Faculty bonus pay linked to student success at City Colleges of Chicago

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City Colleges of Chicago and union representing adult education instructors agree to bonus pay based on student performance.

Community colleges pop up on TV, in film and in new novels

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Satirical fiction is targeting community colleges, which may be sign of the sector's deepening societal relevance.

Half of all tenure-track faculty in STEM fields leave in 11 years

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Research universities must replace half their STEM professors every 11 years, according to a new study.

Law schools gather in DC for annual conference

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The Association of American Law Schools gathers in Washington today, but with few mentions of the crisis in legal education on the agenda.

Essay puts spotlight on uneasy relationships between faculty and adopted states

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Iowa professor's critique of small town life in his adopted state reflects tensions many faculty members overcome as they take jobs in places they never imagined would be home.

Faculty opposition ends Republican politician's bid to teach business course

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Tom Emmer, who lost race for governor in Minnesota last year, loses shot at teaching spot at Hamline University, too. The reason, he says: his conservative views.

Documents show Drexel is investigating professor's tweets but it's unclear whether faculty is involved

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Documents show Drexel is investigating a professor’s controversial tweets after public backlash, but it’s unclear whether the faculty is behind the inquiry.

Earlier Complaints on Professor Accused of Harassment

Before a 2014 University of California, Berkeley, alumna filed a lawsuit against a distinguished philosophy professor there last month, the institution had fielded sexual misconduct complaints about the 84-year-old professor from at least three other women, BuzzFeed News found.

Berkeley officials in the philosophy department were also aware that John R. Searle, the professor, had made inappropriate comments in some of his classes.

Joanna Ong, who served as Searle’s research assistant, is accusing the professor of firing her from that position after she rejected his sexual advances. BuzzFeed obtained documents from the university that show Searle was accused of sexual harassment on multiple previous occasions.

In 2014, a student said the professor declined to offer her a position as his research assistant because she was married. The year before that, an international exchange student said he tried to kiss her. And in 2004, a student said Searle tried to play with her feet under the table at a dinner for prospective students.

Berkeley’s Office for the Prevention of Harassment and Discrimination is reviewing Ong’s complaint, as it said it did with the three previous complaints. Searle has denied all such claims.

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Rutgers Faculty Question Large Athletics Deficit

A faculty group at Rutgers University passed a resolution last week to express its concern and disappointment in the university’s athletic spending, NJ.com reported.

A report on the finances of the athletics program, released about two months ago, revealed an almost $40 million deficit in the 2016 fiscal year.

In response, the Rutgers New Brunswick Faculty Group unanimously passed a resolution to publicly voice its position about the overspending.

“The New Brunswick Faculty Council deplores the university administration's continuing failure to eliminate or even reduce the athletics program's chronic deficit spending and its continuing reliance on millions of dollars in student fees and general university funds to pay for the program's deficits -- all of which harms the university's academic mission,” the resolution says.

The athletics director, Pat Hobbs, defended the decision in a statement, saying that the department is “writing what will be the greatest chapter in Rutgers athletics history. We will be competitive, and we will do that in a fiscally prudent manner.”

He explained the spending as an investment that will make the program stronger and easier to grow in the future.

Rutgers also joined the Big Ten conference to help the program  “be in a position to generate a positive cash flow for the university,” a spokeswoman for President Robert Barchi said.

Previously, Barchi estimated that Rutgers’s membership in the Big Ten would result in $200 million in revenue in the first 10 years.


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Professors worry about retirement; staff save to pay off debt

The State of Personal Finance, <br>Faculty-Staff Edition
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Survey of campus employees finds professors focus on saving for retirement and doubt their financial literacy; administrative staff worry more about the near term.


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