Did Katrina Blow Away Layoff Guidelines?

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AAUP questions whether Tulane handled cuts appropriately and starts to look into other New Orleans institutions as well.

Boycott Backlash

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AAUP condemns boycotts -- and faces criticism for invitations to backers of sanctions against Israeli universities.

Fiasco at AAUP

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Conference on academic boycotts postponed following revelation that anti-Semitic article was accidentally distributed to participants.

Intellectual Diversity or Political Repackaging?

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South Dakota House passes bill some see as model for other states -- but that colleges and professors oppose.

Avoid Whatever Offends You

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Arizona Senate panel -- following complaint over "The Ice Storm" -- votes to give students right to demand alternative books.

The Alito Impact

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Supreme Court will rehear case that could affect the free speech rights of public college professors.

Scientific Revolution

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Professors at UT-Austin -- with a few disciplines leading the way -- voice concerns about proposals to overhaul curriculum.

Spiritual, but not in the Classroom

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Survey of professors finds plenty of faith -- and a correlation between life of the soul and teaching styles.

Moving to 'Conversion'

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For some time now, large gatherings of faculty members have included a session about adjuncts. Those frustrated at being kept off of the tenure track would hear the latest data on the shrinking pool of tenure-track jobs and attendees would trade horror stories about the use and abuse of part-timers. And then the meeting would get back to its regular agenda.

Faculty Salaries Up 3.4%

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Increases are highest at private institutions and doctoral institutions -- and in selected disciplines.


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