Tests of Faith

Wheaton of Illinois faces scrutiny for firing professor who became Catholic; Oklahoma Christian U. may fire those who divorce.

Professor Nancy Drew to the Rescue

A new mystery, "The Missing Professor," aims to promote faculty development.

Oklahoma Christian Withdraws Divorce Policy (Sort of)

University says rules were misunderstood, but that underlying philosophy will remain in place.

The New Class Monitors

Ignoring faculty objections, group at UCLA offers students money to tape professors and pass along course materials.

Unions for Private College Part-Timers

Collective bargaining at Syracuse U. represents a growing movement, say organizers.

Changing the Incentives

At most colleges, faculty with extra duties get reduced teaching loads. Duke professors asked for -- and are getting -- new options.

For All to See

Northwestern considers making student evaluations of professors public -- and not everyone wants that much visibility.

Madam Professor?

Women's studies scholar and former sociology professor charged with prostitution.

How Productive Is Your Program?

New company sells universities tool to evaluate faculty output and departmental quality, but ratings are secret.

Suffolk Part-Timers Unionize

AAUP’s “Boston experiment” garners another success, say organizers.


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