More Money -- at What Cost?

A ballot initiative in California seeks to modify the funding formula for community colleges, but some question whether it would compound budget problems.

Post-DREAM Strategies

With legislation blocked in Congress and vetoed in California, educators worried about undocumented students consider the consequences.

Berkeley as the 'Immigrant University'

California has long been a land of immigrants; in 1920, almost a quarter of its residents were foreign-born, though the vast majority of the population had European roots. So it probably won't shock anyone that the state's flagship public university, the University of California at Berkeley, today has a strong immigrant tilt to its undergraduate student body.

On the Brink of Bankruptcy

Down a lot of students and a couple million dollars, a progressive California college considers its options.

College Sports and Spending

In wake of Fresno State lawsuits, an evaluation of equity in expenditures for men's and women's athletics at Fresno -- and beyond.

When a Bond Vote is Contested

Appeals court ruling that a California community college district followed guidelines in presenting measure may have implications for other institutions in the state.

A Proposition They Can Refuse?

Community colleges in California push to get funding set aside -- as state budget crunch may freeze the fund from which they want the set-aside.

Rethinking Remedial Education

In statewide effort, community colleges in California experiment with new models for "basic skills" instruction and student services.

Californians Reject Community College Measure

Proposal -- on which higher ed in the state was split -- would have set aside funds for 2-year institutions and cut tuition. Universities feared impact on their budgets.

New College of California Is on Deathbed

Nontraditional institution appears to have run out of time and money -- and many there are preparing for the end.


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