Insider Exclusive Webcast | Looking Ahead to 2023 | Wednesday, December 7 at 12 NOON ET

Attend this special Insider webcast to get an in-depth roundup of the pressing issues likely to define higher education in 2023. Hear Inside Higher Ed Editors Scott Jaschik and Doug Lederman’s take on the matters that higher ed leaders must once again prioritize and those they may have never imagined planning for but must do so now. This webcast will cover topics such as the potential impact of the Supreme Court’s decisions on higher ed admissions, the ways that inflation and a global recession will shape institutional operations, the results of the mid-term elections and what comes next and much more.

Securing Talent for Tomorrow: Can Higher Ed Still Attract the Best and Brightest? | Available On-Demand

In an age when the challenges in hiring new employees have only been growing, what can colleges and universities do to attract younger and underrepresented people to work in higher education? Inside Higher Ed will host a special webcast featuring three higher education experts who will discuss the current state of obtaining and retaining campus talent, the hidden drivers behind major employment trends and the innovative ways that hiring managers and HR teams can improve both their ability to build an institution’s most effective and dedicated workforce for the future.

    Meeting the Needs of Today’s Learners | Wednesday, December 14, 2022 at 2PM ET

    Tune into a free webcast hosted by Inside Higher Ed Editors Scott Jaschik and Doug Lederman, as they take a closer look at the news articles and opinion pieces from the newly-released compilation, “Meeting the Needs of Today’s Learners,” which explores the many types of learners seeking a post-high school education today and how institutions are striving to meet their needs. The strategies discussed in the webcast will be even more important for institutions to consider in the years ahead, as demographic changes will further reduce the number of traditional-age students in the U.S.

    Modernizing Enrollment Management | Wednesday, December 7, 2022 at 2PM ET

    Tune in to hear Inside Higher Ed Editors Scott Jaschik and Doug Lederman discuss initiatives by higher ed institutions to attract and retain students in a changed enrollment landscape, with varying degrees of success. They will take a closer look at these institutional efforts during the webcast, including how campuses are working to attract students by getting them to think beyond their test scores; expanding beyond their original campuses; and exploring direct admissions, where students provide a portfolio as opposed to applying to the college.

    The Impact and Potential of Distance, HyFlex and Hybrid Learning in Higher Education | Available On-Demand

    In a new survey, chief online officers predicted that by 2025, programs and courses that mix on-campus and online learning experiences would become the norm for undergraduate students, graduate students and adult learners. As a result, institutions will need to develop a learning-first strategy, regardless of the modality, that helps students achieve their learning objectives. On this webcast, join a panel discussion that will engage institutional and sector leaders on the impact of distance education on recruitment, enrollment and retention, along with implications for student success and access and equity initiatives.

    What Students Need to Feel Supported in 7 Key Areas | Available On-Demand

    Tune in to hear special report author Melissa Ezarik and Inside Higher Ed Editor Doug Lederman discuss the recently-released special report, "Collecting Student Perspectives to Drive Supports," which features key findings from our 2022 Student Voice surveys. Gain insights into what college undergraduates need and want from their institutions. 

    Data’s Role in Student and Institutional Success | Available On-Demand

    The availability and use of data have reshaped virtually every sector of our economy and society. This trend came comparatively late to higher education, but it is here, and here to stay, with significant implications for students, employees, institutions and policy makers. Hear speakers Scott Jaschik and Doug Lederman share ways that colleges and universities are marshaling the vast data at their disposal to bolster student and institutional success, along with strategies for protecting student privacy and other efforts to ensure ethical and equitable use of technology tools that gather data. 

    Admin, Faculty and Student Perspectives on Digital Learning in Fall 2022 | Available On-Demand

    Join us on November 1st at 2pm ET to hear the results of the Fall 2022 Digital Learning Pulse Survey. The survey covers how attitudes and perspectives on digital teaching and learning have shifted from the start of the pandemic; how student, faculty and administrative leaders in both two- and four-year institutions feel about their experiences today; and how to effectively support digital teaching and learning. The expert panel will share their perspectives on the findings and personal stories of their own experiences.

    Technology and Student Success – Meeting Everyone’s Needs | Available On-Demand

    These days colleges care about all students succeeding, even those who face long odds at success. It is crucial, given today's demographics, that colleges reach every student. Hear Inside Higher Ed Editor Scott Jaschik and Reporter Sara Weissman discuss today's demographics, and how colleges need to focus not just on recruiting minority students, but graduating them; the differences in technology available to wealthier and not-so-wealthy students and some of the approaches colleges are taking to helping all students succeed.

    Insider Exclusive Webcast | What the Supreme Court Asked on Affirmative Action | Available On-Demand

    On Oct. 31, the U.S. Supreme Court hears the oral arguments in two cases against Harvard University and UNC-Chapel Hill concerning affirmative action in higher education. Join Inside Higher Ed Editors Scott Jaschik and Doug Lederman, on Nov. 1, at noon ET, for a special Insider webcast to hear their take on the court's questions and interactions during these oral arguments. Gain a better understanding of what could lie ahead for higher education for the 2023-24 admission season and beyond.


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