Unapproved Pay for U. of Calif. Officials

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Audit finds that dozens of top administrators received benefits awarded without needed okay by regents.


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Feminist professor bares her breasts on her blog, and some students at Southern Cal object.

If There's a Will

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If departments want black science, math and engineering students to become faculty members, they should have mentors who want close relationships with them, according to a recent study from the University of California at Berkeley.

Mixed Results for California Bonds

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Voters approve hundreds of millions of dollars in projects at community colleges -- and reject measures in several districts.

Where Have Mission's Students Gone?

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Heading into the summer term at Los Angeles Mission College, officials prepared for a potential influx of students by adding 13 for-credit sections to the schedule.

About a week into classes, the college is instead in subtraction mode, having already cancelled many of the sections with the realization that students are staying away from campus in droves.

To Report or Not to Report

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In California, for-profit colleges and state officials fight over appropriate requirements for data on graduation and job placement.

Suicide of a Chancellor

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Denice Denton -- a leader among women in science, under fire as head of Santa Cruz -- killed after jump from high-rise building.

Sue Before You Graduate

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California appeals court finds that law designed to protect students' free speech loses force on commencement day.

Saving a Community College

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Compton lost its accreditation, but neighboring El Camino will keep the campus alive.

Does Tobacco Money Taint Research?

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U. of California urged to bar grants from cigarette companies. Both sides say academic values are at stake.


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