Teaching for Free

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U. of California at Davis asks faculty to forfeit stipends they get for leading freshman seminars, generating some givebacks and some resentment.

Funding Publics

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U. of California's Yudof, other public presidents turn to the federal government for financial support.

Religious Meets Litigious

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California community college sued by students and faculty for opening official events with Christian prayer.

Unnatural Enemies

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Leaders of U. of California and its Berkeley campus say they share concerns of students who protest against them. Efforts to form alliances, however, are stymied by recent missteps.

The Big Admissions Shift

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While everyone obsesses over the Ivies and Berkeley, Cal State -- the largest university system in the United States -- moves from being non-competitive to competitive on who gets in.

New Wave of Student Activism

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Are the protests in California the start of a new national movement for access and affordability?

A Violent Shift

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Protesters attack home of Berkeley chancellor, escalating tensions and setting off debate on tactics.

Potential Boon for California Higher Ed

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As colleges' plead for help, governor proposes constitutional amendment to ensure public universities get at least 10 percent of state funds. Plan is a long shot, but a symbolic boost.

Law Partners

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Public colleges talk of merging with private law schools, arguing that state support won't be necessary.

Anything But Studying

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Survey of U. of California students shows emphasis on socializing, leisure that may change with recession.


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