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  1. Tips for embarking on the job market for the first time (essay)

    to rehearse a couple of them, perhaps with friends who are also on the market. Mock interviewing has, in my ...

    Christina Berchini - Jan 18 2017

  2. Teaching jobs for historians are down, but data suggest opportunities outside professoriate are on the rise

    in the present market.” Curiously, the report says, entry-level job openings focused on U.S. and North ...

    Colleen Flaherty - Jan 12 2017

  3. An assessment of the impact of the early FAFSA on college applications (essay)

    the FAFSA. We’ve aggressively communicated about submitting the FAFSA. We’ve created a marketed FAFSA ...

    Kent Barnds - Jan 19 2017

  4. Safe Creative Work Won't Work

    that follow, in two notable ways. The first job of those opening messages is to simply initiate the communication flow, and the second job is to remove barriers to receptivity. While the notion that messages must ...

    Seth Odell - Jan 18 2017

  5. Advice for those struggling in their search for an academic job (essay)

    on the market, and too many never will, no matter their qualifications. I have a job now (actually two jobs ...

    Heather Steffen - Jan 5 2017

  6. What Disney World can teach you about an effective résumé (essay)

    But are these important issues? Will a misaligned bullet point really lose you the chance to interview for your dream job ...

    Joseph Barber - Jan 16 2017

  7. A Q&A With an AR/VR EdTech Startup Founder

    and their startups have notoriously high rates of failure.  The education market seems particularly challenging, ...

    Joshua Kim - Jan 19 2017

  8. Assessing President Obama's far-reaching impact on higher education

    injecting market forces back into the federal student loan programs, there is no going back to bank-based ...

    Anonymous - Jan 19 2017

  9. One Person, Many Places

    for the future, my elevator pitch for job interviews.   Going to graduate school abroad and learning how ...

    Florianne Jimenez - Jan 19 2017

  10. Author discusses book about effort to create integrated colleges after the U.S. Civil War

    states back away from funding higher education, and leaving colleges vulnerable to market pressures ...

    Scott Jaschik - Jan 17 2017

  11. Decision on Morehouse president sparks debate

    wrote. But often, that’s not what happens. “Rather than do its job of setting larger institutional ...

    Rick Seltzer - Jan 18 2017

  12. Experts offer questions they hope to see asked of Trump's education secretary pick

    staunch support of choice in K-12 education, a notion based firmly in market-oriented thinking, I’d expect ...

    Andrew Kreighbaum - Jan 17 2017

  13. A Phrase I Never Want to Hear Again

    insurance. They were working low-wage jobs that didn’t provide insurance, and they couldn’t come close to affording health insurance on the individual market. But they could afford an extra class or two, especially ...

    Matt Reed - Jan 18 2017

  14. The Credentials Revolution

    for high school graduates to obtain middle-skills jobs, like court reporter, dental hygienist, emergency ...

    Steven Mintz - Jan 16 2017

  15. Colleges start new academic programs

    in digital marketing management. Vanderbilt University is starting a master's degree ...

    Scott Jaschik - Jan 13 2017



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