  10. Advice for Ph.D. graduates deciding to leave academe (essay)

    Carpe Careers Taking an Unexpected Turn Being a graduate student has many perks (not just free food!), which I didn’t realize until after I graduated with my Ph.D. in 2013. For me, as I am sure for many of you, graduat ...

    Adriana Bankston - Dec 19 2016

  11. 5 Questions for An Evaluation and Assessment Scholar

    (alt-ac) postdoc? I think many people would have delayed some of the choices I’ve already made ...

    Joshua Kim - Dec 13 2016

  12. The 5 Stages of An Alt-Ac Career

    to divide your past, present, and future alt-ac (alternative academic) career into stages - what would you come up with? The reason to try to come up with a career model for us alt-ac folks is that so few career models for our profession exist.  Those of us working in an alt-ac career always feel like we ...

    Joshua Kim - Sep 15 2016

  13. Advice and encouragement to humanities Ph.D.s in pursuing diverse career paths (essay)

    Carpe Careers A Message to Next-Gen Humanities Ph.D.s In August, the National Endowment for the Humanities awarded approximately $1.7 million in funding to 28 institutions for planning and implementing changes in doctoral ...

    Amy Pszczolkowski - Nov 21 2016

  14. Five Alt-Ac Careers for the Passionate Teacher

    written on alt-ac careers before—including Adopting an Alt-Ac Strategy from the Start and the First Steps to Launching an Alt-Ac Search —most of our posts have been very general, and as I’ve been working on my own alt-ac strategy for the past year or so, I realized that a more specific resource might ...

    Anne Guarnera - Sep 8 2016

  15. An academic describes the challenges of transitioning to an alt-ac life (essay)

    . My sense is that other  alt-ac folks encounter similar difficulties with adjusting to different ...

    Jeana Jorgensen - Jun 24 2016



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