Ferris State puts a professor on leave for statements on COVID-19, race

Professor placed on leave for controversial statements on COVID-19, the N-word, the atom bomb, the moon landings, Jews and more.

Kamala Harris is a symbol of representation for Black women, but work remains

The political ascendancy of Kamala Harris and Stacey Abrams has led to a sense of hope for similar trends in professions in which Black women are underrepresented. It has also led higher ed leaders to renew their commitment to helping Black women assume leadership roles in their fields.

Journal faces backlash for publishing article on female mentorship

Scientists want to know why a major journal published findings that female mentors may be bad for your career, even after reviewers pointed out flaws in the paper’s methodology and analysis. Nature Communications says it’s investigating.

Duke study highlights importance of broad asymptomatic testing

Study demonstrates importance of frequent, routine testing of asymptomatic students and feasibility of a pooled testing approach.

Colleges end in-person instruction early due to COVID-19 spread

Many colleges are now announcing new shifts to online learning that will continue for the rest of the semester.

Survey: New international enrollments drop by 43 percent this fall


A survey found that new international enrollments dropped by 43 percent this fall. It also provides the first glimpse of the effects of the pandemic on international exchange and insight into pre-pandemic trends.

Biden presidency offers promise of reset for international education, but challenges remain


It's been a hard four years for supporters of international education. Experts expect a reset in international education policies under Biden, but caution that damage to the once-welcoming image of the United States can't be easily erased.

Who will be Biden's education secretary?

Whom will the president-elect pick for the top higher education position?

Professors fight face-to-face spring teaching mandates


Professors and graduate students urge caution on spring plans for in-person instruction.

What Biden presidency could bring for higher education

President-elect has vowed to spend much more. The vice president-elect is an HBCU graduate and supporter. The next first lady is a community college instructor.


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