Overreporting Sexual Assaults

Officials at University of California's Davis campus disclose that a former employee cooked the books in reporting sex crimes to the federal government.

Sophie's Choice for 2-Year Colleges

Throughout the last year, leaders of many four-year colleges have adopted the mantra that their institutions can "no longer be all things to all people." This has led to efforts to identify areas of strength, to carve out niches, and to drop programs best offered elsewhere.

Reviving Local News

Berkeley's j-school joins a new project that aims to save the industry -- but, to the dismay of some journalists, depends on students' unpaid labor.

Crowding Out For-Profit Colleges

Study finds taxpayer-supported bond initiatives shift students from area proprietary institutions to community colleges, boosting enrollment at these already crowded public institutions.

Who Watches California For-Profits?

Bill to provide state oversight of proprietary sector -- unregulated now for two years -- has chance of passage, but consumer advocates wonder if students would be better served by no bill at all.

Back in the Oversight Business

After years of fighting, California creates new state bureau to monitor for-profit institutions; consumer advocates say agency has little authority and gives students false sense of security.

Demystifying Aid for Community College Students

Study finds California community college students lack basic information about grant requirements and loan options, leaving many working long hours to pay for courses.

Teaching for Free

U. of California at Davis asks faculty to forfeit stipends they get for leading freshman seminars, generating some givebacks and some resentment.

Funding Publics

U. of California's Yudof, other public presidents turn to the federal government for financial support.

Religious Meets Litigious

California community college sued by students and faculty for opening official events with Christian prayer.


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