AAUP report stresses need for adjunct involvement in governance

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AAUP report says that departments and faculty senates need to be sure those off the tenure track have their views counted.

Law may contribute to advising overload at California's community colleges

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Some California community colleges have 1,700 students per academic adviser. But a state law designed to protect faculty jobs may help prevent the hiring of more counselors.

Premier Indian engineering institute wants to open US office

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One of India's prestigious universities plans to open an American office to try to get back home some of the talent it has lost to universities in the U.S.

Faculty groups consider how to respond to MOOCs

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The three national faculty unions are studying the movement taking off in online education -- and they aren't thrilled with what they see.

Rethinking the humanities Ph.D.

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Stanford professors have plan to halve degree time and link student programs to varying career goals. Efforts at Harvard, Minnesota and Colorado reflect growing interest in real reform of doctoral education.


The Bidens’ tax returns stir adjunct discussion

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The Bidens' tax return had non-tenure track instructors wondering how one of their own could be earning $82,000 a year, but it turns out Jill Biden has become an associate professor.

Argosy University cuts adjunct pay for online courses

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Argosy University cuts pay rate for online adjuncts, giving a rarely seen glimpse at adjunct pay and raising questions about how for-profits stack up on salaries.

Faculty bonus pay linked to student success at City Colleges of Chicago

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City Colleges of Chicago and union representing adult education instructors agree to bonus pay based on student performance.

Community colleges pop up on TV, in film and in new novels

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Satirical fiction is targeting community colleges, which may be sign of the sector's deepening societal relevance.

Half of all tenure-track faculty in STEM fields leave in 11 years

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Research universities must replace half their STEM professors every 11 years, according to a new study.


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