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  1. Using data to improve teacher preparation programs (essay)

    that teacher-training programs can collect timely data on: 1) graduate employment and retention, 2) teacher-evaluation ...

    Benjamin Riley - Jul 14 2016

  2. Reflections from #AMOSSHE2016

    retention, and support. This definitely represents a shift in the cultural fabric of UK higher education. ...

    Eric Stoller - Jul 14 2016

  3. Masculinity programming at University of Redlands hopes to help men be 'authentic selves'

    At the University of Redlands, men are trailing women, too, with a retention rate of 85 percent compared to 90 percent for women. The private liberal arts university in California has long had a Men’s Retention ...

    Jake New - Jun 29 2016

  4. Common freshman reading selections focus on immigration, racial injustice

    for student retention at Rowan. Wesleyan University picked The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration ...

    Maxine Joselow - Jul 11 2016

  5. Data on student engagement with an LMS is a key to predicting retention

    and on-ground programs (LMS engagement is a bit more of a retention predictor online, not surprisingly). ...

    Paul Fain - Jun 13 2016

  6. Use of 'casual' (adjunct) instructors spreads in Australia

    and retention of quality staff and that insecurity of employment can detract from productivity,” the paper says. ...

    Julie Hare for The Australian - Jul 6 2016

  7. Becoming visible and authentic supports others who feel marginalized (essay)

    to further diversify its faculty, focusing on both recruitment and retention, and to put resources in place ...

    Eric Anthony Grollman - Jul 1 2016

  8. A new way to improve the available data on student success (essay)

    to identify enrollment, retention and graduation patterns of all undergraduate students and to see how those ...

    Mary Ellen Petrisko and John Etchemendy - Jun 30 2016

  9. Essay on challenges facing the guided-pathways model for restructuring two-year colleges

    would provide direction for other significant institutional reforms that will aid in retention ...

    Mike Rose - Jun 23 2016

  10. Every doctoral student should take a course in higher education (essay)

    on for student retention. The basic options for reform have become fairly familiar as well: cut down ...

    David Thiele - Jun 21 2016

  11. Plymouth State announces layoffs, restructuring around interdisciplinary clusters

    in university history -- behind 2015. Meanwhile, the university’s first-year student retention rate ...

    Rick Seltzer - Jun 21 2016

  12. New book urges colleges to exercise not-so-common sense when optimizing undergraduate experience

    significant but ultimately crude measures of success, such as retention. They reject the argument ...

    Colleen Flaherty - Jun 21 2016

  13. AAUP sessions center on professors' role and responsibilities regarding classroom conversations about race

    with research suggesting that retention and graduation rates for underrepresented minority students are lower ...

    Colleen Flaherty - Jun 20 2016

  14. Advice for dealing with bullying behavior (essay)

    employees voluntarily leave your campus due to avoidable dysfunction? Employee retention especially matters ...

    Raymonda Burgman - Jun 15 2016

  15. U Washington Faculty Rejects Proposed Salary Reform

    included a peer-approval mechanism for tiered and retention raises, needed a two-thirds majority ...

    Colleen Flaherty - Jun 17 2016



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