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  1. Essay on frustrations of associate professors

    associate professors feel like they are working without a net. Associates at our institution noted ...

    Joya Misra and Jennifer Lundquist - May 29 2015

  2. Essay on mixed feelings at a commencement

    the professors unzip their robes, remove sweat-soaked tams and complain about the heat. They shake hands ...

    William Bradley - May 29 2015

  3. Possible solutions to the higher ed wealth gap, an old problem (essay)

    Professors may learn from teaching students who are less privileged, and that learning can benefit their home ...

    Karen Gross - May 28 2015

  4. D2L gets into adaptive learning with a new tool aimed at professors

    the new adaptive option will help professors personalize learning content, resulting in improved student ...

    Paul Fain - May 29 2015

  5. Coastline Economics

    McNamara is an associate professor in the department of physics and physical oceanography ...

    Doug Lederman - May 29 2015

  6. International Conference and Annual Meeting


    Anonymous - May 28 2015

  7. Mega-Droughts

    research professor at Columbia’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory. A transcript of this podcast can ...

    Doug Lederman - May 28 2015

  8. Review of Stjepan Mestrovic, 'The Postemotional Bully'

    in itself.) Stjepan Mestrovic, a professor of sociology at Texas A&M University, does not overtly ...

    Scott McLemee - May 27 2015

  9. U of Oklahoma history professors object to joint course with History Channel

    class that kind of makes a mockery of the university.” Ultimately, the professor said, “This type ...

    Colleen Flaherty - May 27 2015

  10. Teacher education accreditor dumps its founding leader

    overmatched by the demands of implementing the standards and explaining them to administrators and professors ...

    Doug Lederman - May 29 2015

  11. Essay on what's next for European higher education

    and editor in chief of European Journal of Higher Education . Paul Ashwin is a professor of higher ...

    Manja Klemenčič and Paul Ashwin - May 26 2015

  12. Assistant professor, Department of Agricultural, Leadership, and Community Education and Virginia Cooperative Extension specialist

    Hannah Scherer Virginia Tech Friday, May 29, 2015 Member National Future Farmers of America Agriscience Committee ...

    frontdesk - May 29 2015

  13. All “A’s” By 2064?

    that a professor can take to encourage harder work is to making grading more rigorous.  When an “A” becomes scarce, ...

    Joshua Kim - May 28 2015

  14. False Historical Narratives

    is an associate professor for the department of history and military studies at American Public and an associate professor of history at the United States Army Command and General Staff College. A transcript ...

    Doug Lederman - May 25 2015

  15. Climate Change in 2015

    Discussions of climate change are everywhere. In today's Academic Minute, Michael Rawlins of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst explores climate change in the context of last winter, one of the coldest on record for the northeastern United States. Rollins is an assistant professor ...

    Doug Lederman - May 26 2015



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