Fido Goes to College

Mental health officials call in the dogs to help faculty members and students bond.

The Rise of the Social Sciences

New book uses some unusual data sets to trace disciplinary shifts over a century -- and around the entire world.

Trio of Lawsuits for 2-Year College

Three Hispanic employees of Rio Hondo Community College -- an institution with large Chicano enrollments -- are charging institution with illegal bias.

You May Have Been YouTubed

Students start to post videos of professors -- shot secretly -- on popular site. Watch out for your dignity and intellectual property rights.

Strike at Eastern Michigan

Professors say that changes proposed for health insurance would wipe out impact of salary increase being offered.

Fraying of Academic Freedom

Brigham Young places professor on leave over 9/11; Southern Maine shuts exhibit by man who killed police officer; and more incidents.

The 'Family Friendly' Bonus

As more colleges have adopted "family friendly" policies for professors, many experts have noted that relatively small shares of those eligible for the flexible arrangements use them. Much has been written about why this is the case, with many observers guessing that young parents, especially women, fear that asking for flexible arrangements may hurt them in the tenure process.

More Rights for Adjuncts

AAUP suggests standards for treatment of part timers, some of whom see plan as progress; others worry about its time limits.

College Flunks Professor Over Test

Is a week's lost pay appropriate penalty for math exam with question on woman named "Condoleezza" holding a watermelon?

Political Shocker: Faculty Moderates

New analysis suggests that the biggest trend in professorial politics is a shift to the center in many disciplines.


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