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  1. How should quality be defined in digital learning?

    these providers -- think StraighterLine, think MOOCs -- as now accepted for credit consideration at some colleges ...

    Doug Lederman - Mar 29 2017

  2. Ed + Tech = :)

    often confusing space populated by such alien concepts as MOOCs and metrics. I have seen good ...

    Akiba Covitz - Mar 23 2017

  3. End the war between online and on-campus instruction

    two), enroll in a MOOC, and possibly access a remote lab. During her time in college, she will surely ...

    Robert Ubell - Mar 22 2017

  4. Davidson College launches online course about fake news

    series of MOOCs called Davidson Now, which explores critical current issues -- dissects the history, ...

    Emily Tate - Mar 22 2017

  5. Hybrid Pedagogy offers online open peer reviews

    also features podcasts, MOOCs and the Digital Pedagogy Lab (DPL), whose public outreach institutes have ...

    Will Fenton - Mar 22 2017

  6. After UC Berkeley announcement, universities say they will continue to offer free educational content

    and current, are transcribed and made available on demand. “In addition, our MOOC offerings are fully ...

    Carl Straumsheim - Mar 14 2017

  7. The University of Michigan Teach-Out Series

    This mindset led us first tot to prototype rapidly in a nascent MOOC space, next to open access to U-M through ...

    Joshua Kim - Mar 13 2017

  8. Report on Adult-Serving Colleges and Alternative Credentials

    A new study examines how six adult-serving institutions are defining and using alternative credentials such as badges, noncredit certificates and those issued for successful completion of MOOCs or coding and skills boot camps. The 30-page report , which was released today by the Distance ...

    Paul Fain - Mar 6 2017

  9. British MOOC provider FutureLearn expands to the U.S.

    and a moderated message about the role MOOC providers should play in the higher education landscape. Gone ...

    Carl Straumsheim - Feb 14 2017

  10. MOOC critic offers a postmortem

    University at Pueblo, has featured consistent criticism of massive open online courses, even when MOOCs were all the rage. Last week, he declared victory in offering a postmortem of MOOCs. He does not deny that entities that were once called MOOCs are very much alive, but he argues that they are shifting so much ...

    Scott Jaschik - Feb 13 2017

  11. How Much Should We Be Spending on Learning R&D?

    Are investments in open online learning - in MOOCs - another method of investing in learning R&D? What ...

    Joshua Kim - Mar 1 2017

  12. More coverage of digital learning

    Inside Higher Ed' s other coverage of digital learning during the past week includes: Study challenges cost and price myths of online education. British MOOC provider FutureLearn expands to the U.S. Joshua Kim analyzes the 2017 NMC ...

    Scott Jaschik - Feb 22 2017

  13. Trump push for travel bans raises question of whether online learning can help

    the right moment to attract foreign MOOC-adopters to your online degree program. With nearly a third ...

    Robert Ubell - Mar 1 2017

  14. A range of experts weigh in on a scholar's controversial new study of online learning

    such as TAACCT grant funding for community colleges, and alternative credentials such as MOOCs, badges, and boot ...

    Anonymous - Mar 1 2017

  15. The Distance Learning Conspiracy

    education (MOOCs) has never really been to create educational opportunities for lifelong learners ...

    Joshua Kim - Feb 21 2017



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