State systems group plans to measure and promote higher ed value

The National Association of System Heads begins an initiative to bolster the public’s view of higher education by demonstrating—and where necessary improving—how the institutions drive social mobility and individual "prosperity."

Kim Hunter Reed, a Black woman with dark hair wearing glasses, and Tristan Denley, a white man wearing glasses and a bow tie.

Cazenovia College to close in 2023

Citing inflationary pressures and slumping enrollment, Cazenovia College announced it will close in 2023. The move comes after the college missed a bond payment months earlier.

Cazenovia College students gather around the Wildcats emblem on the football field in a C shape.

Flu season hits campuses early and hard

College campuses that avoided major flu outbreaks for two years are now seeing the virus spread early and fast, with COVID restrictions gone and student immunity low.

A young woman in a mask and blue shirt receives her flu shot from an older woman in a mask and navy polo.

Study finds true faculty diversity is possible by 2050


New study finds that U.S. academe can reach true faculty diversity within a generation, but that colleges and universities have to think bigger—and work together.

Puzzle pieces form the image of a woman's face.

What will happen to 'U.S. News' rankings?

Some think (and many hope) that the move of law schools away from the publication will prompt undergraduate colleges to do the same. But no new challenges have emerged on undergraduate rankings … thus far.

Supreme Court takes up debt-relief lawsuit

The court will hear arguments in February on whether the Biden administration is legally able to forgive federal student loans. An injunction blocking the debt relief will remain in place.

The U.S. Supreme Court Building on September 6, 2022, in Washington, DC.

New church office cutting faculty members at Brigham Young

Faculty members are being let go from Brigham Young University, and an opaque new office of the LDS church is apparently calling the shots. A common thread is LGBTQ issues.

The LDS temple in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Ohio State president stays quiet on resignation

Kristina Johnson is stepping down as Ohio State’s president. She’s denied initial reports that she resigned under investigation but remains tight-lipped about her decision.

Kristina Johnson, a white woman with light hair wearing red and black academic regalia.

UT Southwestern settles long-running discrimination case


U of Texas Southwestern Medical Center settled a long-running lawsuit from a professor who alleged discrimination on the basis of age and sex. What does the case say about conditions for older female academics?

Ellen Vitetta, a white woman with light hair, wears a lab coat and purple surgical gloves and holds a red Sharpie.

Jerry Falwell Jr. on his legacy, his health and his father

Jerry Falwell Jr. built Liberty University up before resigning as president amid a sex scandal. Now he’s banned from campus and locked in conflict with the institution his father founded.

Jerry Falwell Jr., a white man with a salt-and-pepper beard, stands at a lectern.


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