The U. of Wisconsin’s lack of health care for domestic partners factors in a dean’s decision to leave -- and she isn’t the first.

A Home Base for Adjuncts

For first time, Palomar College provides office space so part-timers don't have to meet with students in hallways.

$3 Million Do-Over

Technicality leads Iowa Supreme Court to throw out award to a former graduate student everyone agrees was sexually harassed.

Detente With David Horowitz

College groups issue statement on "academic rights and responsibilities" in the hope of quashing controversial legislation.

What They Earn Across the Quad

New research explains why gaps between disciplines are larger at some institutions than others.

'Not the Right Kind of Indian'

The case of William C. Bradford isn't quite what it seems, but it has riled up plenty of people in Indiana.

New Issue at the Bargaining Table

Appeals court tells CUNY it must negotiate with faculty union over intellectual property rules.

Not a Consensus

Major faculty union objects to statement issued by college groups to respond to David Horowitz.

Years of Harassment

North Carolina State U. found to have ignored repeated incidents involving a professor -- and to have promoted him.

The Union Election That Might Not Count

George Washington U. contests results of part-timers' vote to unionize, provoking outcry from adjuncts.


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