The Ph.D. Rises in Britain

Having a doctorate becomes the standard for academic appointments -- a trend that the pending increase in tuition fees may accelerate.

Adjunct Alternative or Union Busting?

A community college's solution for reliance on adjuncts? Posts with job security for a year, a 7-7 course load, and no chance at tenure. Faculty unions split on the idea.

More Than Money

Scholars of collective bargaining in higher ed say wage gains from unions are minimal at four-year institutions, but significant at community colleges -- and that in both sectors, impact goes beyond pay.

Tactic's Father Revealed

The legal reasoning that underpins the bill that seeks to scuttle collective bargaining for faculty unions in Ohio's public colleges came from the president of the state's association of universities, he said Tuesday.

The Professor's Night Job

A former assistant professor of psychology at John F. Kennedy University in Pleasant Hill, Calif., has sued the institution for sex discrimination, alleging that she was fired for performing in an off-campus burlesque act.

Strife at RISD

No-confidence vote in president and provost sheds light on tensions within schools of art -- and higher education. How interdisciplinary can an institution be without strong disciplines?

In It Together in California

Faculty unions and the Los Rios and San Diego Community College Districts find labor harmony by basing contracts on shared revenue agreements.

IRB Overreach?

Faculty member sues Brown U. for barring her from using her own research because she paid her subjects different amounts of money.

Feeling the Heat to Retire

Senior faculty at Vermont state college say they were told to step aside or junior faculty would have to be let go.

A Heavier Load in Ohio

Governor’s plan to force faculty to teach one more class every two years sparks more bitterness.


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