Faculty members at struggling colleges say they were blindsided by cuts

At two private colleges, Carroll and Felician, professors are angry to find out that jobs can be eliminated without faculty involvement or even awareness of the possibility.

Candidate negotiated out of a job responds to critics


'W.' attracted sympathy and ire last week when the story of her failed attempt at negotiating a tenure-track position went viral. Now she's addressing her critics.

IRS guidance on health care law clarifies formula for counting adjunct hours


Final IRS rules on employers' responsibility for health insurance requires colleges to credit adjuncts with 2.25 hours of work for each hour they teach; rules don't exempt student employees.

Faculty object to plan to replace humanities requirement with self-help course

Replacing a required humanities course with a class based on the popular self-help book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People has faculty up in arms at one community college.

Experts Say Academics Are Timid About Fair Use Laws

A new report from the College Art Association says that artists and art historians have real and perceived concerns about fair use laws. Experts say other kinds of academics do, too.

Blog aims to 'normalize' kindness in academe


There are lots of stories about jerks in academe. A new blog isn't about them.

Presidents denounce the academic boycott of Israel, but on some campuses faculty and presidents clash


A growing chorus of university chiefs condemns American Studies Association for endorsing boycott of Israeli universities, but at some campuses, the presidential statements have been a source of tension.

Chicago community college faculty object to idea of being fingerprinted daily

Should faculty be forced to check in every day by fingerprint? Chicago community college faculty members object to that possibility.

Black professor's essay raises questions on why she was investigated after offending white students

A black female professor says she has been repeatedly investigated by her college for talking about race in ways that offended some white students.

Professor fired for sexual harassment sues University of Idaho

A year after a university was accused of being tragically slow in responding to harassment concerns about a professor, it is now accused overreacting to questionable concerns about another professor.


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