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  1. Director of the Global Strategic Communication Graduate Program, College of Journalism and Communications

    Robert W. Grupp University of Florida Monday, June 22, 2015 President Grupp Global Partners ...

    frontdesk - Jun 22 2015

  2. Council of Graduate Schools survey shows continuing increase in international student applications

    Foreign students' applications to American graduate schools climbed by 2 percent this year, driven in part by continued growth in applications from India, according to survey results released today by the Council of Graduate Schools. ...

    Elizabeth Redden - Jun 30 2015

  3. Vice president for Integrative Liberal Learning and the Global Commons

    Kathy J. Wolfe Association of American Colleges and Universities Wednesday, June 10, 2015 Senior fellow ...

    frontdesk - Jun 15 2015

  4. WikiLeaks memo sheds new light on 2012 cheating scandal involving Saudi students

    This is a story of how one university’s massive cheating scandal became a minor diplomatic incident. ...

    Elizabeth Redden - Jun 25 2015

  5. What Do Employers Want?

    problem-solving Decision making Entrepreneurship Global mindset Industry-related work ...

    Margaret Andrews - Jun 30 2015

  6. Officials at U.S. universities in China tell Congress they have protected academic freedom

    York University’s two degree-granting global branches, and Mirta Martin, the president of Fort Hays ...

    Jacqueline Thomsen - Jun 26 2015

  7. With new global partnerships, a poverty nonprofit hopes to expand research and academic opportunities

    global flagship program -- can help the newer academics establish themselves in parts of the world where ...

    Jacqueline Thomsen - Jun 12 2015

  8. Faculty members criticize proposed changes to gen ed accreditation standards for engineers

    solutions in a global and societal context, due to a “broad education” Recognize the need ...

    Colleen Flaherty - Jun 26 2015

  9. Report calls attention to the 'crisis' in attacks on higher education worldwide

    But he also emphasized the "global" nature of the problem and the need to pay attention ...

    Elizabeth Redden - Jun 23 2015

  10. Commencement Remarks

    These speeches first list the serious problems left unsolved: ongoing wars, poverty, global warming, pollution, ...

    Melissa Connolly - Jun 28 2015

  11. An Open Letter to the President of St. Bridget College

    and low-residency degree programs. We can leverage the power of online learning to aggregate global demand. The good ...

    Joshua Kim - Jun 28 2015

  12. Higher Ed and “No Ordinary Disruption”

    is coming. Change is occurring in every industry. The shift to a global information economy is 10 times ...

    Joshua Kim - Jun 25 2015

  13. University of Washington and China's Tsinghua U launch institute with Microsoft millions

    Courtesy of the University of Washington. A rendering of the planned, still to be built Global ...

    Elizabeth Redden - Jun 19 2015

  14. Coursera, Apple, and the Future of Global Higher Education

      Coursera, Apple, and the Future <br>of Global Higher Education ...

    Joshua Kim - Jun 9 2015

  15. Author of new book on 'purposeful graduates' says colleges must talk to students about making meaningful lives

    and become independent. I try to tell them that the global economic and macrocultural change are chiefly ...

    Colleen Flaherty - Jun 24 2015



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