Unions for Private College Part-Timers

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Collective bargaining at Syracuse U. represents a growing movement, say organizers.

Changing the Incentives

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At most colleges, faculty with extra duties get reduced teaching loads. Duke professors asked for -- and are getting -- new options.

For All to See

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Northwestern considers making student evaluations of professors public -- and not everyone wants that much visibility.

Madam Professor?

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Women's studies scholar and former sociology professor charged with prostitution.

How Productive Is Your Program?

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New company sells universities tool to evaluate faculty output and departmental quality, but ratings are secret.

Suffolk Part-Timers Unionize

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AAUP’s “Boston experiment” garners another success, say organizers.

A Different Take on Classroom 'Fairness'

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When David Horowitz talks about fair treatment of students in the classroom, perceived political bias is front and center. But put a bunch of professors together to discuss that subject, and grading tops the list.

At a session entitled “Perceptions of Fairness in the College Classroom,” at the annual meeting of the Association of American Colleges and Universities in Washington Thursday, faculty members pondered the student who works his or her tail off, but never quite edges out some talented peers who rarely study but ace the test nonetheless.

Did Katrina Blow Away Layoff Guidelines?

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AAUP questions whether Tulane handled cuts appropriately and starts to look into other New Orleans institutions as well.

Boycott Backlash

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AAUP condemns boycotts -- and faces criticism for invitations to backers of sanctions against Israeli universities.

Fiasco at AAUP

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Conference on academic boycotts postponed following revelation that anti-Semitic article was accidentally distributed to participants.


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