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  1. Associate professor of management and Edward A. Madden Professor of Global Leadership

    Robert Cross Babson College Friday, October 14, 2016 Consultant ...

    frontdesk - Oct 18 2016

  2. Fears expressed about future of key European research program

    The best researchers risk being turned off the European Commission’s flagship science and innovation program because of the poor chances of securing funding, a group of universities has warned. ...

    Holly Else for Times Higher Education - Oct 27 2016

  3. Conference spotlights effort to send more students from minority-serving institutions abroad

    in the interconnected, globalized workforce, yet 90 percent of American college students do not study or intern outside ...

    Elizabeth Redden - Oct 25 2016

  4. Gates Gives $210 Million to U of Washington

    as a hub for university faculty members, students and partners to collaborate on global population health ...

    Scott Jaschik - Oct 26 2016

  5. Embark to Excel (E2E) 2016

    Global Citizen E2E helps underrepresented college students nationwide explore how to choose, ...

    Anonymous - Oct 26 2016

  6. New presidents or provosts: Albany APUS Cambridge Coast Mount St. Mary's Rock Valley Wilmington

    School of Global Affairs and former president and vice chancellor of the University of British Columbia, ...

    Doug Lederman - Oct 26 2016

  7. Making student civic engagement truly valuable (essay)

    ideally, students could begin to study major local and global problems in depth in their first year through ...

    Julie E. Wollman - Oct 24 2016

  8. How to encourage students to tackle national and international challenges (essay)

    course that allows students to work on global problems such as the Syrian refugee crisis, countering ...

    Tom Kalil - Oct 24 2016

  9. MIT Releases Report on 'Future of Libraries'

    The MIT libraries should focus on its four "pillars" -- community and relationships, discovery and use, stewardship and sustainability, and research and development -- to reimagine itself as an "open global platform," according to a preliminary report published Monday. ...

    Carl Straumsheim - Oct 25 2016

  10. When is the Library Open? How About Now?

    access to knowledge and to the products of the full life cycle of research. Enduring global access ...

    Barbara Fister - Oct 26 2016

  11. Authors discuss new book challenging the narrative about colleges and the 'skills gap'

    will need to succeed in life and work, particularly in an increasingly diverse and globalized workplace. ...

    Scott Jaschik - Oct 26 2016

  12. Book explores uses and abuses of data to measure science at the institutional and faculty levels

    they are in higher education. Brad Fenwick, vice president of global and academic research relations ...

    Colleen Flaherty - Oct 25 2016

  13. An academic tries unsuccessfully to publish a book in the popular press (essay)

    global telecommunication history into the narrative of the rowers, who gained brief national celebrity ...

    Michael J. Socolow - Oct 20 2016

  14. Advancing Inclusive Excellence and Embracing Cultural Dexterity

    globalized world where geography is no longer an impediment to accessing labor, co-creating knowledge, ...

    Yves Salomon-Fernandez - Oct 24 2016

  15. AT&T and Dyn Attack

    Usually in these circumstances readers could predict my response. “Global internet governance,” that ...

    Tracy Mitrano - Oct 23 2016



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