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  1. The growing challenge of engaging alums in a crowded content market (essay)

    need ad budgets now. Investing more on marketing than catering for an event might become the new ...

    Joe McGonegal - Apr 25 2017

  2. A successful black academic considers the twists and turns of her career (essay)

    competing to see who would land the top jobs and supporting each other in our choice to study comparative -- rather than “just” American -- politics. As fate would have it, Mark would start his job at the University of California, Los Angeles, as I was leaving there to start my first job at University ...

    Terri E. Givens - Apr 27 2017

  3. Gap ad raises eyebrows among academics with portrayal of tenure-track fashion

    pursuing the lucrative tenure track professor market... because, you know, it is such a booming segment. ...

    Colleen Flaherty - Apr 27 2017

  4. Purdue acquires Kaplan University to create a new public, online university under Purdue brand

    believed, which is we’ve been doing a good job for our particular students,” Graham said in a call ...

    Paul Fain - Apr 28 2017

  5. Study finds paraphrased language fools plagiarism-detection software

    not only hurt them academically, but also professionally in jobs where they are expected to collect ...

    Carl Straumsheim - Apr 28 2017

  6. Career Concerns and the Arts

    college professors I know, Nick dropped out of school at age twenty and got a job. He sold homeowner’s ...

    Elizabeth Coffman - Apr 25 2017

  7. How to make the most out of brief immersions in possible careers (essay)

    a Need Of course, in your own career development, your primary goal is to gain marketable ...

    Laura N. Schram - Apr 24 2017

  8. What higher ed can learn from American Express and the Sapphire card (essay)

    to improve employment opportunities (91 percent), to make more money (90 percent) and to get a good job ...

    Ryan Craig - Apr 21 2017

  9. Vice president, integrated marketing and communications

    Tina M. Guegold Capital University Friday, April 7, 2017 Vice president for marketing Nationwide Realty Investors ...

    frontdesk - Apr 10 2017

  10. Cybersecurity faces shortage of 1.5 million workers

    Industry can be very effective at providing a target “market” for educational programs. But by just ...

    Allen Parrish - Apr 26 2017

  11. Winning over potential edtech clients

    challenges, problems or goals the university is hoping to solve. What is the job to be done? The less you talk ...

    Joshua Kim - Apr 26 2017

  12. Faculty member and librarians discuss how a college makes progress with OER

    to adopt OER. "Librarians are marketers," she said, so it's natural to be telling faculty ...

    Scott Jaschik - Apr 26 2017

  13. Dissonances and Paradoxes of Private-Sector Growth

    to the control of market forces. Recent media reports demonstrate the challenges of the profit-driven market ...

    Anonymous - Apr 23 2017

  14. The Changing Shape of the U.K. Student Housing Market Student services ...

    Anonymous - Apr 10 2017

  15. Whittier College's law school won't enroll new students

    At the same time, Whittier law graduates have struggled on the job market. Data published by the law school about job placement show that just 30 of the school's 141 graduates in 2015 had gained full-time ...

    Scott Jaschik - Apr 20 2017



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