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  1. 6 Rules for a Highly Effective Marketing Team

    a highly effective marketing organization. This means creating the right structure with the right roles, ...

    Deborah Maue - Jul 30 2015

  2. Director of public markets and marketable alternatives

    Natasha Cupps University of Illinois Foundation Friday, July 17, 2015 Investment manager of public markets, Office of Investments Vanderbilt University ...

    frontdesk - Jul 17 2015

  3. Chief university relations and marketing officer

    Sharon E. Schulman Stockton University Thursday, July 23, 2015 Chief executive officer of external affairs and institutional research ...

    frontdesk - Jul 23 2015

  4. Director of strategy and research, Student Strategic Communication Agency

    Robert Norberg University of Florida Monday, July 27, 2015 Director Economic and Market Research Associates ...

    frontdesk - Jul 28 2015

  5. Essay on the Salaita controversy after one year and continuing concerns about academic freedom

    a market logic that has increasingly saturated the idea of the university in recent decades. Within ...

    Michael Rothberg - Jul 31 2015

  6. It's time to shift discussion of 'online learning' to 'digital strategy' (essay)

    strategy” is associated with a more diverse and inclusive set of terms, like pedagogy, market relevance, ...

    Peter Stokes - Jul 30 2015

  7. Essay on unusual career shift by an English professor

    before earning their degrees and entering the job market, but I would have been surprised to learn ...

    Sean P. Murphy - Jul 31 2015

  8. Essay on surviving your tenure decision year

    weekly and monthly). New Year, New Job Possibilities I know there are mixed opinions on this, but I believe that tenure-track faculty with strong research portfolios should go on the job market during the year they are under review for tenure. I have this opinion for several reasons. First ...

    Kerry Ann Rockquemore - Jul 29 2015

  9. Director of marketing and communications

    Alecia Sudmeyer Unity College Friday, July 17, 2015 Webmaster and marketing liaison ...

    frontdesk - Jul 17 2015

  10. Director of communications and marketing

    Pamela Hersh New Jersey Association of State Colleges and Universities Thursday, July 16, 2015 Director of regional and state relations Princeton University ...

    frontdesk - Jul 17 2015

  11. Look Beyond 'Creative'

    of most influential): job placement stats, testimonials/quotes, grad school placement stats, program ...

    Michael Stoner - Jul 28 2015

  12. Urban Health Symposium

    Location 3215 Market Street, Drexel University School of Public Health 19104 Philadelphia , Pennsylvania United States ...

    Anonymous - Jul 27 2015

  13. Colleges award tenure

    marketing Dominic Nicolai, aviation sciences Natalio Ohanna, Spanish Staci Perryman-Clark, ...

    Scott Jaschik - Jul 27 2015

  14. Study documents how shifts in unemployment rates lead to shifts in college majors

    great job producers of late. In explaining their findings, the authors write that "recessions ...

    Scott Jaschik - Jul 27 2015

  15. Investments in ed-tech companies reach new high in first half of 2015

    meanwhile, there is a sense that investors are only beginning to take the market seriously. “Relative to the size of education as a market, venture investment into the space is a small fraction of what it should ...

    Carl Straumsheim - Jul 24 2015



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