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  1. Review of Bill Maurer, 'How Would You Like to Pay? How Technology is Changing the Future of Money'

    is clearly concerned that the advantages of being integrated into the global economy could be wiped out ...

    Scott McLemee - Nov 25 2015

  2. Anthropologists overwhelmingly vote to boycott Israeli universities

    DENVER -- Members of the American Anthropological Association voted in favor of a resolution calling on the group to boycott Israeli academic institutions by a 1,040 to 136 margin at the association’s annual business meeting on Friday evening. ...

    Elizabeth Redden - Nov 23 2015

  3. Thanksgiving 2020: 3 Technologies I’m Grateful For

    switches seamlessly and invisibly between whatever signal is most robust. Global bandwidth has become so ...

    Joshua Kim - Nov 24 2015

  4. Why scholars in Britain hired a comedian to help the public engage with their research

    When the Arts and Humanities Research Council announced a major research project in 2013 on “Cultural and scientific perceptions of human-chicken interactions,” the Mail Online inevitably reported “outrage as academics are handed £2m” ($3 milli ...

    Matthew Reisz for Times Higher Education - Nov 20 2015

  5. In South Africa, push continues for free tuition and adequate support

    If last week seemed to be a period of heavy protests on American campuses -- with massive demonstrations about race at the University of Missouri at Columbia and Yale University and rallies calling for free tuition and the cancellation of stude ...

    Elizabeth Redden - Nov 18 2015

  6. Chief of staff and director of institutional advancement, Colin Powell School for Civic and Global Leadership

    Dee Dee Mozeleski City College of New York Thursday, November 5, 2015 Director of institutional advancement ...

    Anonymous - Nov 5 2015

  7. Between Terrorism and Government Surveillance

    galvanizes global cooperation in the face of terrorists, almost inevitably there will be another place. ...

    Tracy Mitrano - Nov 19 2015

  8. Chief diversity officer

    Tomas Gomez-Arias Saint Mary’s College of California Thursday, November 12, 2015 Professor of marketing and global business ...

    frontdesk - Nov 13 2015

  9. Annual Open Doors report finds increases in international students, study abroad participation

    Nearly a million international students are studying at colleges across the U.S. ...

    Elizabeth Redden - Nov 16 2015

  10. American colleges in Paris reach out to students in wake of terrorist attacks

    A senior at California State University at Long Beach was killed in Friday's terrorist attacks in Paris. ...

    Scott Jaschik - Nov 16 2015

  11. +1 for Higher Ed Beta

    Global: Yeshiva University Online . He previously served as associate dean for faculty development ...

    Akiba J. Covitz - Nov 19 2015

  12. The Guessing Game: Where Will Your International Students Come from in 10 Years?

    have projected increases to over 7 million by the 2020s. Global tertiary enrollments are expected ...

    Megan Brenn-White - Nov 19 2015

  13. EdX MOOC courts questions about censorship and academic freedom

    dominate.” This isn’t the first time Chinese education initiatives with global ambition have attracted ...

    Josh Logue - Nov 17 2015

  14. Study finds extent of key practices adopted at colleges and universities

    First-year academic seminars 52% 30% Global or world culture studies ...

    Scott Jaschik - Nov 16 2015

  15. More higher ed, library groups speak out in support of Lingua editors

    Brad Fenwick, senior vice president for global strategic alliances at Elsevier, took a conciliatory ...

    Carl Straumsheim - Nov 13 2015



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