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  1. Elite college degrees give black graduates little advantage in job market

    of an experiment Gaddis conducted in which he created more than 1,000 fake job applicants and applied to jobs ...

    Jake New - Mar 6 2015

  2. New MLA analysis sheds light on the much-discussed humanities job market

    national conversations about the humanities job market. “We don’t hear from them enough,” she said, noting ...

    Colleen Flaherty - Feb 18 2015

  3. Economist offers critique of job market for Ph.D.s in English

    Language Association, a new paper argues that the job market for English Ph.D.s may be even worse than people realize. MLA leaders make no claims that the job market is in good shape, and their recent ...

    Scott Jaschik - Jan 8 2015

  4. Why Academic Job Listings Data Matter

    the academy’s analysis -- which shows that job listings in most humanities fields are down at least 30 percent ...

    Colleen Flaherty - Mar 4 2015

  5. Essay on facing isolation when starting a new tenure-track job

    the twin realities that: 1) there is no perfect job, campus or city and 2) settling in often takes longer ...

    Kerry Ann Rockquemore - Mar 25 2015

  6. Essay on issues of time and timing in a job search for a new Ph.D.

    in a Ph.D. job search, but understanding aspects of time and timing will make the job search just a little ...

    Natalie Lundsteen - Mar 23 2015

  7. Ohio nonprofit offers students jobs, scholarship money

    straightforward. After all, a job that is close to campus, pays well above minimum wage and provides the chance to earn thousands of dollars in scholarship money doesn’t require a complex marketing plan. “They thought ...

    Kaitlin Mulhere - Mar 3 2015

  8. Essay on what Sweet Briar's closure says about the role of marketing

    more “direct to market” degrees? What was the cost of developing those programs? Could the college ...

    Robert M. Moore - Mar 12 2015

  9. The challenges (and possibilities) of being a foreigner on U.S. academic job market (essay)

    brethren have no doubt suffered their share of job market traumas, but there’s a clear distinction. International graduate students on the job market who’ve made the United States their home bear an added burden: ...

    Christopher Garland - Nov 7 2014

  10. Essay on metaphors for the academic job market

    and that academic job market outcomes reflect these inequities. To the extent that the academic job market ...

    Gerry Canavan - Nov 3 2014

  11. Essay on what to do when an academic job interview goes off the rails

    My first on-campus interview felt much like a chapter from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland . It was a bit improper here, a bit of a tangle there and with much indecorous happenings everywhere. One could presumably blame it on the havoc caused b ...

    Karla P. Zepeda - Mar 16 2015

  12. Essay on the divide between faculty members and the ed tech industry

    cultures simply deprives them of clear access to a large market sector in which they see opportunity. ...

    David G. Halsted - Mar 24 2015

  13. Supply and Demand

    to the success of the academic arena but they are typically not critical to strengthening marketability ...

    Herman Berliner - Mar 29 2015

  14. Essay criticizes idea of adding the arts to push for STEM education

    that at least half of their entry-level job applicants don’t even have the basic skills in STEM. Yet ...

    Gary S. May - Mar 30 2015

  15. Essay on how to succeed on academic job market while A.B.D.

    for the possibility of not getting a job while A.B.D., I became determined to make my experience on the market serve ...

    Melissa Dennihy - Oct 22 2014



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