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  1. Will Learning Science Drive Higher Ed Inequality?

    translate into positive shifts in recruitment and retention? The reasons to follow a learning science ...

    Joshua Kim - Jan 8 2017

  2. History professors say even survey courses should make students think like historians

    It: Recruitment and Retention in the Undergraduate History Major” also had implications for the survey ...

    Colleen Flaherty - Jan 10 2017

  3. 2017 In-and-Out List

        Normalize Gaslight     New student enrollment Student retention ...

    IHE Staff - Jan 3 2017

  4. Q&A with editor of book on academic advising

    evaluation would be based (partially) on the retention rate of her students. We are concerned that this could ...

    Kasia Kovacs - Jan 4 2017

  5. #HigherEd: Making Social Strategic

    of the institution's goals. What's most pressing? Retention? New enrollments? Alumni engagement? Then define ...

    Lindsey Read - Jan 5 2017

  6. How for-profit institutions can generate better student outcomes and long-term success (essay)

    that can strengthen retention and lower campus costs. In addition, for-profit educators would do well ...

    Joseph R. D'Angelo - Dec 21 2016

  7. Developing metrics and models that are vital to student learning and retention (essay)

    don’t exhibit the traditional warning signs as defined by the retention experts. These students persist ...

    Sarah Bray - Nov 15 2016

  8. ABA Sues Education Dept. on Loan Forgiveness

    in the lawsuit that qualifying as an eligible employer under PSLF its essential to its recruitment and retention ...

    Andrew Kreighbaum - Dec 21 2016

  9. Faculty object as legislators take trustee appointments away from North Carolina governor

    further compromise the already-significant difficulties of staff and faculty retention and recruitment, ...

    Rick Seltzer - Dec 19 2016

  10. British universities see major risks with Brexit

    is “already seeing an impact on staff retention, and an upswing in prospective staff deciding not to take up ...

    Jack Grove for Times Higher Education - Dec 15 2016

  11. Advice for faculty members about overcoming resistance to teaching online (essay)

    investigated effectiveness, retention and achievement by and large concluded that virtual instruction can ...

    Robert Ubell - Dec 13 2016

  12. Effort launches to boost low-income enrollment at top colleges

    of Pell students it took in.” Ohio State will need to improve its graduation and retention rates, ...

    Rick Seltzer - Dec 13 2016

  13. Moody's Sees Stable Outlook for Higher Ed in 2017

    in retention rates will help stabilize enrollment, Moody’s predicted, noting that retention rates rose by two percentage points for classes entering between 2009 and 2014 as institutions invested in retention efforts ...

    Rick Seltzer - Dec 7 2016

  14. University think tanks face tough road but continued interest

    and retention, said Thomas Medvetz, an associate professor of sociology at the University of California, San ...

    Rick Seltzer - Dec 12 2016

  15. Faculty members at the University of Wisconsin oppose a proposed change to a new post-tenure review policy

    having with recruitment and retention.” Madison paid out $23 million in retention incentives last year ...

    Colleen Flaherty - Dec 7 2016



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