The Teaching Science Professor

New research suggests that faculty members focused on pedagogy as well as their disciplines may improve student learning.

A Bad Budget That Could Have Been Worse

As California leaders end impasse, plan to close huge gap cuts hundreds of millions in college operating support, but spares student aid and funds community college enrollment growth.

Unintentional Whitening of U. of California?

Plan before Board of Regents today is projected to significantly cut Asian admissions. Who would gain the most? Not black and Latino applicants.

The Information Super-Library

California community college plans certificate curriculum combining traditional Great Books approach with electronic delivery.

In Admissions, a (Military) Chain of Command

California State U. reserves spots at each campus for veterans or service members selected by their commanders.

Competing With Publics on Price

Two private colleges create or expand programs that lower tuition for students who are admitted to local state universities.

Porn as Campus Attraction

Producers of new feature offer free screenings to colleges, some of which accept. At U. of Maryland, legislators get movie blocked.

California Votes No

Voter rejection of budget measures makes enormous budget cuts likely for public higher education.

California Calamity

After state voters nix a budget bailout, one community college district prepares to do what two-year institutions always try to avoid -- turn away students.

A No-Risk Tuition Increase?

With a projected $700 million cut on the horizon, California's community colleges could increase tuition with no impact on most students, new report says.


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