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  1. Liberal arts students' fears about the job market upon graduation are increasingly informing what they choose to study, even as electives

    that will prepare them for a variety of careers and lifelong learning — not just a first job. Increasingly, though, even attending a liberal arts institution doesn’t inoculate students from anxieties about the job market that may push them toward the math and the sciences, at the expense of arts and humanities.  ...

    Colleen Flaherty - Feb 21 2017

  2. Applying business concepts to market yourself effectively (essay)

    in today’s competitive market, and if you want to leave a positive, lasting impression -- just like your ...

    Gaia Vasiliver-Shamis - Feb 13 2017

  3. Federal watchdog protects students and taxpayers (essay)

    targets for higher-priced private loans than what they can get on the open market. In 2007, ...

    Christine Lindstrom - Feb 23 2017

  4. Lessons learned as a black Ph.D. student (essay)

    milestones and helps you to get a job. But I strongly encourage you to identify a second mentor who perhaps ...

    Eric Anthony Grollman - Feb 24 2017

  5. The questionable entrepreneurship mania on college campuses (essay)

    politics and markets that largely go unacknowledged in the frenzy to create the entrepreneurial society ...

    Steven C. Ward - Feb 21 2017

  6. Meaningful Messaging

    get the job done. But if your goal is to equip everyone in your institution to speak comfortably ...

    Meg Fowler Tripp - Feb 24 2017

  7. Quinnipiac drops logo opposed by students for lack of capital letters in "university"

    the U!" Marketing ...

    Scott Jaschik - Feb 20 2017

  8. Colleges announce commencement speakers

    College: Colleen Wegman, president of Wegmans Food Markets, Inc. Stanford University: California ...

    Scott Jaschik - Feb 24 2017

  9. Review of Abraham Flexner's 'The Usefulness of Useless Knowledge'

    years to the month after the stock market crash -- The Usefulness of Useless Knowledge reads like ...

    Scott McLemee - Feb 22 2017

  10. Program management market expands to the boot camp space

    Now a new market segment is materializing. Call it “continuing education program management.” ...

    Carl Straumsheim - Feb 10 2017

  11. A tongue-in-cheek look at institutions' efforts to differentiate themselves (essay)

    living in Burlington, Vt. Business issues Marketing ...

    Lee Burdette Williams - Feb 17 2017

  12. Q&A with author of book on rise of for-profits in a new economy

    inequalities among families and communities, income inequalities between "good jobs" versus "bad jobs" and who has practical access to jobs that offer mobility without constant, expensive retraining. ...

    Ashley A. Smith - Feb 22 2017

  13. Consensus forms on loan policies among conservative thinkers

    that it’s inserting private market competition, which it isn’t -- that’s not true,” said Alexander Holt, ...

    Andrew Kreighbaum - Feb 22 2017

  14. Associate vice chancellor for communications and marketing

    Linda Toyota Houston Community College Wednesday, February 8, 2017 President Asian Chamber of Commerce ...

    frontdesk - Feb 9 2017

  15. How Might We Spur More Innovation in Higher Education?

    are asking for graduates with different skills than we teach, and some students struggle to get jobs, leaving many unemployed or underemployed. Although the worldwide market for higher education ...

    Margaret Andrews - Feb 21 2017



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