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  1. Global Citizenship

    a large scale conundrum to address: how to pay infrastructure costs from an ever-shrinking global tax ...

    Tracy Mitrano - Jul 21 2015

  2. University Illusions and the Liberal Arts

        In a globalized labor market characterized by ever increasing substitution of technology for labor, the creative ...

    Joshua Kim - Jul 28 2015

  3. Hiring materials for Kean U's campus in China raise questions about whether institution is upholding antidiscrimination principles abroad

    “Membership in Chinese Communist Party is preferred,” says the job advertisement for a “specialist for residence life” position at Kean University’s China campus, which is run jointly with Wenzhou University and is known as Wenzhou-Kean Univers ...

    Elizabeth Redden - Jul 23 2015

  4. Higher Education: A Hotbed of Corruption?

    America and Europe, while others are scattered globally in hidden locations. So far, attempts at stopping ...

    Goolam Mohamedbhai - Jul 26 2015

  5. In Russia, a crackdown on foreign funding and influence

    rector who decided to make his university much more global.” At the same time, he emphasized ...

    Elizabeth Redden - Jul 22 2015

  6. Scholar documents continuing inequalities in South African higher education

    South Africa’s university system may no longer be segregated by race, but it continues to be plagued by “equally serious social inequality,” a scholar has concluded. ...

    Chris Havergal for Times Higher Education - Jul 24 2015

  7. Essay argues that public universities, not privates, are key to engineering education

    Globally, more and more students recognize the sheer impact they can have by studying engineering. How do we ...

    Andreas Cangellaris - Jul 23 2015

  8. New program at New Jersey's Kean U. will limit the number of state residents

    In pitching a new B.A. in architecture program to a state oversight body for approval, Kean University made an unusual promise -- that it would limit the number of in-state students to 25 each year. The rest are to be recruited nationally and inter ...

    Elizabeth Redden - Jul 22 2015

  9. Investments in ed-tech companies reach new high in first half of 2015

    investments broke the $2 billion barrier. Five years ago, during the turmoil of the global recession, ...

    Carl Straumsheim - Jul 24 2015

  10. Associate vice chancellor for innovative, engaged and global education

    Ontario Wooden North Carolina Central University Thursday, July 2, 2015 Dean of University College ...

    frontdesk - Jul 7 2015

  11. A look at how European nations create incentives for universities to promote good teaching

    England is preparing to let universities that offer "high quality teaching" raise tuition rates. Below is a Times Higher Education analysis of how other countries in Europe are promoting quality in the university classroom. ...

    Jack Grove for Times Higher Education - Jul 16 2015

  12. Distinctive Excellence in Polytechnic Universities

    members and global citizens.  Another illustration of exploring a new focal point for distinctive ...

    Thomas Carey - Jul 20 2015

  13. SANS Cyber Defense San Diego 2015

    in San Diego CA from SANS Institute, the global leader in Information Security training. SANS Cyber ...

    Anonymous - Jul 14 2015

  14. SANS Baltimore 2015

    in Baltimore MD from SANS Institute, the global leader in information security training. At SANS Baltimore ...

    Anonymous - Jul 14 2015

  15. SANS Crystal City 2015

    Cybersecurity training in Arlington from SANS Institute, the global leader in information security training. ...

    Anonymous - Jul 14 2015



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