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  1. Study: Professors widely oppose campus carry as inimical to academic freedom but fewer would alter teaching habits

    meeting of the American Educational Research Association gives new insight into what share of professors ...

    Colleen Flaherty - Apr 28 2017

  2. Auburn, Berkeley incidents illustrate how difficult it is for public colleges to bar speakers

    political science professor, pulling her hair and injuring her neck. When Murray was in a car, they climbed, ...

    Jeremy Bauer-Wolf - Apr 21 2017

  3. Cage fighting as a way to reinspire one's inner academic (essay)

    , “increasingly resembles any other business now. What pays is in; what doesn’t is under the gun. Instruction ...

    James Pfrehm - Feb 14 2017

  4. Baylor not alone in shielding athletes accused of misconduct from punishment

    Penn State ever was,” said Josephine Potuto, a law professor at the University of Nebraska and a former ...

    Jake New - Feb 9 2017

  5. A professor describes lessons learned fighting campus carry in Georgia (essay)

    where I teach, all of our campuses thankfully remain gun-free. While Texas legislators passed and its ...

    Matthew Boedy - Nov 16 2016

  6. Arizona lawmakers' failed ban on 'divisive' college courses highlights new criticism of white studies

    is about,” instructor Amy Wilkins, an associate professor of sociology, told the Daily Camera ...

    Colleen Flaherty - Jan 18 2017

  7. Higher ed leaders muted in response to Texas bathroom bill

    out of the state to the Business History Conference changing the location of its 2018 meeting from ...

    Rick Seltzer - Jan 12 2017

  8. Group seeks to block U of Texas from letting professors keep guns out of offices

    professors over when and where firearms may be carried. Paxton also called a recent lawsuit filed by three Austin professors arguing for the right to ban guns in their classrooms “frivolous.” “There ...

    Colleen Flaherty - Aug 5 2016

  9. Three professors sue UT Austin over the right to ban guns from their classrooms

    offices gun-free zones if they so choose. At the same meeting, however, the regents voted down a motion, ...

    Colleen Flaherty - Jul 19 2016

  10. U Texas Approves Optional Gun Ban for Faculty Offices

    of Regents for the university system voted Wednesday. The vote followed months of argument from professors that the new law puts them at risk, including during office hours. At the same meeting, the regents voted down ...

    Colleen Flaherty - Jul 14 2016

  11. U of Tennessee investigating a professor and popular conservative blogger for tweeting that drivers should "run down" protesters in North Carolina

    Association of University Professors’ “Academe” blog, referring to Glenn Reynolds, the professor in question. ...

    Colleen Flaherty - Sep 23 2016

  12. Four types of students a professor encounters in the classroom (essay)

    four months conspiring against their success, they post the following on “I worked ...

    J. Mark McFadden - Sep 2 2016

  13. American U of Afghanistan plans 'radical' security changes after campus attack

    AUAF professors , American and Australian citizens, respectively, who remain missing. ‘Radical’ ...

    Elizabeth Redden - Oct 10 2016

  14. Higher ed, contentious issue in recent years, flies under radar in North Carolina governor's race

    Pope McCorkle, an associate professor of the practice who directs the master’s in public policy program ...

    Rick Seltzer - Sep 7 2016

  15. Questions to ask before accepting a full-time faculty job (essay)

    the perceived psychological benefits of job security (noticed most often when a tenured professor voices their highly unpopular and unsolicited opinion in a meeting), tenure-line folks teach fewer classes, receive ...

    Keysha Whitaker - Jul 28 2016



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