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  1. Professor's reflections on his battle with depression touch many at recent disciplinary meeting

    from course work and toward more solitary pursuits. Experts say that professors traditionally ...

    Colleen Flaherty - Feb 25 2015

  2. Review of Lothar Muller, 'White Magic: The Age of Paper'

    . White Magic is, just to be clear, a serious work in the field of media studies. Müller, a professor ...

    Scott McLemee - Mar 4 2015

  3. Yale professors object to 'vague' new faculty conduct policy

    Woodward Professor of History. “I have seen documents from peer institutions that provide much more detail ...

    Colleen Flaherty - Feb 24 2015

  4. Essay on staying healthy on a crowded campus

    I have had sick students in my classrooms and my office. I have been in meetings and sitting on panels ...

    Eszter Hargittai - Mar 4 2015

  5. How universities might use MOOCs to encourage online teaching (essay)

    development is necessary if universities are to meet market demand. But more importantly, faculty engagement ...

    Marie Norman - Mar 2 2015

  6. Essay calls for ending the 'leaky pipeline' metaphor when discussing women in science

    tenured science professors. No takers? Didn’t think so. Men also frequently leak from the traditional ...

    David Miller - Mar 3 2015

  7. Religious Denomination and Marriage Equality

    Is your church in favor of same-sex marriage? In today's Academic Minute, the University of Wisconsin at Madison's Maurice Gattis examines the effects of pro-LGBT stances held by religious institutions. Gattis is an assistant professor at UW-Madison's School of Social Work. ...

    Doug Lederman - Mar 4 2015

  8. Financial Cost of 'Campus Carry' Bill in Texas

    people with concealed weapons permits to carry guns on campus, The Houston Chronicle reported. The estimates are based on reports from university systems on the costs they would face to build gun lockers and gun storage facilities, to bolster campus police and to provide training to campus personnel.   ...

    Scott Jaschik - Feb 23 2015

  9. Essay says life of Rev. Theodore Hesburgh should inspire college presidents to speak out

    And the heat is rising: legislation was just introduced in Kansas that seeks to bar professors (and one ...

    Karen Gross - Mar 2 2015

  10. Viking Social Standing

    When one thinks of Vikings, lavish dinner parties are probably not the first thing that come to mind. But in today's Academic Minute, Baylor University's Davide Zori tells us that vikings were really into parties. Zori is an assistant professor in the Baylor Interdisciplinary Core ...

    Doug Lederman - Mar 3 2015

  11. Sexuality Spectrum

    Human sexuality seems to be growing increasingly complex as the days go by. In today's Academic Minute, Cornell University's Ritch C. Savin-Williams offers a new perspective on the topic. Savin-Williams is a developmental psychology professor of human development and director ...

    Doug Lederman - Mar 2 2015

  12. Study finds instructors with Asian last names receive lower scores on Rate My Professors

    with gender implications) to discuss their male and female professors. Now a new study looks at how students ...

    Scott Jaschik - Mar 2 2015

  13. Rhodes College professor finds himself targeted by ISIS

    Professor as ISIS Target ISIS has declared that a Rhodes College professor -- a key figure in American Islam -- is an apostate who deserves to be killed. The call came in an article in  Dabiq , the magazine of the extremist Islamic group ISIS. It attacks Muslim leaders who have ...

    Scott Jaschik - Mar 2 2015

  14. Oxford professor questions LSU professor's self-citations

    to the attention of Dorothy Bishop, professor of developmental neuropsychology at the University of Oxford. Bishop ...

    Paul Jump for Times Higher Education - Feb 26 2015

  15. Essay on how academics can gain control of their e-mail and their time

    members how to hold a Sunday meeting as a way to sort all of the tasks embedded in your e-mails and plan ...

    Kerry Ann Rockquemore - Feb 25 2015



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