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  1. The importance of a coherent public profile when on the academic job market (essay)

    market.) A coherent platform is even more important on the regular job market. Finding careers ...

    James M. Van Wyck - Aug 15 2016

  2. Director of marketing/digital

    Aimee Patton Park University Monday, August 22, 2016 Strategic planning manager Gragg Advertising ...

    frontdesk - Aug 22 2016

  3. Director of marketing/brand

    Amy McIntosh Park University Monday, August 22, 2016 Media services manager Gragg Advertising ...

    frontdesk - Aug 22 2016

  4. Using marketing principles as a job seeker (essay)

    , and I hope to come across more ideas for how marketing principles can help individual job seekers. I also ...

    Joseph Barber - Aug 1 2016

  5. Should you pursue a postdoc or not? (essay)

    postdoctoral training was required or preferred to enter their current job, only 40 percent responded ...

    Melanie V. Sinche - Aug 23 2016

  6. Traditional colleges enter the coding boot camp market

    no better way than by entering the coding boot camp market. Coding boot camps are immersive programs ...

    Maxine Joselow - Aug 10 2016

  7. Schreiner University's novel approach to funding an online program

    for as long as a decade. As interest in online education grows, the OPM market is booming. According to a 2015 survey by the higher education research firm Eduventures, the market is worth an estimated ...

    Maxine Joselow - Aug 23 2016

  8. Robert H. Frank’s Concise ‘Success and Luck’

    luck. What Frank never talks about is the winner-take-all nature the postsecondary labor market.  ( ...

    Joshua Kim - Aug 24 2016

  9. Email from historians' group sparks debate about individual liability insurance offered by professional associations

    The trust this year started giving 5 cents per insurance marketing email sent, amounting to about $50 ...

    Colleen Flaherty - Aug 23 2016

  10. Director of the collaboration center

    Christy McWard Johnson County Community College Monday, August 15, 2016 Director of marketing and event management ...

    frontdesk - Aug 17 2016

  11. Washington & Jefferson balances new programs with old emphasis

    a tightening residential undergraduate market. Even so, a college like Washington & Jefferson, ...

    Rick Seltzer - Aug 19 2016

  12. Essay on scholarship concerning 'The Apprentice'

    for the educational market.” Of late, the words “Trump claimed” inspire far more caution than they once did. ...

    Scott McLemee - Aug 17 2016

  13. What to do with a bad third-year review (essay)

    have read thus far and your response is that you really wish your job were primarily teaching ...

    Kerry Ann Rockquemore - Aug 17 2016

  14. Director of communications, Carilion School of Medicine

    Alison Matthiessen Virginia Tech Wednesday, August 10, 2016 Communications coordinator, Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost ...

    frontdesk - Aug 16 2016

  15. Essay on how nonelite law schools can survive an existential market threat

    that lawyers -- particularly entry-level lawyers -- performed traditionally. This is hollowing out the job market for newly minted lawyers. And third, disruptive innovations are breaking the traditional ...

    Michele Pistone and Michael Horn - Aug 1 2016



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