Avoid Whatever Offends You

Arizona Senate panel -- following complaint over "The Ice Storm" -- votes to give students right to demand alternative books.

The Alito Impact

Supreme Court will rehear case that could affect the free speech rights of public college professors.

Scientific Revolution

Professors at UT-Austin -- with a few disciplines leading the way -- voice concerns about proposals to overhaul curriculum.

Spiritual, but not in the Classroom

Survey of professors finds plenty of faith -- and a correlation between life of the soul and teaching styles.

Moving to 'Conversion'

For some time now, large gatherings of faculty members have included a session about adjuncts. Those frustrated at being kept off of the tenure track would hear the latest data on the shrinking pool of tenure-track jobs and attendees would trade horror stories about the use and abuse of part-timers. And then the meeting would get back to its regular agenda.

Faculty Salaries Up 3.4%

Increases are highest at private institutions and doctoral institutions -- and in selected disciplines.

Uniting Against Horowitz

Coalition opposed to Academic Bill of Rights discusses its plans.

Another Way Out

SUNY Faculty Senate process offers an alternative to the “nuclear option” in clashes between presidents and professors.

The Gen X Professor

The new cohort of scholars is not just younger and more diverse -- new research suggests a values gap colleges need to address.

Committee Equities and Inequities

New data challenge conventional wisdom (at least in part) on which groups of professors perform the most service work.


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