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  1. The 5 Stages of An Alt-Ac Career

    to divide your past, present, and future alt-ac (alternative academic) career into stages - what would you come up with? The reason to try to come up with a career model for us alt-ac folks is that so few career models for our profession exist.  Those of us working in an alt-ac career always feel like we ...

    Joshua Kim - Sep 15 2016

  2. Five Alt-Ac Careers for the Passionate Teacher

    written on alt-ac careers before—including Adopting an Alt-Ac Strategy from the Start and the First Steps to Launching an Alt-Ac Search —most of our posts have been very general, and as I’ve been working on my own alt-ac strategy for the past year or so, I realized that a more specific resource might ...

    Anne Guarnera - Sep 8 2016

  3. On Choosing an Alternative Academic Path

    would any sane person choose an alt-ac career over the tenure track? I think it’s the other way around. It’s very sane to have an alt-ac career, or as my friend Ian Street (postdoc and science ...

    Joshua Kim - Sep 26 2016

  4. The sex-negativity mind-set in academe (essay)

    pathological, everything about it becomes distorted. The more time I spend being alt-ac, the less I worry ...

    Jeana Jorgensen - Aug 12 2016

  5. An academic describes the challenges of transitioning to an alt-ac life (essay)

    . My sense is that other  alt-ac folks encounter similar difficulties with adjusting to different ...

    Jeana Jorgensen - Jun 24 2016

  6. Will LinkedIn Ever Replace the Traditional CV?

    with staff roles but not faculty positions?  What about alt-ac jobs - those that straddle some lines ...

    Joshua Kim - Aug 16 2016

  7. 6 Questions for a Digital Humanities Librarian

    the “alt-ac” movement -- those of us with doctorates in the humanities who, shall we say, became disillusioned ...

    Joshua Kim - Aug 17 2016

  8. An academic describes her experience since becoming an alt-ac sex educator (essay)

    in the adult sex education field. As part of her alt-ac outreach, she writes for both Conditionally Accepted ...

    Jeana Jorgensen - May 20 2016

  9. 4 Ways My Alt-Ac Interests Have Changed

    in the same city as my wife, and to follow her through her training.  Many alt-acs are, like me, trailing ...

    Joshua Kim - May 25 2016

  10. Ph.D. candidates should consider careers other than in the faculty (essay)

    Carpe Careers Stop Resisting Nonfaculty Careers In the national conversation about career opportunities for Ph.D. candidates, we hear a lot of dialogue about faculty resistance and solutions for how faculty members can bec ...

    Christine Kelly - Jul 7 2016

  11. The job benefits of scientific management training (essay)

    Carpe Careers The Importance of Scientific Management Training For decades, scholars have juxtaposed academe with industry as though they were completely different entities. When the opportunities within the two sectors ar ...

    Stephanie K. Eberle - Jun 27 2016

  12. A feminist ethicist becomes a romance scholar and writer (essay)

    Romancing the Academic Goddamn, I love my job. ...

    Catherine M. Roach - Jun 23 2016

  13. Using Twitter to aid in career counseling (essay)

    examines graduate education, especially STEM graduate education. Tweeting about #altac topics has ...

    Alfreda James - Jun 13 2016

  14. Applying research skills to explore careers (essay)

    Carpe Careers Researching Career Solutions One of the common challenges that Ph.D. students and postdocs face is being able to make certain and confident career decisions that differ from those their thesis advisers ...

    Joseph Barber - May 9 2016

  15. Talking with Bonni Stachowiak of 'Teaching in Higher Ed'

    well-developed pedagogical skills might transfer into the alt-ac workplace. So my final question to Bonni was: ...

    Anne Guarnera - Jun 7 2016



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