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  1. U of Cape Town disinvites speaker for annual academic freedom lecture

    a Global Debate on the Future of Free Speech  ( Cato Institute, 2014 ), he did not focus only on Islam ...

    Elizabeth Redden - Jul 25 2016

  2. Why are some countries better at science and technology?

    equipment. Also, a globally competitive high-technology sector can provide the foundation for a domestic ...

    Elizabeth Redden - Jul 26 2016

  3. Cheating Found in ACT-Owned Preparatory Program

    A Reuters investigation found evidence of cheating in a preparatory program owned by a Hong Kong-based subsidiary of the test provider ACT, with some former students in the program reporting that they gained advance access to ACT test materials. The Global Assessment Certificate program is billed ...

    Elizabeth Redden - Jul 26 2016

  4. Dean at Seattle U, subject of protests seeking her ouster and defending her, retires

    imperialism, global white supremacy and other ethical questions about systems of power, setting a standard ...

    Scott Jaschik - Jul 25 2016

  5. Three Developments

    global internet governance.   ...

    Tracy Mitrano - Jul 25 2016

  6. British academics are moving from books to journals to share their scholarship

    British academics have shunned books and monographs in favor of journal articles over the past two decades, new analysis shows, in what appears to be further evidence that controversial journal impact factors are shaping research. ...

    David Matthews for Times Higher Education - Jul 21 2016

  7. 'Unprecedented' purge of deans in Turkey

    “While there has been global and unanimous support for the democratically elected government of Turkey ...

    Elizabeth Redden - Jul 20 2016

  8. Saudi student numbers fall at many campuses

    the executive director of the Center for Global Engagement and International Affairs, attributed to the cultural ...

    Elizabeth Redden - Jul 18 2016

  9. The Scope of edX

    as measures of reach and composition? Does the ability to reach 8.3 million global lifelong learners ...

    Joshua Kim - Jul 21 2016

  10. Should an HBCU founded by black Civil War veterans shutter its history department, against the recommendation of a faculty committee?

    degrees with a higher demand from the student and global standpoint. … We must make decisions like ...

    Colleen Flaherty - Jul 20 2016

  11. Business offices changing in many ways

    more tepid, said Kenneth Rodgers, director of public finance ratings at S&P Global Ratings ...

    Anonymous - Jul 19 2016

  12. U of Edinburgh professors object to putting glass panels in their office doors

    Whether it is submitting essays or waiting for tutorials, students can spend a fair amount of time in gloomy university corridors. ...

    Jack Grove for Times Higher Education - Jul 15 2016

  13. What can be learned teaching campus workers along with traditional students (essay)

    from Carol Brandt, NYUAD’s associate vice chancellor for global education and outreach. Would ...

    Miguel Syjuco - Jul 15 2016

  14. The UK University-Territory Relationship in a Post-Brexit World

    are going to be more outward-looking, more open and more globally minded than ever before. but in a manner that builds upon global regionalisms (including the development of the ERA & the EHEA) ...

    Kris Olds - Jul 15 2016

  15. A Key Win by Microsoft

    generally Park Central Global Hub Ltd. v. Porsche Auto. Holdings SE, 763 F.3d 198 (2d Cir. 2014) (per ...

    Tracy Mitrano - Jul 17 2016



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