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  1. Commentary on American mass shootings

    to realize that most American households do not possess guns, only a third do. So gun owners do not comprise ...

    Scott McLemee - Jun 24 2015

  2. Right to marriage ruling shows impact of humanities 'basic research' (essay)

    Johann Neem is a professor of history at Western Washington University, an affiliate of the Wisconsin ...

    Johann Neem - Jun 29 2015

  3. Workforce dollars in Indiana are tied to graduation rates that cause trouble for Ivy Tech

    meeting the workforce requirement. But the college points to other measurements that they feel ...

    Ashley A. Smith - Jun 29 2015

  4. Northwest Nazarene stands behind decision to end job of noted theologian

    professor. And there are signs that the board's statement will not satisfy Oord's defenders. ...

    Scott Jaschik - Jun 29 2015

  5. One women's college introduces a hybrid degree program to help women juggle their education with other demands

    gaps.” Lotte Bailyn, a professor of management emerita at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology ...

    Jacqueline Thomsen - Jun 29 2015

  6. Will Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage challenge or change Christian colleges?

    of a college or university." Thomas Wilson, professor of law at Biola University, a Christian ...

    Scott Jaschik - Jun 29 2015

  7. Small private colleges need to confront their financial viability (essay)

    or to roll over current bonds. It is with this reality in mind that the Board of Trustees meets ...

    Aden Hayes - Jun 26 2015

  8. Essay on diversity issues and midcareer faculty members

    these numbers are low, they are more distressing when compared to change over time for full professors ...

    Joya Misra and Jennifer Lundquist - Jun 26 2015

  9. Learning Analytics in a Liberal Arts Context

    Teaching and learning decisions shouldn’t be any different.  No professor would argue for a research agenda ...

    Joshua Kim - Jun 29 2015

  10. Creativity and Community

    Communities that foster creativity and growth among their top minds will likely flourish. In today's Academic Minute, Robert Edgell of the SUNY Polytechnic Institute discusses the connections among creativity, innovation and community. Edgell is an assistant professor of technology management ...

    Doug Lederman - Jun 26 2015

  11. Changing Times

    American girlfriend home to meet the extended family.    During our first rehearsal, ...

    Susan O'Doherty - Jun 28 2015

  12. An Open Letter to the President of St. Bridget College

    news is that we don’t need huge numbers of students to work with our best professors and programs. We ...

    Joshua Kim - Jun 28 2015

  13. Faculty members criticize proposed changes to gen ed accreditation standards for engineers

    and meet their needs and communicate with different constituencies as much as possible.” Donna Riley, a professor of engineering education at Virginia Tech and a past chair of the American Society for Engineering ...

    Colleen Flaherty - Jun 26 2015

  14. Killer Sponges

    Sometimes living things don’t share a perfect symbiotic relationship. In today's Academic Minute, the University of North Carolina at Wilmington's Joseph Pawlik discusses sponges and coral reefs. Pawlik is a professor of biological sciences at UNC-Wilmington. A transcript ...

    Doug Lederman - Jun 25 2015

  15. Author discusses book on how historically black colleges evolved amid unfair treatment

    to meet the educational needs and career opportunities of their students. When few black Americans had ...

    Scott Jaschik - Jun 26 2015



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