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  1. Elite college degrees give black graduates little advantage in job market

    of an experiment Gaddis conducted in which he created more than 1,000 fake job applicants and applied to jobs ...

    Jake New - Mar 6 2015

  2. Vice president for marketing and communications

    Don Egle LeTourneau University Monday, April 27, 2015 Senior director of communications James Madison University ...

    frontdesk - Apr 28 2015

  3. New MLA analysis sheds light on the much-discussed humanities job market

    national conversations about the humanities job market. “We don’t hear from them enough,” she said, noting ...

    Colleen Flaherty - Feb 18 2015

  4. Survey finds marketing officials pleased with outcomes of branding projects

    on the survey.   Sixty percent of the marketing officials who responded to the survey said they created ...

    Kaitlin Mulhere - Apr 14 2015

  5. Essay on a long academic job search

    are responsible for their own victimization. Others thought I was foolish to have children before finding job ...

    Patrick Iber - Apr 15 2015

  6. Vice president of strategic marketing and communications

    Deborah Maue Columbia College Chicago Tuesday, April 21, 2015 Senior strategist mStoner ...

    Anonymous - Apr 23 2015

  7. Vice president of marketing and strategic communications

    Kate Henry Seminole State College of Florida Tuesday, April 21, 2015 Director of global marketing Fiserv ...

    frontdesk - Apr 21 2015

  8. Feds take down a for-profit over job-placement rates as gainful-employment rules loom

    a job-placement reporting requirement from the first set of regulations, which survived the legal challenge, has ...

    Paul Fain - Apr 17 2015

  9. Tales from a long stint as a visiting assistant professor (essay)

    My professors avoided the rather uncomfortable topic of the job search, the looming structural changes in academia’s contingent labor market, and what postgraduation life is like for those who ...

    Jonathan Wynn - May 1 2015

  10. Economist offers critique of job market for Ph.D.s in English

    Language Association, a new paper argues that the job market for English Ph.D.s may be even worse than people realize. MLA leaders make no claims that the job market is in good shape, and their recent ...

    Scott Jaschik - Jan 8 2015

  11. A Look at the Internship Market

    Experience Necessary? The State of American Internships 2015," was produced by the labor market ...

    Doug Lederman - Apr 30 2015

  12. Web Conference at Penn State

    for interactive, technical, design, marketing, and learning design professionals across the country and beyond. ...

    Anonymous - Apr 27 2015

  13. 5 Misunderstandings About Alt-Ac Salaries

    how much you make?  When negotiating salary in a new job, or a raise (yeah right) in an existing ...

    Joshua Kim - May 3 2015

  14. Essay on how a Ph.D. can pursue professional development

    for jobs. Online Courses Are a Busy Ph.D.'s Best Friend One challenge to the graduate ...

    Thomas Magaldi - May 4 2015

  15. Review of Kate Brown, "Dispatches From Dystopia: Histories of Places Not Yet Forgotten"

    off to market: “Even the knobs on the kitchen cabinets were gone. Even the time capsule schoolchildren ...

    Scott McLemee - Apr 29 2015



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