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  1. Lawmakers Want Estimate of Layoffs From Trump Budget

    asked for a projection of how many researchers would receive support from the 2018 budget compared ...

    Andrew Kreighbaum - Jun 12 2017

  2. Republican senators raise doubts about White House budget proposal

    in the budget would be passed by Congress. Those cuts included reductions to college-readiness programs like ...

    Andrew Kreighbaum - Jun 7 2017

  3. Education Department suggests less expansive approach to OCR investigations

    staffed.” Discrimination Diversity Matters Trump administration ...

    Andrew Kreighbaum - Jun 16 2017

  4. Reported details of Trump budget include big cuts to financial aid

    and effective programs, the Trump budget simply makes cuts to reach a target number. "It's ...

    Andrew Kreighbaum - May 19 2017

  5. President Trump keeps Francis Collins on as head of NIH

    it on a permanent basis in the new administration. Trump surprised many this year by proposing cuts of nearly ...

    Scott Jaschik - Jun 7 2017

  6. OCR issues guidance on transgender bias issues and faces criticism

    to civil rights staffing in the department's proposed 2018 budget as well as what it called ...

    Andrew Kreighbaum - Jun 19 2017

  7. White House seeks to expand apprenticeships with a bigger role for industry

    would be more than double the $90 million for apprenticeships in this year’s federal budget ...

    Paul Fain - Jun 16 2017

  8. Research advocates push back on Trump proposal but don't see imminent cuts to university research in Congress

    buy into what they say is a specious argument made by the Trump administration: that the federal ...

    Andrew Kreighbaum - Jun 2 2017

  9. Trump Budget Seeks Cuts to Student Loan Programs

    of the PSLF proposal said it would grandfather in current borrowers.  The budget proposal would also ...

    Andrew Kreighbaum - May 18 2017

  10. Omnibus budget deal maintains programs hit with drastic cuts in Trump budget

    The deal reached by Congress this weekend on an omnibus budget for the current 2017 fiscal ...

    Andrew Kreighbaum - May 2 2017

  11. White House apprenticeship push will include funding and focus on alternative providers

    The kickoff of President Trump’s apprenticeship push is slated for today with a policy ...

    Paul Fain - Jun 14 2017

  12. Why the Upward Bound budget should not be cut (essay)

    the administration’s recently released budget proposal will destabilize and destroy a system that is meant to help our ...

    Sarah Bray - May 30 2017

  13. Advocates warn cuts to Office for Civil Rights would further slow resolution of Title IX cases

    she said. "They know that they can't complete these investigations with such a lean budget ...

    Andrew Kreighbaum - Jun 6 2017

  14. Education Department to hit pause on two primary Obama regulations aimed at for-profits

    to the administration on the issue. Republicans also didn’t include budget riders to defund gainful employment ...

    Andrew Kreighbaum - Jun 15 2017

  15. White House budget includes tens of billions in cuts to student aid and research

    Higher ed advocates say the education budget essentially takes billions out of support for students without reinvesting in even the programs backed by Republicans. "This budget is a recipe ...

    Andrew Kreighbaum - May 24 2017



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