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  1. MOOC-based master's degree initiative expands globally

    with ways to bring high-quality learning experiences to global and lifelong learners.” Similarly, ...

    Carl Straumsheim - Sep 20 2016

  2. Assistant director for partnerships and affiliations, Global Education Office

    Chelsey Watts Virginia Tech Friday, September 16, 2016 Operations manager, Booth School of Business University of Chicago ...

    frontdesk - Sep 20 2016

  3. Crazy Thought

    Tracy Mitrano's blog Law, Policy -- and IT? Back in the June, I registered to apply for this generous grant on the theory of an application to create a center for global internet governance.  Global internet governance would touch myriad aspects from ...

    Tracy Mitrano - Sep 27 2016

  4. Admissions group calls for more transparency on use of agents to recruit international students

    COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Three years ago, the Assembly of the National Association for College Admission Counseling approved a change to its ethical standards to permit the use of commissioned agents in the recruitment of students outside the United S ...

    Scott Jaschik - Sep 26 2016

  5. U of Cambridge Names New Leader

    The University of Cambridge on Monday nominated as its new vice chancellor Stephen Toope (right), a Canadian university leader and international law scholar. Toope is the director of the University of Toronto’s Munk School of Global Affairs and formerly was the president and vice chancellor ...

    Elizabeth Redden - Sep 27 2016

  6. 'Inside Higher Ed' Wins Zemsky Innovation Medal

    in transformational change in colleges and universities in the context of their missions and their global ...

    Doug Lederman - Sep 27 2016

  7. Cornell dispute centers on work authorization for international students

    International students coming to the U.S. are often eager to gain work experience, but they’re subject to legal restrictions that American students are not. ...

    Elizabeth Redden - Sep 23 2016

  8. Show, Not Tell, in Marketing to International Students

    stands in these global rankings and 2) if you are properly promoting any positive results in these or other rankings. Any legitimate ranking, domestic or global, is better proof of your quality (at least ...

    Megan Brenn-White - Sep 27 2016

  9. Essay on flawed assumptions behind digital badging and alternative credentialing

    to facilitate global trade by inventing Esperanto. The conception, theory and adoption of badge-based ...

    Colin Mathews - Sep 22 2016

  10. Changing times require response-enabled leadership (essay)

    primarily because of the serious budget constraints under which we have been working since the global ...

    Judith S. White - Sep 21 2016

  11. U of Tennessee investigating a professor and popular conservative blogger for tweeting that drivers should "run down" protesters in North Carolina

    are to become “not only responsible lawyers, but also responsible global citizens who are able to competently ...

    Colleen Flaherty - Sep 23 2016

  12. 37 Nigerian students sue Alabama State

    A group of 37 Nigerian students is suing Alabama State University, claiming that the university failed to properly disburse scholarship funds awarded by the Nigerian government. ...

    Elizabeth Redden - Sep 19 2016

  13. UK Higher Education Supports #WeAreInternational

    Eric Stoller's blog Student Affairs and Technology Higher education is a global community. Universities are doorways to education and experience. Students and scholars from around the world study, live, work, research and learn. When the UK voted earlier ...

    Eric Stoller - Sep 22 2016

  14. Author discusses new book, 'The Uberfication of the University'

    thus been held up by Fortune magazine as “emblematic of the dynamic, thoroughly modern global corporation,” and as possessing the archetypal business model for the 21st century, having become a “global ...

    Scott Jaschik - Sep 21 2016

  15. Assessment of Teaching in Determining Institutional Excellence

    component in determining the global rankings of universities? Let us examine the two rankings ...

    Goolam Mohamedbhai - Sep 18 2016



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