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  1. Chief marketing officer

    Val Fox Bentley University Thursday, April 14, 2016 Interim chief marketing officer ...

    frontdesk - Apr 29 2016

  2. Vice president for public relations and marketing communications

    Kyle Fisher Nova Southeastern University Monday, April 25, 2016 Vice president for marketing and public relations Robert Morris University ...

    frontdesk - Apr 27 2016

  3. Vice president of public relations and communications

    Kelley Tuthill Regis University Wednesday, May 4, 2016 Anchor and reporter WCVB-TV, Boston ...

    frontdesk - May 5 2016

  4. Career preparation and the graduate adviser-advisee relationship (essay)

    job search, concluding that “if you want an academic position badly enough, you’ll do what it takes to get it.” In other words, securing a tenure-track job is about desire: those who “fail” (and thus must ...

    James M. Van Wyck - May 2 2016

  5. Vice president of marketing and communications

    Michael Kiser Council for Advancement and Support of Education Thursday, April 21, 2016 Vice president for marketing and communications Lafayette College ...

    frontdesk - Apr 21 2016

  6. Study finds comparatively good outcomes for community college transfers

    to the labor market during their community college enrollment period." The authors acknowledge the possibility, though, that the positive short-term labor market outcomes the community college transfers show ...

    Doug Lederman - May 3 2016

  7. Student Experience, Customer Service, and the “Gig Economy”

    and our ability to give them a competitive edge in the labor market, partly based on the technologies we ...

    Yves Salomon-Fernandez - May 3 2016

  8. New data show tightening Ph.D. job market across disciplines

    that the tightening job market for doctorate holders is by no means unique to the humanities. Across the board, ...

    Scott Jaschik - Apr 4 2016

  9. Idaho president explains why his university is abandoning the football arms race (essay)

    schedule suits an institution our size in a small media market with a limited national reputation. ...

    Chuck Staben - Apr 29 2016

  10. EduComm Expo

    / businesses Information systems / technology Marketing / public relations / government relations ...

    Anonymous - Apr 28 2016

  11. Director and general manager

    Brian Sickora University of North Carolina Television Wednesday, April 27, 2016 President and chief executive officer WSKG Public Media ...

    frontdesk - Apr 27 2016

  12. Pennsylvania State U sees surge of interest in short, skills-based faculty development program

    is not going anywhere. … They want to be sure that if they’re going to be competitive in the job market and get that assistant professor job, and if they’re going to be asked to teach online, that they can do it competently.” ...

    Carl Straumsheim - Apr 29 2016

  13. Shareholders to decide fate of U of Phoenix ownership

    through hype and marketing and seek to sell at a high price, but then it will turn out it's not real, ...

    Ashley A. Smith - Apr 28 2016

  14. Effective Social Media = Storytelling

    strategic goals. The team at the University of California Office of the President does an amazing job taking ...

    Tim Jones - Apr 26 2016

  15. New book, based on interviews with law deans and admissions officers, details impact of rankings

    News also gives points for whether law graduates find jobs and whether they find jobs for which a law degree is needed. With the market tightening for new lawyers, especially from nonelite law schools, law school career center officials reported being under pressure to get students jobs, any jobs, rather than ...

    Scott Jaschik - Apr 28 2016



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