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  1. What happened to Texas A&M's plan to open a branch campus in Nazareth?

    In the fall of 2013, Texas A&M University announced its plan to build a branch campus -- a “peace campus” -- in the predominantly Arab city of Nazareth in northern Israel. Then Texas Governor (and current Republican presidential contender) Rick ...

    Elizabeth Redden - Aug 27 2015

  2. Exploring JumpCourse, an alternative online education provider

    and in a globally engaged democracy.” “What JumpCourse says about introductory courses is that they’re really ...

    Carl Straumsheim - Aug 31 2015

  3. Lessons for UBC

    Kris Olds's blog GlobalHigherEd Further to my 9 August Inside Higher Ed post on unexpected leadership change at the University of British Columbia (UBC), I was recently asked by Lori Culbert of the Vancouver Sun to comment on the possible ...

    Kris Olds - Aug 27 2015

  4. OECD-Singapore Conference on Higher Education Futures

    forward-looking themes in the global higher education landscape bringing together senior government officials, ...

    frontdesk - Aug 24 2015

  5. Fossilized Clues

    The University of Cape Town's Anusuya Chinsamy-Turan is a paleobiologist and a global expert on the microscopic structure of the bones of extinct and extant vertebrates. In today's Academic Minute, as part of Women in STEM Week, Chinsamy-Turan explores her research into dinosaur fossils. ...

    Doug Lederman - Aug 20 2015

  6. Republican presidential candidate -- and immigration hardliner -- Donald Trump sends welcoming message to international students

    The Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump may be known for his nativist rhetoric and policy positions in favor of mass deportations of undocumented immigrants, the building of a border wall billed to the treasury of Mexico, and the elimina ...

    Elizabeth Redden - Aug 21 2015

  7. Of MOOCs and Mutants

    Director of YU Global: Yeshiva University Online.  He previously served as associate dean for faculty ...

    Akiba J. Covitz - Aug 24 2015

  8. Saida Grundy discusses the controversy over her comments on Twitter, her career, race and sociology

    about global warming." 'I Do Race Out Loud' Whether on Twitter or in more ...

    Scott Jaschik - Aug 24 2015

  9. Lessons of Clinton and Wise

    a mishmash of drivers to two primary ones: nation-state attacks and global organized crime. In both cases, ...

    Tracy Mitrano - Aug 24 2015

  10. A new era of U.S.-Iranian educational exchange?

    Joanna Regulska, the vice president for international and global affairs at Rutgers University, said she ...

    Elizabeth Redden - Aug 18 2015

  11. At UBC, roiling from a president's resignation, board chair is accused of interfering in academic affairs

    As speculation continues about the reasons for Arvind Gupta’s abrupt resignation from the University of British Columbia presidency after one year in office, one professor whose blog post speculating that his skin color (brown) and advocacy for ...

    Elizabeth Redden - Aug 18 2015

  12. Internationalization as National Policy

    such as the Global Survey on Internationalization administered by the International Association of Universities IAU) ...

    Hans de Wit - Aug 23 2015

  13. Tensions Continue Over Abrupt Exit for UBC President

    More than a week has gone by since the sudden resignation of Arvind Gupta after one year in office as president of the University of British Columbia, a globally well-regarded research university in Canada. From the start, as summarized in this post on Inside Higher Ed 's GlobalHigherEd blog, ...

    Scott Jaschik - Aug 17 2015

  14. International Conference on the Global Status of Women and Girls


    Anonymous - Aug 4 2015

  15. External hubs may be best way to deliver higher education worldwide (essay)

    business with Indians and journalism with Venezuelans. At the White House, we saw addressing these global ...

    Brett Bruen - Aug 13 2015



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