8 Top Universities Plan Global 'Partnership'

Some of the world's leading research universities plan a new cooperative venture in which they will share faculty members and students and build what its leaders call a "global partnership."

Details about the arrangement are vague -- so vague, in fact, that officials at the two American institutions planning to be involved, Yale and the University of California at Berkeley, aren't ready to talk about it yet.

Undercover Freshman

Anthropologist enrolls as a new student at her university, moves into a dorm and emerges a changed professor.

Progress and Problems for Female Historians

Report documents advances by women in history departments -- and lingering impact of sexism, both overt and subtle, on careers.

Restored Faith at Baylor

University is reassuring professors concerned about fundamentalism while also restating its religious mission.

Line in the Sand

Kent State professors consider a strike over plan to change their health benefits.

Chairman of Women's Studies

The University of Washington is about to gain the distinction of having the only Ph.D.-awarding program in women's studies to be led by a man.

Watch Out for the New Guy

Faculty recruits at Marshall U. are getting salaries that are significantly higher than experienced professors. Guess who isn't happy.

University as Author?

Court showdown looms in Kansas over whether public universities own all scholarly work.

Professors Behind Bars

U. of Wisconsin faces criticism for being unable to immediately fire faculty members who are convicted of crimes.

Stopping the Clock -- Without Asking

If you are a junior professor at Princeton and become a parent, you get an extra year before tenure review -- automatically.


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