Unusual Union Battle

AFT vows to return collective bargaining for professors at Quinnipiac -- despite legal edge university has as private institution.

Prior Restraint on Speech?

Fredonia professor charges he was offered full professorship if he subjected his views to review; university says he distorts sequence of events.

Professors: Managers or Employees?

Appeals court ruling revives debate over unions at private colleges -- and sets off new debate over whom the decision favored.

Where the Jobs Are

Data show long-term growth of part-time faculty slots, administrative jobs outpacing instructor posts, and boom in for-profit sector.

Bolstering Tenure by Reforming It

U. of Colorado board receives long-awaited report and 40 proposals, with most dramatic changes slated for post-tenure review.


A University of Tennessee social club for employees and alumni will close after another money-losing year.

Sociology, Gender and Higher Ed

New research examines women in the professoriate and the impact of athletics on academic performance.

Are You Now or Have You Ever...

Under new Ohio law, some public universities require new professors to sign statement about possible links to terrorist groups.

Fido Goes to College

Mental health officials call in the dogs to help faculty members and students bond.

The Rise of the Social Sciences

New book uses some unusual data sets to trace disciplinary shifts over a century -- and around the entire world.


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