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  1. $25 Million Gift at Colby to Fund Global Experiences

    the Davis donation will be used for both means-tested scholarships for global programs and non-need-based ...

    Elizabeth Redden - Apr 21 2017

  2. UNESCO Paper on Gaps in Global Completion Rates

    Taya Owens, a research officer with UNESCO’s Global Education Monitoring Report. “Even if you look ...

    Elizabeth Redden - Apr 20 2017

  3. March for Science events happening Saturday around the world

    to cut the National Institutes of Health budget by nearly 20 percent and to eliminate the NIH’s global ...

    Elizabeth Redden - Apr 21 2017

  4. Defending Central European University and Academic Freedom

    into the global limelight through numerous opinion pieces , editorials , academic blogs , papers ...

    Kris Olds - Apr 18 2017

  5. Common Ground

    as global commerce, economic competitiveness, the authenticity of culture, the protection of personal information ...

    Tracy Mitrano - Apr 20 2017

  6. The Liberal Arts College as a Sandbox for the Intellectually Curious

    and working at a small liberal arts college with big global ambitions for over a decade, I have a couple ...

    Joshua Kim - Apr 20 2017

  7. Documents show Drexel is investigating professor's tweets but it's unclear whether faculty is involved

    Drexel University is moving forward with an investigation into a professor’s controversial tweets, and it’s unclear what, if any, backing the inquiry has from the faculty. George Ciccariello-Maher, an associate professor of politics and global studies at Drexel, is the professor who tweeted ...

    Colleen Flaherty - Apr 18 2017

  8. The Online Courseware Revolution and the Potential for a "Global Classroom"

    This webinar discusses the growing trend towards online education, including the benefits and obstacles that come with shifting to an online delivery method for STEM courses and educational materials, and how current tools are making this transitio ...

    Melanie Hardcastle - Mar 29 2017

  9. What do we know so far about changes to U.S. visa and immigration policies?

    with was very painful,” continued Masri, who’s been cleared as a low-risk traveler under the government’s Global ...

    Elizabeth Redden - Apr 12 2017

  10. Your DIY Website Audit for International Recruitment

    and/or peers (for global recruitment)? How are you different and/or better? C. Feeling/Tone: How ...

    Megan Brenn-White - Apr 18 2017

  11. Advice to those who work in science disciplines for dealing with sexual violence (essay)

    for success in a global job market and in government, industry and academic roles. Resilience, self-confidence ...

    Maggie Hardy - Apr 14 2017

  12. Review of Richard Murphy, "Dirty Secrets: How Tax Havens Destroy the Economy"

    and $32 trillion “for global offshore financial assets as of 2010,” with “estimated annual loss of revenue ...

    Scott McLemee - Apr 12 2017

  13. Colleges announce commencement speakers

    Wittenberg University : Sandra Postel, director of the Global Water Policy Project. York College ...

    Scott Jaschik - Apr 11 2017

  14. Academe needs to broaden its concept of the public good (essay)

    undocumented residents but also those living outside our national borders, and to consider the broader global ...

    Jenny J. Lee - Apr 7 2017

  15. FERPA

    other, have further challenged FERPA. A global information economy has ...

    Tracy Mitrano - Apr 16 2017



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