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  1. Author discusses her new book on how colleges can help at-risk students succeed

    and postgraduation. Books Retention ...

    Scott Jaschik - Jul 26 2017

  2. Southern University Rejects Vice Chancellor's Appeal

    also spoke out against Southern University’s enrollment, retention and performance under Dumas’s ...

    Nick Roll - Jul 24 2017

  3. Training instructors to use tech tools

    compassion, patience, self-control, etc.) Utilize positive reinforcement to increase retention and desire ...

    Amy Rottmann - Jul 26 2017

  4. Inside Digital Learning: Video Games -- Educational or Just Fun?

    to increased retention and graduation rates -- and more minority students in STEM programs. Have ...

    Jean Dimeo - Jul 19 2017

  5. Bethune-Cookman confronts questions about its future in wake of financial and governance issues

    System statistics show the university’s full-time retention rates registering in the mid-to-low ...

    Rick Seltzer - Jul 21 2017

  6. Colleges need "enterprise-level" software to tackle student success issues, company says

    interest in software that promises to improve retention and completion rates. In a report published ...

    Carl Straumsheim - Jul 5 2017

  7. Drastic (Recruitment) Times, Drastic (Alumni) Measures

    impact this kind of programming could have on your school’s recruitment and retention efforts, ...

    Eric Sickler - Jul 18 2017

  8. Georgia State improves student outcomes with data

    solve institutions' student success and retention problems. “It’s not a hardware issue ...

    Jean Dimeo - Jul 19 2017

  9. MOOCs test personalized online learning

    receiving lectures passively,” Chen said. “It helps with retention and avoids misconceptions learners ...

    Robert Ubell - Jul 19 2017

  10. Loyola New Orleans Cuts 60 Faculty, Staff Jobs

    as enrollment deposits for the incoming fall semester increased by 33 percent, and retention is projected ...

    Nick Roll - Jul 10 2017

  11. Study shows students more likely to graduate from wealthier institutions

    numbers. This is measured by graduation rates, student retention levels or the number of credit hours ...

    Jeremy Bauer-Wolf - Jul 12 2017

  12. Ivy Tech Extends Partnership With Blackboard for Student Retention Program

    retention program ...

    Jean Dimeo - Jun 14 2017

  13. Tell Me If You've Heard This One Before

    productivity. Depending on the institution, that may mean student retention or it may mean contributions ...

    Barbara Fister - Jul 6 2017

  14. Why I Am Not Enthusiastic About Ed Tech

    salaries and teacher retention. As a teacher, I am a fan of integrating technology into the classroom ...

    John Warner - Jun 29 2017

  15. New government system rates British universities on student outcomes and teaching

    retention rates, student satisfaction data on measures related to teaching, assessment, and academic support ...

    Elizabeth Redden - Jun 22 2017



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