Post-Tenure Reviews Without Due Process

Investigators from the American Association of University Professors find fault with the way Virginia State U. dismissed two faculty members.

Ruling Could Help Gay Faculty in Nebraska

A federal court ruling about Nebraska's ban on gay marriage may end up helping professors in the state win insurance for domestic partners.

Outsourcing the Faculty

Professors at Delaware State say the university is trying to create a distance education program in which they will play no role.

One Department Implodes, Another Advances

After U. of Chicago demotes a prominent child psychiatrist, he and 7 colleagues head to Illinois-Chicago.

Turnaround for Women at Harvard

University pledges at least $50 million, creates new position and vows to consider numerous policy changes to aid female scientists.

Pink Slips

Grand Canyon University dismisses 17 professors -- including 5 with tenure -- drawing scrutiny from AAUP and an accreditor.

The Shrinking Tenure Track

New data show that while the number of faculty jobs is rising, growth is greatest for part-time positions and at for-profit colleges.

Berkeley Reverses Tenure Denial

Professor and his supporters said the university was punishing him for criticizing a deal with a biotech company.

Paying for Health Care in the Emeritus Years

A consortium of colleges is experimenting with a new way to provide benefits to retired academics.

Academic Freedom or Intolerance of Faith?

A new department chair's past writings set off a furor at Brooklyn College.


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