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  1. U.S. loosens part of its ban on college recruiter pay

    After two lawsuits by for-profit colleges, the Obama administration is backing down from its ban on colleges paying recruiters bonuses based on graduation rates. ...

    Michael Stratford - Nov 30 2015

  2. Colleges start new academic programs

    Peace University is starting an undergraduate major in marketing. New academic ...

    Scott Jaschik - Dec 1 2015

  3. Clear, Concise Writing: It’s the Law (Seriously)

    community, is becoming a higher priority. In some ways this shift makes our jobs as media relations ...

    Kristine Maloney - Dec 1 2015

  4. Idaho direct enrollment program automatically admits high school seniors to public colleges

    doubled its own recruitment and marketing team in the last five years in pursuit of the same goal. ...

    Josh Logue - Nov 30 2015

  5. How grad students can best present themselves during job searches (essay)

    market. The bad news is that if you’ve been in graduate school for a while, chances are your ...

    James M. Van Wyck - Nov 16 2015

  6. Maryland says collaboration, not merger, best solution to end higher education discrimination

    Maryland’s state higher education body and a group advocating on behalf of the state’s four public historically black colleges and universities disagree on how best to solve inequities that, according to a federal judge, are perpetuating segregatio ...

    Kellie Woodhouse - Nov 23 2015

  7. Advice on the best way for academic couples to search for jobs

    responds to a job offer, a couple needs to engage in a process of negotiation when preparing for a job ...

    Elizabeth H. Simmons and R. Sekhar Chivukula - Nov 11 2015

  8. Colleges must renew their vows to faculty members, including adjuncts (essay)

    only a minority of contract faculty teach as a side job to a primary occupation. And the majority ...

    Jennifer Lundquist and Joya Misra - Nov 20 2015

  9. Promise program sharply lifts Tennessee college freshman enrollment

    marketing and sparse population in the western area of the state. "Earning a UT degree is strong ...

    Ashley A. Smith - Nov 24 2015

  10. Are colleges losing ground to entities focused more sharply on workforce skills? (essay)

    to comprising vocational skill development. But you won’t be surprised to learn that the market is moving ...

    Ryan Craig - Nov 20 2015

  11. Tips for Faculty Job Seekers at Community Colleges

    that it's obvious that the job should go to you, and that any fair-minded person would have to agree. And ...

    Matt Reed - Nov 10 2015

  12. IPO filing shows Instructure's focus on sales and marketing

    products now cover the corporate, K-12 and international markets. In U.S. higher education, Canvas ...

    Carl Straumsheim - Nov 5 2015

  13. How to make the most of an unsolicited, overly eager mentor (essay)

    National Center for Faculty Development & Diversity FACULTY JOBS ...

    Kerry Ann Rockquemore - Nov 18 2015

  14. Director of communications

    David Traube University of Charleston Monday, November 16, 2015 Director of public relations Raleigh County Board of Education ...

    frontdesk - Nov 16 2015

  15. Notes on Stanley Crawford, Part 2

    there is no abandonment, only engagement, with the Crawfords, their farm crew, the market every week, neighbors with whom ...

    Oronte - Nov 22 2015



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