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  1. Vice president for Integrative Liberal Learning and the Global Commons

    Amy E. Jessen-Marshall Association of American Colleges and Universities Wednesday, May 11, 2016 Leader for the General Education Maps and Markers Project ...

    frontdesk - May 11 2016

  2. Singapore-based company seeks to crack U.S. higher ed market

    A Singaporean education company with 30 colleges in 13 countries plans to expand into the U.S. with its purchase of an art college in Santa Fe. ...

    Elizabeth Redden - May 19 2016

  3. Yale Philosopher Named in Harassment Complaint

    Global Justice Program but rescinded it after she rejected his sexual advances during a trip to Chile. ...

    Colleen Flaherty - May 23 2016

  4. Academics in Middle East and North Africa frequently avoid publicizing their research

    Research at universities in the Middle East and North Africa is “very often underreported” because academics see their work as private, says a senior academic administrator at a Moroccan university. ...

    Ellie Bothwell for Times Higher Education - May 20 2016

  5. Reflections After Class

    are in service to global corporations, not the other way around. When civil society inevitably falls, will future ...

    Tracy Mitrano - May 22 2016

  6. Minn. town aims to attract campus as competition for branches heats up

    reflected a stronger market profile and strategy contributing to revenue growth. “As part of its global ...

    Rick Seltzer - May 20 2016

  7. Scholars consider how to save the liberal arts

    ability to shape citizenry in a democracy -- ever more important in an increasingly global society -- ...

    Colleen Flaherty - May 20 2016

  8. Data and Rankings: A Healthy Debate

    and reputation; and developing global data definitions to ensure that institutions in the US, for example, can ...

    Alex Usher - May 18 2016

  9. AACSB Annual Accreditation Conference

    issues affecting business schools, such as technology, faculty models, research impact, globalization ...

    Anonymous - May 16 2016

  10. Assessment Conference

    and Innovation The Assessment Conference is your opportunity to explore current trends and global best ...

    Anonymous - May 16 2016

  11. Memo to the Candidates, Part II

    an international discourse on global Internet governance.  The Internet’s greatest strength is also its ...

    Tracy Mitrano - May 16 2016

  12. Sit-in at Seattle U raises allegation on dean's use of slur that may have been reference to book

    racism, gentrification, sexism, colonialism, imperialism, global white supremacy and other ethical ...

    Scott Jaschik - May 16 2016

  13. Land-grant universities can reinvigorate philosophy's focus on societal challenges (essay)

    the challenges of a global public, philosophy will languish. In a New York Times essay, Robert Frodeman ...

    Christopher P. Long and Michael O'Rourke - May 12 2016

  14. Quality in Africa: New Initiatives

    university that first started global ranking. Based on the positive outcome of that pilot study, ...

    Goolam Mohamedbhai - May 15 2016

  15. U of Cambridge plans one of world's most expensive degrees

    The University of Cambridge is planning a business doctorate that will cost students £80,000 ($115,000) in the first year, with a total cost of £230,000 ($332,000), making it one of the world’s most expensive degrees. ...

    John Morgan for Times Higher Education - May 12 2016



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