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  1. Student success company Hobsons acquires Starfish Retention Solutions

    Yaskin said. Addressing the broader issue of retention across all of K-12 and postsecondary education, he ...

    Carl Straumsheim - Feb 23 2015

  2. OER as Retention Initiative

    to succeed academically than students who don’t. This is an economic issue, but it’s also a retention issue. ...

    Matt Reed - Feb 25 2015

  3. Vice president for enrollment, retention and student affairs

    Richard M Longo University of the Arts Thursday, January 8, 2015 Executive vice president Montserrat College of Art ...

    Anonymous - Jan 8 2015

  4. Rethinking Retention

    Baltimore County, strategies such as these have succeeded in raising retention and completion rates.  ...

    Steven Mintz - Dec 9 2014

  5. How MOOCs can develop good (and bad) teaching habits (essay)

    unlike more active forms of learning, lecture does not promote deep learning, knowledge retention ...

    Marie Norman - Feb 27 2015

  6. Colleges with debt troubles are making new promises to investors

    have quickly resulted in a renewed academic program, dramatically improved student retention ...

    Ry Rivard - Feb 23 2015

  7. New Delphi Project report outlines evolving faculty models and growing support for reform

    it was the emerging research on the issue and in some cases the negative impacts on retention and graduation that have ...

    Colleen Flaherty - Feb 20 2015

  8. Program 17: Ranking Elite Colleges on Access / Student Retention's 'Murky Middle' (Sept. 12, 2014)

    Board discusses its new research encouraging colleges to focus their retention strategies more ...

    Doug Lederman - Sep 12 2014

  9. Essay on how to improve retention

    resources on measuring the retention effects of each program. Instead we continued to invest in programs and improvements that our students and faculty told us would be helpful and good in themselves. Higher retention ...

    Christopher B. Nelson - Aug 25 2014

  10. Recent controversial non-reappointments of popular deans raise questions about role of faculty in deans' reviews

    The AAUP says in its Statement on Faculty Participation in the Selection, Evaluation and Retention of Administrators that all “All decisions on retention and nonretention of administrators should be based ...

    Colleen Flaherty - Feb 10 2015

  11. Berkeley tries to track and address salary gaps among professors

    may be less often cited than men’s. A similar subanalysis of retention rates found that controlling for whether or not a professor ever has been a “retention case” -- meaning he or she sought a raise in light ...

    Colleen Flaherty - Feb 6 2015

  12. Meet Your Admission Goals with Modern Technology

    mobile generation can improve visibility into student needs, thereby increasing retention ...

    Chadd Molloy - Jan 13 2015

  13. Essay on the continuing importance of the Carnegie unit for academic credit

    These relationships matter at a practical level because they are correlated with student retention ...

    Johann Neem - Jan 30 2015

  14. Essay on the rhetoric about Yik Yak and college students

    to feel a relationship with the university (for retention purposes; so as alumni they will become donors; ...

    Jeff Rice - Jan 26 2015

  15. Babson Survey Research Group considers changes to annual report on distance education market

    the programs; 78 percent of respondents described it as an important barrier. Student retention is also ...

    Carl Straumsheim - Feb 5 2015



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