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  1. Determining which retention and graduation strategies are truly effective (essay)

    Since January, some people have wondered what implications the selection of Betsy DeVos as the U.S. secretary of education may have for higher education. This discussion leads to an important practical question: In what ways can the government ...

    Nicholas A. Bowman And Four Other Scholars - May 10 2017

  2. Celebrating one college's success in enrolling and graduating veterans (essay)

    fall-to-fall undergraduate retention rate is 78 percent.  “When veterans are in the service, they feel ...

    Wick Sloane - May 26 2017

  3. An examination of the growing number of perks and bonuses for college presidents (essay)

    The second most common type of bonus was for retention and/or contract completion. We identified retention/completion bonuses in 13 percent of the contracts, with a total of more than $4.2 million to be paid to presidents for retention purposes or for completing a contract. Such one-time bonuses varied from $50,000 ...

    Anonymous - May 25 2017

  4. Effects of Female Mentors on Women in Engineering

    responses and retention data showed that female mentors positively influenced mentees’ retention, as well ...

    Colleen Flaherty - May 22 2017

  5. Duquesne Nursing to Work With Pearson to Increase Online Degrees

    including marketing, recruitment, student support, help desk support and student retention services. ...

    Jean Dimeo - May 24 2017

  6. Barnes & Noble Education gains foothold in analytics market with Unizin deal

    they need help with data collection or using the data to boost student retention, Littleworth said. ...

    Carl Straumsheim - May 25 2017

  7. Analysis of Indiana’s 15 to Finish finds positive effects

    fall-to-spring retention rates, or in fall grade point average. There was a small decline, however, in 18- ...

    Ashley A. Smith - May 23 2017

  8. Proposed Visa Vetting Changes Raise Concerns

    regarding the longer-term use, retention or privacy protections for the information provided.” ...

    Elizabeth Redden - May 22 2017

  9. An admissions reformer takes stock of the use of noncognitive variables

    that these variables are associated with improved outcomes and higher retention, particularly for certain populations. ...

    Scott Jaschik - May 22 2017

  10. Housing, Part II

    be redundant. In high-cost areas, though, I’ve seen the recruitment and retention challenge posed by salaries ...

    Matt Reed - May 21 2017

  11. Presidential contracts are becoming more complex and corporate (essay)

    signing bonuses, performance bonuses, retention bonuses and completion bonuses. The total value ...

    Anonymous - May 18 2017

  12. The drawbacks to New York State's free college plan (essay)

    cost of living and lost wages from the inability to work. Those expenses lead to a one-year retention ...

    John M. Burdick - May 16 2017

  13. Some universities move to open international high schools on their campuses

    I think we have enough on our hands to increase recruitment and retention and completion of the students ...

    Elizabeth Redden - May 16 2017

  14. Private colleges and universities increase tuition discounting again in 2016-17

    strategies. Retention strategies and financial aid strategies were also used by large majorities, 69 percent ...

    Rick Seltzer - May 15 2017

  15. The other retention problem is companies' inability to hold on to their workers (essay)

    turnover costs quickly add up. Sound familiar? Higher education’s retention problem creates ...

    Rachel Carlson - Apr 11 2017



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