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  1. Competency-based education remains a niche market for software vendors

    market may be a tricky one for vendors to build a profitable business model in: most colleges aren’t ...

    Carl Straumsheim - Mar 20 2017

  2. The new administration must recognize and support the job-creating power of science (essay)

    a long time to build. The current candidate pool for faculty jobs in my department has a higher than ...

    David M. Lodge - Mar 14 2017

  3. Making the Cut: Getting Hired in Higher Education Today

    Inside Higher Ed  editors Scott Jaschik and Doug Lederman discuss what faculty and other academic job-seekers should know about the current state of the job market. Editorial Webinars Booklet Registration Link ...

    Melanie Hardcastle - Mar 15 2017

  4. Report: Job Market Is Strong for Bilingual Workers

    and high-skill jobs, and sectors such as banking and healthcare are particularly in need of employees who speak ...

    Colleen Flaherty - Mar 1 2017

  5. Graduates and the Labor Market: Improving Employability, Addressing Skills Gaps and Latest Recruitment Practices Graduate Education ...

    Anonymous - Mar 13 2017

  6. Ideas for improving higher education's primary role in work force development

    the transactional view of college as being primarily a means to a job. College and faculty leaders also tend ...

    Paul Fain - Mar 22 2017

  7. The peace process and higher education in Colombia

    labor market returns for particular qualifications and “value added” (as measured by tests of those ...

    Matthew Reisz for Times Higher Education - Mar 24 2017

  8. Study shows how price sensitive students are in selecting colleges

    her plans after her father lost his job. “Both parents had jobs, and Dad lost his job,” Reider ...

    Rick Seltzer - Mar 23 2017

  9. Colleges announce commencement speakers

    Arizona State University : Howard Schultz, CEO and chairman of Starbucks. Canisius College : Christine Licata-Culhane, senior associate provost at Rochester Institute of Technology; and Nelson D. Civello, former president of the Fixed Income Capital Markets Group for Dain ...

    Scott Jaschik - Mar 21 2017

  10. Barry and St. Thomas Universities explore strategic alliance amid pressures in South Florida

    direction, Fernandez said. Monsignor Casale acknowledged that the South Florida market is competitive ...

    Rick Seltzer - Mar 22 2017

  11. Liberal arts students' fears about the job market upon graduation are increasingly informing what they choose to study, even as electives

    that will prepare them for a variety of careers and lifelong learning — not just a first job. Increasingly, though, even attending a liberal arts institution doesn’t inoculate students from anxieties about the job market that may push them toward the math and the sciences, at the expense of arts and humanities.  ...

    Colleen Flaherty - Feb 21 2017

  12. Canadian universities post large gains in international applications

    Leigh-Ellen Keating, who directs international services for Brock University, in Ontario, just attended a student recruiting fair in Mexico. “The table was flooded with people, which is not historically what I have seen with the Mexican market,” she said. “They just want to go to Canada, ...

    Elizabeth Redden - Mar 20 2017

  13. A professor and two former students say why they think students are protesting at Middlebury College (essay)

    to market their diverse campus, and then refuse to recognize their individual needs. Doing so gives ...

    Anonymous - Mar 17 2017

  14. How to Avoid Ed-Tech Sales Mistakes

    market is crowded, competitive and fragmented. There are numerous vendors, platforms and solutions vying ...

    Joshua Kim - Mar 22 2017

  15. When Experience Matters

    but what about students who transfer for a bachelor’s?  Given that many of the highest-paying jobs require ...

    Matt Reed - Mar 19 2017



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