Princeton a cappella group discontinues singing Disney song over complaints of misogyny and lack of consent

A Princeton a cappella group won't sing "Kiss the Girl" from The Little Mermaid after complaints that its performance made audience members uncomfortable.

College presidents and provosts gather to consider issues of free speech

Participants agree that campuses must be places for all views to be expressed. But some academic leaders also see this as time to change the narrative on higher education and to challenge the idea of students as “snowflakes.”

As speaker interruptions continue, controversial policy is adopted in Wisconsin

University of Oregon is third institution in two weeks where speakers have had talks disrupted. Wisconsin board adopts controversial measure that can threaten students who disrupt speakers with expulsion.

U of California at San Diego's student government pulls funding for all student publications

After a controversial humor magazine was denounced by University of California at San Diego administrators, the student government voted to stop funding all student media.

FIRE challenges rules at four colleges -- Chicago State, Citrus, Iowa State, Ohio -- and promises more litigation


Lawsuits on speech issues announced against Chicago State, Citrus College, Iowa State, and Ohio University – and more litigation expected.

UNC student alleges administrators censored her race-relations website


University removed a student's satire website on race relations -- and restored it only after faced with legal pressure.

College students pushing to ban lewdness on campuses

Students at Notre Dame have launched a campaign that has inspired others around the country to ask their institutions to block explicit content.

Columbia students boot comedian off stage, citing offensive jokes

Students at Columbia University interrupted routine of former Saturday Night Live writer they invited to perform at a cultural event after deeming his jokes too offensive.

James Madison official tells student who alleged sexual assault that speaking to press could violate university policy

A James Madison administrator told a student that talking with reporters about her case could violate university policies, a message that has been heavily criticized among civil liberties advocates.

U of Oregon protesters who stopped president's speech offered deal to avoid punishment

University of Oregon officials offer to pardon students who drowned out the president's speech last month if they meet with administrators.


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