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  1. Executive director of marketing and brand services

    Melissa Cotterill University of Indianapolis Wednesday, May 18, 2016 Chief operating officer and chief of staff Indy Chamber ...

    frontdesk - May 19 2016

  2. Vice president for communications and public relations

    Joshua Jensen Whitman College Friday, May 27, 2016 Executive director of marketing and communications Connecticut College ...

    frontdesk - May 27 2016

  3. A humanities professor visits colleges with his daughter (essay)

    this market-oriented approach by defending humanities learning for learning's sake. We don't spend as much ...

    John Fea - May 27 2016

  4. The advantages of working with a buddy in a job search (essay)

    goals without assistance from others. During my first job search, I adopted the same lone wolf ...

    Thomas Magaldi - May 16 2016

  5. Dick Gregory writes to student protesters about which battles matter most (essay)

    Also, students should be concerned about a job market that is not going to be waiting on them upon ...

    Dick Gregory - May 26 2016

  6. Traditional theological schools explore mergers and campus sales amid financial pinches

    working jobs and looking for evening classes. In the end, students needed an accessible campus, ...

    Rick Seltzer - May 27 2016

  7. Executive director of Stanford Live and Bing Concert Hall

    Chris Lorway Stanford University Monday, May 23, 2016 Director of programming and marketing Massey Hall and Roy Thomson Hall ...

    frontdesk - May 23 2016

  8. Understanding the differences in what credentials are being stacked and why (essay)

    that, collectively, prepare each person for a specific type of job. Unlike vertical stacking, ...

    Jimmie Williamson and Matthew Pittinsky - May 23 2016

  9. Maximizing a Student-Run Conference’s Potential

    institution is valuable experience for jobs inside and outside of academia.   Having a promotional ...

    Jordan Reed and Leanne Horinko - May 26 2016

  10. University of Florida, Elsevier explore interoperability in the publishing space

    the learning management system market . Instead of being locked into a single system and its default grade ...

    Carl Straumsheim - May 25 2016

  11. Marketing in the Age of Measurement

    to market it? At the moment, the value of a college education seems to be tied to future employability. ...

    Sean Carton - May 12 2016

  12. Northwestern joins Harvard in urging exclusive clubs to open up their membership

    and the student-run marketing firm Form & Function Marketing, which have in the past been selective, would have ...

    Jake New - May 24 2016

  13. Champlain College touts benefits of interdisciplinary four-year general education program

    courses -- varies by instructor, but that it’s not unusual to have Plato come up in a marketing class, ...

    Colleen Flaherty - May 24 2016

  14. The University And The Future of Work

    Skills    How to identify opportunities; how to ‘market’ self; how to build sales pipeline; how to close ...

    Margaret Andrews - May 24 2016

  15. Communicating about teaching experience in job interviews (essay)

    A research-focused job and a teaching-focused job differ significantly, and not recognizing or understanding those ...

    Melissa Dennihy - May 10 2016



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