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  1. Faculty Layoffs at University of Phoenix

    converted many part-time positions to full-time slots, hoping to improve retention rates, but that studies have not found a difference in retention rates in courses taught by full-time or part-time faculty ...

    Scott Jaschik - Feb 14 2017

  2. A tongue-in-cheek look at institutions' efforts to differentiate themselves (essay)

    suggestion Old Oak’s senior administrators have made to improve our recruitment and retention of students, ...

    Lee Burdette Williams - Feb 17 2017

  3. Houston Baptist University streamlines financial aid and admission process to build retention

    has seen increases to its retention, but they also readily admit there have been some setbacks, which they attribute to the economy. Undergraduate retention from first year to second year grew from 74.7 percent ...

    Ashley A. Smith - Jan 24 2017

  4. Q&A with author of book about black male students

    designed to increase the retention and graduation of black male students. These programs have boomed across ...

    Emily Tate - Feb 9 2017

  5. Tracking the Evolution of Student Success

    success back to the ’70s and research that explored student retention rates. The ’80s then brought ...

    Carl Straumsheim - Feb 6 2017

  6. Encouraging both deans and provosts to become college presidents (essay)

    and retention, provosts and academic vice presidents have moved away from their traditional role of representing ...

    Carl J. Strikwerda - Feb 2 2017

  7. Exploring faculty experiences with incivility to help deal with it (essay)

    forth -- that ignore such disparities can unfairly affect retention, tenure and promotion decisions. ...

    Courtney N. Wright - Feb 1 2017

  8. Study explores effect of data dashboards on student performance

    and improved retention and graduation rates. “There is an assumption that providing students ...

    Carl Straumsheim - Feb 2 2017

  9. How colleges should rethink their strategic planning processes (essay)

    that “ student retention has grown 35 percent over the last three years,” and that its “international student ...

    Susan Resneck Pierce - Jan 31 2017

  10. Design Thinking

    retention, subject-matter mastery, completion, or post-graduation outcomes. Subsequent steps involve ...

    Steven Mintz - Feb 1 2017

  11. University of Kentucky moving away from merit aid

    to campus. Looking at it a different way, retention rates drop as unmet need rises -- especially above ...

    Rick Seltzer - Jan 24 2017

  12. Accreditor Approves Apollo Group's Sale

    including that it will monitor Phoenix's financial stability, graduation and retention rates, ...

    Paul Fain - Jan 25 2017

  13. Oregon to Retain Building's Name Despite Slavery Ties

    pursuits, enhance connective bonds that support recruitment and retention, and discuss their shared ...

    Doug Lederman - Jan 26 2017

  14. Author discusses new book about transgender college students

    outreach and retention in ways that recognize and understand the distinct barriers trans* youth ...

    Scott Jaschik - Jan 24 2017

  15. Will Learning Science Drive Higher Ed Inequality?

    translate into positive shifts in recruitment and retention? The reasons to follow a learning science ...

    Joshua Kim - Jan 8 2017



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