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  1. The Global Technology Management Conference (GTMC2015)


    Anonymous - Apr 20 2015

  2. New reports consider whether Australia's quest for international student tuition revenue is eroding standards

    pick out two out-of-context and edited sentences made by the EduGlobal adviser from a 20 minutes’ counseling session has shown ...

    Elizabeth Redden - May 4 2015

  3. Essay on how a Ph.D. can pursue professional development

    students to collaborate virtually to solve global problems. These experiences are excellent résumé builders ...

    Thomas Magaldi - May 4 2015

  4. Dean of the Quinlan School of Business

    Kevin T. Stevens Loyola University Chicago Friday, May 1, 2015 Professor of accounting, director of the School of Accountancy and Management Information Systems, and director of global initiatives for the College of Business ...

    frontdesk - May 1 2015

  5. The edX-Arizona State U Contract

    Higher Ed through a public records request, is dedicated to the Global Freshman Academy (the rest ...

    Carl Straumsheim - Apr 29 2015

  6. Vice president of marketing and strategic communications

    Kate Henry Seminole State College of Florida Tuesday, April 21, 2015 Director of global marketing Fiserv ...

    frontdesk - Apr 21 2015

  7. Essay on teaching the global one percent

    to the global 1 percent. Accommodations feature five-course meals, king-size beds and a choice of four saunas. ...

    Will Fenton - Feb 20 2015

  8. W100 Reputation Network Annual Conference Institutional administration The Power of Place: Communicating Global ...

    Anonymous - Apr 27 2015

  9. Arizona State U 'MOOCs for credit' program faces unanswered accreditation questions

    to the Global Freshman Academy. “We’ll have to get more information from Arizona State on the matter before ...

    Carl Straumsheim - Apr 24 2015

  10. Essay calls for ending the divide between liberal arts and practical education

    project on how the global economy is changing the sort of moral choices we face -- for example, making us ...

    Joseph E. Aoun - Apr 20 2015

  11. U of Minnesota responds to student complaint about posters

    And given the “large-scale” global protests against the image in question, “the organizers knew or should ...

    Colleen Flaherty - May 5 2015

  12. European commission leader plans to push international and gender diversity to promote research

    Gender Balance <br>and Research Excellence Improving “gender balance” in research to help drive up the quality of work produced is among the top priorities for the European Union’s new commissioner for research, science and innovat ...

    Holly Else for Times Higher Education - Apr 23 2015

  13. A site review committee offers extensive recommendations for improving Webster U.'s campus in Thailand

    skills and experiences to transform students for global citizenship and individual excellence. By ...

    Elizabeth Redden - Apr 14 2015

  14. This Way To The All-Star Degree?

    students to learn, explore and complete courses before applying or paying for credit, the Global Freshman ...

    Margaret Andrews - Apr 30 2015

  15. Arizona State, edX team to offer freshman year online through MOOCs

    described the Global Freshman Academy as a next logical step for edX, which is discussing similar ...

    Carl Straumsheim - Apr 23 2015



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