Personalizing Students' Educational Journey | Available On-Demand

This webcast explored some of the strategies colleges are undertaking to help students navigate enrolling, choosing an academic path, staying on track academically and otherwise, and ultimately finding their place in the workforce and society. To view a recording of the webcast, click here. Download the slide deck associated with the webcast here.

Promoting Academic Integrity | Available On-Demand

Colleges and universities have always struggled to promote academic integrity. The pandemic added to the concern of many. But the reality is that cheating has always been with us. In recent years, some educators have shifted the way they fight cheating and promote academic integrity. They are focusing on education, on teaching students the rules, rather than just trying to scare them that they may be caught. On this webcast, we'll explore why and how to use a developmental approach to maintaining academic integrity. 

Aligning Strategy and Resource Allocation at New York University | Available On Demand

Join this live webinar to learn how your institution can stay agile and adjust planning based on any changes to strategy or market conditions.

Bringing Your Campus Back to Life | Available On-Demand

This webcast will focus on following safety and security considerations, along with functional capabilities that provide for strategic improvement for colleges and universities in the new normal.

A Culture of Assessment | Available On Demand

Assessment has become a crucial part of American higher education. As accreditors and the state and federal government require colleges to assess student learning, it has become the norm. This webcast will explore the ways colleges are conducting assessment, and pushing for better results.

Connect Students with Future of Work-Aligned Skills | Available On-Demand

For academic institutions to engage working adult learners, it is imperative to understand the skills that employers and students are seeking. This webcast offers advice on how to do that.

Ask Me Anything about Data and AI | Available On Demand

During this webcast, experts will answer questions about data and AI for higher education, debunk AI concerns, and provide examples of how enrollment managers use data and AI to make decisions and understand students better.

Taking a Holistic Approach to Student Wellness | Available On-Demand

The mental health of students is one of the most difficult issues facing colleges and universities. This webcast will feature some of the approaches being tried, as well as some of the issues.

What Students Want for Fall: Can Colleges Deliver? | Available On-Demand

In this webcast, we will look at several of the pandemic-era experiences students hope will continue, and some that higher ed leaders are predicting students will have, after the COVID-19 threat dissipates, and what it will take (both in effort and resources) for colleges to make these wants a reality.

The Future of Online Learning: Developing Highly Connected Experiences | Thursday, June 10 at 2:00 pm ET

This webcast will explore how synchronous and HyFlex learning will play an integral role in the future of online education and how institutions can construct a highly connected experience for students, faculty, and staff.


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