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  1. Developing metrics and models that are vital to student learning and retention (essay)

    don’t exhibit the traditional warning signs as defined by the retention experts. These students persist ...

    Sarah Bray - Nov 15 2016

  2. Moody's Sees Stable Outlook for Higher Ed in 2017

    in retention rates will help stabilize enrollment, Moody’s predicted, noting that retention rates rose by two percentage points for classes entering between 2009 and 2014 as institutions invested in retention efforts ...

    Rick Seltzer - Dec 7 2016

  3. Education Department approves Apollo deal but with conditions

    the institutions' financial stability, graduation, retention, recruitment and monthly enrollments. Critics ...

    Ashley A. Smith - Dec 8 2016

  4. Faculty members at the University of Wisconsin oppose a proposed change to a new post-tenure review policy

    having with recruitment and retention.” Madison paid out $23 million in retention incentives last year ...

    Colleen Flaherty - Dec 7 2016

  5. Experts talk about the college completion push and what comes next

    looking at student progression and retention, said Ellen Wagner, vice president of research for Hobsons, ...

    Paul Fain - Dec 8 2016

  6. People Are Infrastructure, Part II: Poaching

    deans and department chairs, recognize that money is a key part of the campus IT talent retention ...

    Kenneth C. Green - Dec 7 2016

  7. High school graduates to drop in number and be increasingly diverse

    said stronger growth and retention of high school students and slightly greater 12th-grade graduation ...

    Rick Seltzer - Dec 6 2016

  8. Growing federal role in accreditation will have drawbacks (essay)

    graduation rates to attrition, retention and transfer rates. Multiple data sources such as the federal ...

    Judith S. Eaton - Dec 1 2016

  9. New study suggests training for department chairs is woefully inadequate at most institutions

    is unfortunate and shortsighted, since good chairs contribute to faculty satisfaction and retention throughout ...

    Colleen Flaherty - Dec 1 2016

  10. Catholic College Presidents Defend Undocumented Students

    campuses"; "to promote retention of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Program (DACA)"; ...

    Elizabeth Redden - Dec 1 2016

  11. Colleges need to find new ways to engage students in STEM fields (essay)

    to student retention -- the burden of soaring textbook prices -- head-on. This is a pivotal moment ...

    Smita Bakshi - Nov 22 2016

  12. Faculty members allege a pattern of breach of contract at San Francisco State University

    aggressively for retention and recruitment.” Belkin added, “This is very, very embarrassing for us. None ...

    Colleen Flaherty - Nov 21 2016

  13. A board decides to give its president special security (essay)

    on increasing retention, persistence and graduation rates for at-risk students. At about that time, we ...

    Marsha Suggs Smith - Nov 18 2016

  14. Study suggests Ph.D. supply isn't the problem when it comes to diversifying the professoriate

    to effectively progress to independence, and ensuring institutional faculty recruitment, evaluation and retention ...

    Colleen Flaherty - Nov 18 2016

  15. University of Illinois wants deal to free state funding

    freshman retention rate in recent years, posting 89 percent retention rates for five straight years. It has ...

    Rick Seltzer - Nov 18 2016



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