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  1. First batch of Tennessee Promise students kick off academic year

    focusing on is retention," Gilliam said. The college has a 59 percent first-to-second-year retention ...

    Ashley A. Smith - Aug 26 2015

  2. Tuition-free online university sees newfound growth and attention

    enrolls about 2,000 students and has a 79 percent first-year-to-second-year retention rate for its bachelor's degree program and 86 percent retention for the associate degree program, according to the 2014 ...

    Ashley A. Smith - Aug 24 2015

  3. Faculty non-poaching lawsuit alleges suppression of wages and violation of anti-trust laws by Duke U

    members don't intend to move, but seek out other offers merely to get retention salary adjustments.  ...

    Colleen Flaherty - Aug 24 2015

  4. Lessons of Clinton and Wise

    are at a public institution, have Legal Counsel, IT, Communications, Record Retention and Archive representatives ...

    Tracy Mitrano - Aug 24 2015

  5. AAU's push on science teaching is yielding results

    The university also wants to study whether the initiative has made a difference in major retention rates. ...

    Colleen Flaherty - Aug 20 2015

  6. My Take on the Amazon Workplace Exposé

    for self-defense. We help retention! Tuition-payers are correlated with library use! Shutting us down would hurt ...

    Barbara Fister - Aug 18 2015

  7. Aid follows tuition at the University of Dayton

    took out student loans, at an average amount of $7,300. Meanwhile, retention is up. The university, before the change, averaged an 88 percent retention rate from a student’s first year ...

    Kellie Woodhouse - Aug 10 2015

  8. How creating a student group can help doctoral students, too (essay)

    for the sake of student success, retention and satisfaction, this is it, as evidenced by the fact that the 2014 cohort completed its first academic year with 100 percent retention. Additionally, we received ...

    Robert Greim - Aug 7 2015

  9. Phyllis Wise Fires Back at U of Illinois Board

    The $400,000 was not a bonus nor a golden parachute; it was a retention incentive that I earned on a yearly ...

    Scott Jaschik - Aug 14 2015

  10. Email and The Void

    enrollment and retention.” “Can’t they set their emails to forward to whatever address they actually ...

    Matt Reed - Aug 12 2015

  11. White House Hosts Business School Deans

    The White House this week hosted officials from business schools and businesses for a meeting on expanding opportunities for women. The discussion covered the recruiting, training and retention of leaders as well as the importance of policies that work for families, according to a fact ...

    Paul Fain - Aug 7 2015

  12. How to fix a struggling, and hypothetical, small college (essay)

    in achieving the turnaround we all sought. The board approved the retention of an experienced, nonprofit ...

    Aden Hayes - Aug 6 2015

  13. Scrutiny for U of Akron's decision to go with unproven student success company

    the latest step in a multiyear effort that has already raised first-year retention of Akron freshmen ...

    Doug Lederman - Aug 7 2015

  14. Colleges, vendors discuss plans for learning analytics as Caliper framework nears finish line

    course enrollment patterns with one system, retention with another and tools to measure engagement ...

    Carl Straumsheim - Aug 6 2015

  15. In the 'era of the $400 college textbook,' affordability initiatives take a utilitarian approach

    student preparation.” Morrissey said the community college also saw gains in retention, as well ...

    Carl Straumsheim - Aug 4 2015



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