Faculty members think massive donation will help retain top professors at U of Wisconsin Madison


Madison faculty members say a massive new donation to establish endowed chairs could help keep top professors in the state, despite Wisconsin lawmakers' ongoing funding cuts and attacks on tenure.

Faculty non-poaching lawsuit alleges suppression of wages and violation of anti-trust laws by Duke U

Some say it's bad form for colleges to actively recruit faculty members from neighbor institutions. Antitrust lawsuit alleges that agreement between Duke and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill essentially barred Duke from hiring UNC faculty.

Faculty layoffs in absence of financial exigency spark ire at Valdosta State U.


Faculty layoffs in the absence of financial exigency at Valdosta State U spark ire, questions.

Academic hopes social media campaign might help secure wife's medical treatment

One might assume a full-time faculty member at an elite institution would have his or her medical needs, and those of family members, covered. A Twitter campaign suggests that's not always the case.

Wisconsin-Madison chancellor vows to protect academic freedom, tenure


With faculty members saying she hasn't done enough to fight legislative attack on tenure, UW-Madison Chancellor Rebecca Blank reaffirms her commitment to academic freedom. But with many questions still unanswered, will her words be enough to prevent a flight of talent?

Seasoned educators weigh in on not losing control of a class

Experts weigh in on how to get a class back on track once the professor feels he or she is no longer in control. Preventive classroom management can go a long way in never getting to that point, they say.

U of Minnesota responds to student complaint about posters

Should U of Minnesota have investigated and questioned the judgment of professors whose poster promoting a panel discussion on the Charlie Hebdo murders offended Muslim students?

New report says cluster hiring can lead to increased faculty diversity


Hiring faculty around interdisciplinary themes appears to have a positive impact on diversity and scholarship, report finds.

American Historical Association releases draft guidelines for evaluating digital scholarship

Both individual scholars and departments are responsible for bringing digital scholarship into the mainstream, according to draft guidelines for evaluating such work published by the American Historical Association.

McMaster U addresses gender pay gap with $3,500 raises to female faculty members

McMaster U addresses gender pay gap by giving $3,500 raises to female faculty members. 


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