When Bitter Bargaining Bleeds Over

After years of frustrating contract negotiations, president of U. of New Hampshire receives vote of "no confidence" -- but from union, not faculty senate.

Nevada Professors See Tenure Threat

Administrators could -- under a new code -- scuttle academic programs and tenured positions because of “adverse financial conditions.”

Circular Firing Squad

Amid tough times for labor, intra-union strife besets graduate students in California.

Exercising Only Their Minds

Study finds that, when it comes to physical activity, assistant professors are too often "letting themselves go."

Wrong Kind of Accountability?

Texas faculty members chafe at regents’ "overly simplistic" tools to measure them.

After the Review

U. of Missouri-St. Louis deems controversial video of labor management class to be ‘highly distorted.’

In for Nasty Weather

Is faculty life, as it once was, officially a relic?

Bringing Them Back

U. of Washington aims to boost number of female professors in STEM fields by recruiting those in industry.

Reframing the Debate

Leaders of faculty groups undertake campaign to chart a new future for public higher education -- and for the students at risk of being shut out.

Relief in Nebraska

After months of negotiations and looming threats, state lawmakers chart a more moderate course for collective bargaining for public employees.


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