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  1. Is the work of faculty members in the classroom the next equity challenge? (essay)

    and faculty-level goals that can be implemented and measured by race and ethnicity to improve retention ...

    Estela Mara Bensimon - Aug 26 2016

  2. Education Department bars ITT Tech from enrolling new students with federal aid

    keeping, admissions, recruitment standards, retention, job placement and institutional integrity, ...

    Ashley A. Smith - Aug 26 2016

  3. Study finds students benefit from waiting to declare a major

    and universities that uses data-assisted research to improve student support, retention and graduation rates. ...

    Carl Straumsheim - Aug 24 2016

  4. Schreiner University's novel approach to funding an online program

    such as marketing or retention -- rather than offering all services as a comprehensive package. But one nagging ...

    Maxine Joselow - Aug 23 2016

  5. Why 'U.S. News' should rank colleges and universities according to diversity (essay)

    retention and graduation rates, or even faculty diversity. There are many ways to approach the issue, ...

    Gary S. May - Aug 15 2016

  6. Ontario college to stop operating male-only campus in Saudi Arabia

    in December states. The document states that while retention rates for the foundation year program have improved, “retention continues to be a significant challenge with more than 50 percent of students leaving ...

    Elizabeth Redden - Aug 17 2016

  7. Feds unveil details of experiment with alternative providers and accreditors

    and key student outcomes such as credit transfer, retention and completion rates, using and building ...

    Paul Fain - Aug 17 2016

  8. How to lead people over whom you have no formal authority (essay)

    the institution. The purpose of the committee is to improve the retention of first-generation students. As a result ...

    Elizabeth Suárez - Aug 10 2016

  9. Community college drops plan for course sections limited to African-American students

    to offer course sections specifically for African-American students this fall because of retention ...

    Andrew Kreighbaum - Aug 9 2016

  10. Stress management can help more students succeed in college (essay)

    I kept one report on my desk for handy access, a retention touchstone of sorts. “ With Their Whole Lives ...

    Karen Costa - Aug 9 2016

  11. Student debt is a problem with a color and class element (essay)

    and again to increase access, retention and completion, while research on loans is mixed. Further, grant ...

    Mark Huelsman - Aug 8 2016

  12. Former professor at Southern Maine returns as provost after being laid off

    to boost its enrollment and retention numbers. Uzzi’s had a hand in that, as well. “That’s an ethical ...

    Colleen Flaherty - Jul 29 2016

  13. Higher Ed Gamma: Challenges and Opportunities

    demand our full attention. Among the most notable are: Persistently low retention and graduation ...

    Michael Patrick Rutter - Jul 25 2016

  14. Data on student engagement with an LMS is a key to predicting retention

    and on-ground programs (LMS engagement is a bit more of a retention predictor online, not surprisingly). ...

    Paul Fain - Jun 13 2016

  15. Using data to improve teacher preparation programs (essay)

    that teacher-training programs can collect timely data on: 1) graduate employment and retention, 2) teacher-evaluation ...

    Benjamin Riley - Jul 14 2016



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